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  1. I'm not sure why that is in response to what I said, but hopefully it provided some information for the OP.
  2. This is not correct. The rules say in several places that an ability is not resolved if it doesn't change the state of the table. If you don't have at least one upgrade to exhaust, you can't choose that option. The same is true for your Black Panther example - if you have no upgrades out, but your identity card is currently ready, you must choose to flip and exhaust T'challa in order to resolve the card. The whole point of the obligation cards is they must cause you to suffer a negative effect in the game if you are able to do so. The way that nungunz described it is correct.
  3. You're not wrong, and you're also not wrong that the rules don't explicitly say that face down is out of play - this is, for now, an unwritten rule that FFG presumed is common sense to people who have played any card game before. I will point out for your benefit, as you go forward learning these rules: This is a very shaky way to approach games rules. You should never try to figure out how to play a game based on thematic reasoning, go by what the rules say and what is physically possible. If Tony Stark's action text isn't visible to you, there's no rule allowing you to read the back side of your card to resolve its text. That's the really simple answer to the situation. Edit: I don't mean this to sound like I'm ragging on you, but we're not treating you like someone who is new to the gaming genre because you have over 300 freaking posts on your account!
  4. I couldn't find this on Thingiverse - have a download link to share?
  5. You can e-mail Fantasy Flight if your group insists they need a ruling, but it's a basic rule of all card games - you can't use card text that you can't read. While your identity card is (for example) hero side down, that side of the card is not in play and can't be referenced for in-game purposes. This can also be seen and heard in every single demo game from Fantasy Flight dating back to Gen Con. This is correct, but it refers to cards that are in play, which you can read the text on. Remember the golden rule of games - rules don't tell you what you can't do, they tell you what you can. If the rules don't say you are freely able to pick up your identity card and use abilities from either side, you can't.
  6. Your original question was very confusingly worded. You asked: You asked specifically about an action on a hero card. Hero means one specific side of your identity card, so the answer you got is you can only use the action printed on your hero side when it is face up, which is correct. If you have a player card you played from your hand in front of you and it just says "Action" (without "Hero" or "Alter-Ego" in front of it), then yes, you can activate that action regardless of the state of your identity card, exactly as the quoted text in your original post says. Correct. It interacts with the status cards that many abilities put into play - Stunned cancels all effects the next time you would attack, whether that's the basic attack action of your hero or an Action (attack) effect on a card.
  7. I'm not sure it's possible to track it as specifically as you seem to want to. It didn't even necessarily have anything to do with the designer of the game, as the design of the game and its distribution model are not entirely relevant to each other. If you're trying to give personal credit for some reason, you might try asking Fantasy Flight (they would know what happened with their games better than fans on a forum). You're also not entirely correct in terms of LCG being an innovative creation of Fantasy Flight - for example, off the top of my head, Warlord: Saga of the Storm was a card game with non-randomized expansions years before Call of Cthulhu. So the terminology was their invention, but the distribution model was certainly not.
  8. He is both right and wrong. If you read the Minefield objective card, it says they detonate "after a non-repulsor unit performs a move." Therefore, they don't work on speeder bikes because it says on their card they are repulsor vehicles. It is not because they have the speeder 1 ability.
  9. The forums really do let you. Everyone in the forum thread compiling e-mail rulings has managed it.
  10. My point is that is not a written rule. Saying something is a "general rule" means a guideline, in a context of them saying this should be resolved as both players see is appropriate. To go from that to a forum post telling a newbie "to provide cover...it has to be at least as high as 50% of the miniature" is not true. It is also misleading to say "all rules can be changed when your opponent agrees" - we're not talking about house rules, here. The actual written rule in the RRG is "all that matters is that players agree on...rules governing that terrain."
  11. I just want to point out this is not entirely correct. The RRG says "As a general rule, terrain that blocks line of sight to half or more of a mini provides cover, while terrain that blocks less than half of a mini does not." This is only to aid in the players defining the terrain before play begins, it is not a numeric rule that something has to be 50% as high as a miniature in order to provide cover, if the players decide otherwise. Additionally, the height of a barricade is immaterial as per its rules article a barricade provides cover to troopers but explicitly not vehicles.
  12. Fixed Forward does not prevent any of the minis in the defending unit from taking damage. So long as there is a mini in the firing arc, the unit is a legal target. Nothing in the rules says the specific mini being assigned wounds has to be in that firing arc.
  13. They did this for the original core set expansions, why would you believe these will be different? They're okay. They look good at tabletop distance. When assembling and painting, they're of noticeably lesser quality (at a larger scale!) than minis for comparable games.
  14. My point is that did not seem to be your point. That should even be obvious as it was the part of your post I quoted in the first place. I mean, whatever, dude...between the two of us everything possibly germane and beyond has been delineated, I'm just saying I try to limit the information I dump to what's immediately relevant. The potential error from the earlier poster did not have to do with the center-of-base line-drawing, so I didn't mention it. You did, it's all fine.
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