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  1. You make and excellent point. The Battlesuit in question does have a lot of strength. The main sword I'm using is a Lathewrought Great Weapon, and a Wraithblade is what I was thinking the stats would be, but events have transpired that will make the Bonesinger in question unable to create the blade in question. As for power weapons taking up a slot: Aren't most power weapons self-contained? They have their own batteries usually, with the exception of the power fist, which states it has a hip/belt mounted battery. Onager Gauntlets definitely take up a hard point. Thanks for the ideas guys, I'll relay them to my GM.
  2. So, me and my GM are at a little bit of a dilemma. I'm currently a Rank 6 Tau Fire Warrior with the Battlesuit Pilot alternate rank for 5th rank. I'm a Farsight fanboy, and thanks to some of the altered battlesuit rules I found on this site, I'm kicking up close ass and taking names. My question, however, is do Battlesuits use a Hardpoint if they are 'holding' the weapon, like a melee weapon or shield (but not a shield generator). I currently have an oversized Lathe Wrought sword and a thunder hammer sized for a space marine that are magnetically attached to my Battlesuits back (carry weight is not a bid deal, so don't worry about that). My GM and I haven't found any hard evidence that simply 'carrying' extra weapons use a Hardpoint, nor does wielding them. Currently, an Eldar is singing me a large sword sized for my XV9, I intend to dual wield the Lathe Blade and the Power Sword, as dumb awesome as that sounds. Would these use up a Hardpoint? As far as I understand, Hardpoints aren't just anchoring points, but also power nodes and actuator areas that allow for power and control to the system installed. None of the other gear or weapons i'm carrying actually use up power from the suit, and are held in place via bolted on magnetic locks or their harness/sheathe. Should wielding two weapons that don't require direct power use up two Hardpoints, even though they either have their own sheath or power source, and are only being held in the XV9's hands? Some advice from other people would be most appreciated, as my GM, while not angry or upset, doesn't like to have me answer his questions as logically as i can, and explain how I'm carrying/using the stuff I am currently. Precedents in the lore are usually accepted within our games, so that could work too. Thanks guys/gals!
  3. Well hot **** that sounds awesome! My copy should come in tomorrow morning actually. So I can actually wield a giant lightning hammer and hit hard. Im pretty glad. Thanks NFK.
  4. What are the new power weapons again? I read that there's a new Power Glaive and thunderhammers. Are they the same from previous games, ie, rogue trader and deathwatch or are the stats different? I really like the idea of my go to melee weapon being a big glaive or a giant lightning encased power hammer. Thanks guys!
  5. Right. Body doesn't get it, but Subskin Armor exists and Bionic heart gets you 3 Armor (no TB bonus) for the body, instead of 2 TB and 2 Armor for Limbs (subskin and bionic limb). Although, the DM could certainly argue that Subskin Armor doesn't stack with Bionic Limb since there's no skin there!! Head only has 1 Armor available (Cranial Armor), since Subskin Armor doesn't apply to head. Nice that they kept heads as the weakpoint. Very classic. :-D How I fluffed it back in Rogue Trader for 'Subskin' armor, was that since all your doing is adding thin carapace or metal plates, why not be able to just bolt them onto the bionic limb in question? It's essentially the same thing, and an extra 2 armor that stacks with everything is pretty **** cool.
  6. I don't even try to understand what my GM does sometimes. Also, were directly under the Ordo Hereticus, and our Inquisitor protects our precious friend from being killed. She's actually really useful, managed to talk down a few guys from combat with my character and her's combined efforts. Still, if anyone finds out who she is, we really have no choice on the matter. Killing the witness is necessary, or we can just ship them off to the Inquisition. Oh, forgot to mention the bomb in her head, which doubles as a tracking device. She isn't going anywhere.
  7. What makes no sense? Discovering that a friend is in fact a monstrous beings that you can't laid eyes on? You see, he had already seen her 'true' form, if you will. But the way she consumed a heretic to gain his memories made him scared of 'her', not the gore, not the fact that he had already seen her like she is, and not the very disgusting noises she was making. Fear has never really been very realistic, but you know, this is a game. If he had been scared of the gore, or seeing his 'friend' eat, yeah, that'd make sense. Oh well, he's fine now.
  8. Cybernetics do tend to make you a little beefier than normal. And to Flail-Bot, it's not making him better in combat, it's making him less squishy, as he is the squishiest member of our party right now. Barely 10 wounds, mediocre armor, decent Toughness though. We have kinda remedied that a little now though. Kudos to our GM, he is pretty reasonable, despite, erherm, history with a Tech-Priest going crazy with the bionics. Still, thanks guys. Until next time.
  9. Our GM and our current group are running a pretty serious campaign where subtlety is the key to not being ambushed almost every encounter. A medic, an Arbite, a filthy Xeno, a Lords Dragon, a sniper, and a Mech Assassin. I do have a flamer, and have used it a few times to pretty good effect, like forcing back an ambush of cutting off a flanking route, but I can only really use when there will be very little risk of collateral damage. If I were to just run around willy nilly, burning Heretics as I pleased, there would be consequences. Sure, this is just a game, but every now and then, treating a game seriously can be pretty fun. As to the OP, really, there are dozens of ways Flamers can be brought down a peg or even be made useless almost. Ceramite Armor upgrades make the wearer very resistant to heat and flame attacks, and make being on fire not that big of a deal. Also, I don't care how radical an inquisitor is, if your causing thousands of Thrones worth of property damage and civilian casualties, he's going to have words. He might even take it away from the player. Sounds mean, sure, but if a player is running around like a child burning everything and everyone that 'kinda' looks suspicious, an Inquisitor will not be happy. Not to mention the whole subtlety aspect of the game. How hard would it be to find out about the Inquisitorial Agents running amok with a bunch of flamers? So, how not surprising that when the Warband finds these heretics they have set it up so that the flamers they rely on so much, are useless. Long sight lines, kill boxes, even a few snipers. The possibilities are really endless, but if MY players were tearing apart every encounter by using the crutch that is flamers, I'd surely make them feel like every faction knew who they were and what they were using, and plan appropriately. This 40K. No mercy, as they say. Anyhow, good luck. See ya guys!
  10. Thank you guys for the input. I will let them fight there way through, or die and try again. It will be grueling, but luckily, I have plenty of experience of running large scale warfare over various places. It'll be a lot of fun, some of my players may get frustrated, but the final fight (if it comes to that) at the Sol System will be glorious and amazing, so I we will have fun. Thanks again guys, really appreciated.
  11. So, my players have been wanting to run a Black Crusade campaign for a while and are really bent on trying to take their Crusade all the way to the Sol system and even to Holy Tera if possible. My question to you guys is, How feasible is this endeavor? I know for a **** fact that the Imperium would do everything it can to make sure no Black Crusade large enough to cut through all the sectors that stand between Tera and the Screaming Vortex would make even remotely close. i don't want them to just be crushed before their Crusade could even really lift off, but I mean, come on... The second they get anywhere near the Sol System, they have Grey Knights teleporting onto their ship, Space Marines all over the **** place, the fortifications of Mars and the full might of the Imperial Navy along with several Ark Mechanicus and the Mechanicus itself. I know Chaos can be very, very powerful, but they don't have as much in the way of the Imperium when it comes to specialized factions designed to stop this very thing from happening, not to mention the sheer firepower. So, how likely is it? Take into account players that know almost as much or more about the lore as the GM does. Also take into account that they will spend most of our first summer of sessions just trying to amass power and fap about in the Koronus Expanse. Thanks as always guys! Really looking forward to you guy's feedback.
  12. This sounds a lot more improved. He had our Tech-Priest become horrified and untrustworthy of one of our characters after her, erherm, little transformation. She's a very odd xeno who can shapeshift and mimic people, perfect for DH2, but her true form scared the everloving **** out of the tech-priest, and, despite going on three missions with her, he now doesn't trust her and can't sleep anywhere near her.... Makes no sense. I like these a lot better, and will show them to my GM. Thanks for the post!
  13. Ah, perfect then. Very nice of you to respond, and also, I completely forgot about the 1D5 subtlety burn for automatic success. I will tell him. He hasn't finished choosing his equipment either, so that's perfect. I read over that section a couple of times, but you can always miss a few things. And, according to our GM, if we use out Inquisitors Influence, our Subtlety will almost bottom out. Very harsh, but he's had games before of players powergaming and wants to keep us moderately low powered so we don't cream every encounter after a few requisition tests. I understand this, but that limitation on using our personal Influence for everything is going to cost at some point. Anyway, thanks for the comments guys.
  14. He have had only two sessions so far in Dark Heresy 2nd Edition, and it's turning out to be a pretty awesome campaign. One thing about it is that our Inquisitor is a very, very busy man, and we are essentially left to simply run around doing what we want. The problem with this is that we can't use his contacts nor his Influence to any degree, since using his name would give away who we are. A friend of mine, the Tech- Priest Seeker, (how quant and normal) is trying to figure out if there are any other bionics he can have at the beginning. In past 40K RPG's, the Cog Boy has always been given a choice of any two starting bionics at common quality. I know he can start with an optical 'nendrite, but nothing else? Also, the reason I bring up the Inquisitors Influence is because, even with the Replace the Weak Flesh special talent, he can't roll for sh#t... Most of the bionics start at rare and get even lower, and even with his bonuses, he's still rolling under a 30 or 25 more often than not, and that's for common quality. He wants to pick up commerce just to be able to better get bionics, but his character has already started off weak. Almost killed twice in the first combat alone, and all Fate Points spent, and with the inability to use our Inquisitor's whopping 75 for Influence, he's worried on how difficult it is to get his bionics. So, to sum up, he can't get bionics very often, and even when he can, they aren't very good. Without ways for him to up his Influence, I'm worried he will be underpowered. Hell, my Cleric is more powerful than he is, and my combat stats are crap... Are there any ways to use an Inquisitor's influence even when he's not around, and is there something we missed going over starting bionics? Thanks guys, and have a nice day.
  15. So, I am running a (heavily) modified version of Deathwatch. Really, the only similarities are that it uses the system, and really nothing else. Won't go into specifics, as it's a long bit of text, but if any of you want, I can post it later. It's a pretty decent little world, actually. Pretty fun as well. Now, onto the discussion at hand. My party was on a retrieval mission from their higher ups, and ran into two very strong baddies who are main characters in the campaign. The fight goes fairly well actually, as my players were rolling pretty well. It was when the mage (don't ask, there is magic, yada yada) pulled a bs move on the antagonists. The main female villain was nearly killed along with the party, and was forced to burn a Fate point to survive. Then, the stronger villain took it upon himself to try to get revenge for his fallen comrade. Long story short, the very squishy mage made himself the target and was forced to burn a Fate point or die from the amount of damage he was taking from the baddie. It was then that another player got upset over 'me' targeting the mage and the other girl burning a Fate point to stay alive. "Bad guys can't burn Fate points." Is what he said, and then I scrolled through my books and found the Touched by the Fates talent. If you have fate points, you may burn them to survive otherwise fatal damage. Have any of you guys ever had this problem, where PC's do too much, and end up making themselves a target, and then complaining about that? I mean, if you have a Devastator mowing down rows of heretics, their not gonna ignore him. Their gonna focus on him and try to take him down, as he is decimating them. It was a very similar type of situation. Anyway, just wanted to rant a tiny bit, and get some feedback. Thanks guys!
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