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  1. Then again, in the Shards of Everdark topic there was a question about Trident + One Fist heroic and there it was ruled by FFG that the movement points couldn't be used..
  2. Yeah, It's what I do (sorting them alpabetically). To be clear, here is where you can access the monsters available per quest on my tracker: When you start a quest, before doing the travel steps, you can press the "View Quest (or rumor) Info" There you will get an alphabetical dropdown for the monsters available for a quest. : The links (Encounter 1, Encounter 2,..) will even take you to a customized version of my monster characteristics page ( with the monsters limited to those available for that encounter. Then you can either pick the ones you want by looking at that page, or just get the cards based on the dropdown and look at the actual cards Hope that helps.
  3. And if you use it to track your campaign it will even tell you exactly what monsters you can use when you start a new quest (doesn't help RtL players though)
  4. And yes, the souldbinder cards (just like the unkindness cards) target 'a servant'. So yeah, you can use them on the raven and vice versa
  5. I'll see if I can add that. For now, you can always add them after saving the quest you are traveling to. Just remember to give yourself 1 threat token during the quest you are on your way to and not to count that when saving the quest details (because you'll get it in the tracker later)
  6. Yeah, it should work for all of them. A small bug related to the MoB + CtR setup had affected the visibility of rumors. (In non MoB + CtR campaign, which is why I didn't notice it myself yet)
  7. When I try to reply on a topic (or a pm) using Firefox, it doesn't load the WYSIWYG editor where I can input text. It only shows me the file upload field, but no textfield. Works fine in Chrome though.. (and it worked in firefox as well yesterday) Anyone else have this problem?
  8. It was a bug, it should be fixed now!
  9. 5 Times, once during each turn (4x heroes, 1x OL)
  10. For the Scourge, you could buy a second Zarihell and cut Zarihell herself from the base..
  11. Haha yeah! I spilled a drink over my keyboard years ago and ever so often it still types an additional letter here and there (usualy a double 0 or a double i)
  12. Site is back online. Have fun in CtR (finally!)