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  1. Turan

    Emplacement troopers and panic

    Not intending to make anyone feel bad, just logically speaking...if one has a device capable of posting on a forum, the RRG is handy I would kind of love to make this happen in a game. "Yeah, see that giant gun you brought? It's now the planet's most expensive paperweight."
  2. Turan

    Inspire X, how many units?

    I don't mean to sound insulting, but it sounds like they all need to follow the grammar more closely. This can happen with groupthink, where someone puts forth a notion and the others agree to it without taking the time to look critically - especially if one person has been teaching the rest of you how to play. "A total" of something means all of that added together. For it to work the way you say your local group plays, the card would say "remove up to X suppression tokens from all other friendly units" or "remove X suppression tokens from each other friendly unit." "Remove a total" means that each token you remove, regardless from which unit, counts toward your total. That's not requiring clarification, it's the way the words work. If you go to the grocery store and the cashier tells you your total is $75, that doesn't mean you're paying seventy-five dollars for every item in your cart.
  3. Turan

    Rules around changing height of ATST during game play?

    The assembly instructions for the game instruct you to glue them together. Thus, the rest of the rules presume that your models cannot change their shape during play. It's fine if you choose not to use glue for hobby purposes, but you definitely are not allowed to modify your models during the game.
  4. Turan

    Army Themes and FFG failure

    I'm not sure that opinion is representative of hobby gamers. Considering the emphasis on painting/color schemes that I've seen in Warmachine and Warhammer communities, I think most players of those games considering playing Legion will be happy to paint their army to a theme regardless of the different armor styles.
  5. Turan

    Sniper targeting

    Agreed. It tells you that you must choose to continue wounding a unit that already has wounds, but a unit out of LoS can not be chosen.
  6. Turan

    Essen 2018

    My mistake, then! It does appear that's an anomaly, since the Web searching I did before posting showed year after year of posts asking about it and reporting FFG doesn't go to the convention - I had to search specifically for the AT-ST in 2017 to uncover pics.
  7. Turan

    Feeling demoralized about my skill

    Your models look lovely. I think you're unfairly comparing yourself to people who do this at a competitive, professional level. Different levels of expectation are very much a thing - I've been painting longer than you, but if I wanted a stormtrooper to look like that it would probably take me hours, too. I don't take hours on a mini because I don't care if it looks like a realistic person, I go for tabletop quality, not display. I would also second the suggestion of an airbrush. It can help you get on primer that isn't grainy given your temperature conditions, and it can help get a solid base coat on an entire unit quickly, which saves a ton of time right off the bat. Then, of course, there are more advanced highlighting and things you can get into if you choose.
  8. Turan

    Essen 2018

    No. Fantasy Flight, as far as I know, never has an official presence at Spiel, only its German distribution partner. And they have no history of making any announcements there, only at Gen Con.
  9. Turan


    Yes, if a mini no longer exists on the table, it does not have any status (including wounded). I think your difficulty is in the relationship between unit and mini. You assign Hunter to a unit, but within that unit there must be a wounded mini (a mini with wound tokens assigned to it) for its effect to happen.
  10. Turan

    Potential Heavy Trooper Units?

    I just don't see how the DF-9 would logically be considered a Trooper. The emplacements we're getting have external crew members that can drag them around - the DF-9 is a stationary turret with no exposed personnel. Heavy unit? Sure. But why would it have the Trooper keyword? I continue to hope for some Dark Troopers to paint.
  11. Turan

    The bid a turn zero discussion

    That is correct, and I think that's what he meant. He reserves points in his army building to try to get his pick of table edge with the terrain that will be favorable to him.
  12. Turan

    Dice management

    For myself, it has never felt like an issue. On one of the short sides of the mat, I keep a dice tower. All of the dice are next to it, attack on one side and defense on the other. It only takes a few seconds to pick up the correct number of whatever color...not any more of a flaw or distraction than finding the correct movement tool. I should think you'll find it easier when you've played a few games using the same units so you start to memorize what dice the unit you're about to attack or defend with will need.
  13. Turan

    Relentless question

    As @nashjaee and I move closer to becoming a single organism...
  14. Turan

    Relentless question

    This is incorrect. Force Choke does not make you perform an attack, it just instructs you to add a wound. A card does not count as that action unless it uses the actual word (attack, move, etc.). Simply placing a token does not count as that kind of action.
  15. Turan

    Deployment card orientation

    Step 4 of Setup (p. 6 in the RRG). This determines who is the red and blue player, and who is on which long side of the board. That will determine which way the deployment card is oriented when it is chosen during step 6.