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  1. Atom4geVampire

    Atom4geVampire's Custom Descent Storage Box (wip)

    Hi! Unfortunately, real life stuff got in the way again, as it often does. So, not much progress to report at this point, but I hope I can pick up this project again soon!
  2. Atom4geVampire

    Guide to Overlord Cards

    Yeah, I know, I was just wondering about a hypothetical situation where I did not own all the content in Descent and was looking at this one separately
  3. Atom4geVampire

    Guide to Overlord Cards

    Sorry for the necro, but I'm going through all the topics I've missed during my inactivity. Great guide obviously! However, I'm kind of 'confused' with your write up of Unkindness: Going by your guide I would obviously purchase Ill-Omen, however, since (if I remember correctly) Call of the Ravens does not count towards the two 1xp cards you need for a tier 2 card, I don't see what other card you would recommend getting. Beneath the shadow: Investment not worth it Beware: Inferior to other cards in the class, Absolutely non essential purchase Feast: This card competes with other better ones in the class What better ones are you referring to then for Feast? (If you keep in mind that buying Call of the Ravens and Ill-Omen aren't enough for tier 2) Out of those 3, which one would you recommend to acces the next tier?
  4. Atom4geVampire

    "Evil" monsters as good heroes?

    Since monsters don't heal that much: Maybe make the ability about damage instead. Ability: Each time a monster within 5 spaces suffers damage, it suffers an additional damage. Feat: Action - Roll a blue die for each monster in line of sight, each time the result is not an X, the monster receives a condition of your choice. or Feat: Action - For each monster in line of sight, perform a willpower/knowledge test, if you pass the monster receives a condition of your choice.
  5. Atom4geVampire

    Atom4geVampire's Custom Descent Storage Box (wip)

    Whoops! Must have missed that, sorry! And thanks!
  6. Atom4geVampire

    Atom4geVampire's Custom Descent Storage Box (wip)

    Are there sleeves for the hero sheets?
  7. Again, "Lucky rolls". Choosing a green power die for the feat gives you a 50% chance for a surge? Also rolled the side with the damage as well. He's Steelhorns as champion, so +1 damage from his ability and +1 from the starter weapon. Then an (imo average) roll of 4 damage on the BR. Ok, 0 shields sucks, but that was the only "lucky roll" they had. But that means he was already down half his life, with 3 heroes and a familiar left to attack. But yeah, crush them I will (hopefully) Now to decide what Influence token to use.
  8. Myeah, I guess I might not have played optimally. I mean, who would expect something like this from newbies, and I also didn't really remember or read Steelhorns' feat (so I didn't take it in to account) Anyway, they want to play Civil War next. I guess Giants wouldn't be a bad pick (sadly no golems) for encounter I, to prevent access to the lever and the 3 guards on the left and the other 2 in the training yard for as long as possible.
  9. Well, I wouldn't call it luck, it was just a well executed heroic ability. Unless you would call (sort of randomly) selecting Steelhorns as luck My dice rolls were terrible though, so they did have that. But I still have the rest of the campaign to make up for it!
  10. Basically, Steelhorns' Heroic feat. It moved Tristayne away from the Ironbound. Attacked for 6 damage, rolled 0 shield on the defense die. Then Challara, Brightblaze and Lindel finished him. Brother Gherrinn didn't even take a turn. Did I mention these guys barely played Descent before? (Only 2 of them played 2 quests or so in the past) I guess I should be happy they weren't "smart" enough yet to search any tokens before finishing Tristayne off. Also, it's probably in the CRRG (but a bit too lazy atm): A corrupted villager that hasn't moved off the map still counts as a "villager on the map" for reward purposes right? Didn't even get the **** corrupt citizen card, lol!
  11. ... lost the SoN introduction in less than 1 round (as OL)
  12. Atom4geVampire

    Atom4geVampire's Custom Descent Storage Box (wip)

    Well, @any2cards, I'm sorry if this bursts you bubble, but But that doesn't stop it from looking good However, it does come with some downsides, one of them that its a bit damage prone. That was one of the reasons I was looking to have it lasercut out of wood. Also, to get rid of the "hand made look" because I for one am annoyed by imperfections quite easily, and that would hopefully remove most of that So really, if it eases your concerns in any way: What I currently have planned would only lose some of its "hand made look". In all other aspects, it should hopefully improve upon the original product. It'll be made out of wood I'm improving the layout or design some of the compartments, based on my own experiences with the box now (I might even ask for feedback on the board during my design process) The new version will now also fit sleeved cards I have a really cool idea for the outside of the box, which I hope I can realize and which I hope you guys will like ... The only reason I'd do a kickstarter (or something similar) is because there is a bit of an initial investment to this. And yes, it's true, the box does not currently store the monster figures, there are just too many of them! (And the different sizes are an issue as well) However, who knows what the future will bring Maybe a separate box? (I still store them in an Citadel Crusade case at the moment)
  13. Atom4geVampire

    Atom4geVampire's Custom Descent Storage Box (wip)

    @Psymia What does your caliper say about the width of the dice? (I don't have one nearby at the moment) 16mm? Is that accurate? (Would really screw me a bit, because 15mm would have been ideal )
  14. Atom4geVampire

    Atom4geVampire's Custom Descent Storage Box (wip)

    Yeah, that's the main issue I'm having at the moment. (And why I'm not starting one yet) I don't really have an idea how much the final product would cost, so I can't really ask for funds then (I have a very rough estimate of the company I was planning to work with, but don't know in how far that's reliable)