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  1. They must have a high strain threshold
  2. A GM after my own heart. The easiest way to not have to describe every little thing is to get the players to do it. Punish mistakes and reward creativity. If a player says "I attack the stormtrooper with my vibroblade" have the roll reflect just that. If the player says "I want to thrust my vibro blade into the soft spot of the stormtrooper's armor between the helmet and the chest piece, trying to bleed him from the carotid artery" you reward that by applying an applicable difficulty and maybe a boost die for creativity. I strive to encourage "Role play" vs "Roll play"
  3. Well done getting your players that into the game! That's what this is all about. And do not feel bad for killing a PC: hes become one with the force AND it lends to plot.
  4. Greetings! Group is taking part in the Liberation of Kashyyyk, looking for some ideas for encounters on the planet or any traps they might run into. So far I have: -Inquisitor is torturing Gungi (the wookie padawan from clone wars) in order to siphon his darkside energy to make a Tarentatek. -Large scale battle at a slave camp / imperial remnant garrison. -Trandoshan hunting area with sweet tech but mad traps and ambushes (this is where I need help with traps in particular). Thanks in advance!
  5. If the novel Star Wars: Aftermath were an adventure module and the characters within were PCs, do you think you would enjoy it? I feel like it was a SWRPG hashed out and somebody really enjoyed it, so made it canon.
  6. How do you run a PbP? GM poses a scenario and poses a question at the end of it? Players decide and GM gives skill checks for them to do?
  7. Keep us updated! I am interested in running a group for this
  8. Having a hard time navigating Reddit. If you could post the guidelines on these forums, without all of the developmental conversations that take place, it would garner more support for your stuff.
  9. I think the interludes were the best part of the book: -Han and Chewy saving the wookies on Kashyyk -Reformation of the Senate -Mando armor on Tattooine So effing legit
  10. Ahh the last part of your post bring back fond memories of when my Alliance Navy captain who was commodore of the naval detachment in a major task force got into an argument with the head of the task force's intell team over what authority the Intel leader had on his flagship. Excellent! Glad I could evoke that memory.
  11. Task force deals with more than just Ship assets. A more accurate label I would assign to your search is "Group" For example: -Rebel Task Force Aurek might consist of -Ships from the Outer Rim Group 2 -Troops from the Rebel Army Division 1 -Logistics and Intelligence from whatever the intel group is A task force is a command designed to merge assets from two wildly different types of commands in order to more effectively wage war without the bravado of "WELL I AM A COMMANDER IN THE REBEL NAVY OBVIOUSLY I KNOW MORE THAN YOU MAJOR" crap.
  12. Any brainy bubbas stat up the new Xwing? For science, obviously
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