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  1. Hey guys, I do have a question on crafting. I am playing a gand who aspires to be a huntsman and somehow he is the best melee char in our group. In the last session I thought a vibro hatchet would be a nifty little melee tool. Finding out about crafting by accident, I thought crafting is a good way to get one. When I read about templates, it seemed rather general. There is only a template for vibroweapons. So here is my question. If I decide to craft my own vibro-hatchet, I select the template for materials and crafting. But it would have varying statistics. Would I just substitute my own stats for the hatchet? And then add whatever I get from the crafting roll? Specific Weapon Template Vibro-Hatchet 200cr/3 Hard Mechanics check 1day (24hours) Stats for the hatchet: Melee +2 Crit 2 Engaged Enc. 2/3 HP 2 500Cr Rarity 4 Pierce 2, Vicious 2. I’d appreciate some input by you guys. Cheers, Havoc76
  2. Hey all! During a session in the game I am running, we encountered a little initiative problem. The group was in a very heated discussion (yes, people might call it a fight...) with some individuals bent on harming the PCs. During the fight things progressed to a point, where both parties found themselves on oposite sides of an open door. Both parties decided to lay in wait for the other group to storm through the door and then obliterate them. The PCs had the initiative and decided to hold their action until someone showed up in aforementioned door. A gammorean NPC decided to storm through the door and to engage and so he did, before the PCs could engage him. What the PCs wanted was for the NPC to move but shoot him before he could cause any further damage. In that situation I ruled that the NPC could take his full turn, before the players could act. And that is the heart of the matter. Can you hold your initiative until a prior specified condition occurs and then act, even if it would interrupt the "turn" of another character? We discussed thi and came to the preliminary agreement, that if the case occurs again the affected parties roll initiative to resolve the situation. The underlying reason reason being, that while you're waiting for a specific event to occurr it doesn't necessarily mean you immedeatly act. But all in all this feels a little clumsy and unelegant, hence please let me know how you'd resolve this thing. Thank You.
  3. Thank you for this great resource. I've been looking for something like this.
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