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  1. If we get an epic faq. What is your concerns?

    I'd be nice to have some sort of guideline to work out collisions when two huge ships overlap and the overlapping ship was attempting to execute a Bank maneuver. Unlike smaller ships, you can't "slide back" along the path of the maneuver template (since banking is like a teleport from A to B for huge ships), and also unlike small ships the exact placement of a huge ship can be the difference between crushing a 50pt ship or not.
  2. Advice wanted. 1000 pts Epic, 3 months to set the stage.

    Think about the practical aspects of the game. Is the 6'x12' table ALL game-space? If so, where will players be placing their many, many cards and tokens? How inconvenient will it be to move ships in the center of the table? 3' is a pretty long way to stretch and lean, and if a lot of the movements and measuring happen here, it could get really obnoxious. Make sure when lists are set that players show up with their list pretty much ready to go -- you don't want to waiting on folks to dig through their collections and get their 200pts of stuff ready onsite. How will snacks/food breaks be handled? Are chairs present for those who wish to sit? These things would be my biggest points of advice -- this is the "little stuff" that makes all the difference in the world when it's go time.
  3. Joining Epic-Which Rebel Ship?

    I think the GR75 is the better starting place. It's much less of a points investment, so it's easier to "figure out" some of the basic of Huge Ships using it without 50% of your list being tied to its performance. It also fits in far more lists than the CR90 will. I think the CR90 is a powerful gunship, especially at 400pts in Team Epic, but I think the GR75 is the better all around purchase for a newer player. That said, the GR75 also included Wes Jansen, R2D6, R3A2, and R4D6 which are all somewhat viable-ish in the Standard 100pt game.
  4. Do T-70s have a place in epic?

  5. Do T-70s have a place in epic?

    I find Boost to be really useful on Epic maps, and I find Red Squad Vet T70s and Prototype A-Wing pilots frequently find their way into my lists. That ability to cover more ground to get back into a fight or to be better blockers or to avoid the "crush threat" of huge ships is all pretty useful. Even without Boosting, though, the T70 also has: +1 Shield Tallon Roll (for three times as many turnaround options on a tight board as a T65) Tech Slot (for those times you want to have Hyperwave Scanners or Weapons Guidance or other tricks) Ability to take Autothrusters, which is pretty good against the longer-ranged fighting frequent on Epic boards I wish the T65 Generic had more going for it, but I think for me on the Epic Scale those few extra points for all the perks of a T70 always wins out.
  6. Early morning warning

    Just hope you don't face any Gauntlet Spam. MC30s without Nav Commands are vulnerable things that have a much harder time getting those all-important dual-arc close range shots lined up. Though Mothma will help some in trying to avoid "hit" results from the gauntlets.
  7. Hammerhead for Epic?

    I would welcome a Hammerhead corvette, because aesthetically the ship looks phenomenal. In terms of gameplay, though, I'm not sure how distinct it would feel from a CR90. As I understand it (and as they are portrayed in Armada), Hammerheads are basically just slightly smaller, slightly less-gunned CR90s. That may not be interesting enough to find a spot for in the Rebel lineup, as it would risk heavily competing with the CR90 so unless balance was pretty spot on it would either never get taken over a CR90 or would obsolete the CR90. I suppose they could just make the Hammerhead Scum's "corvette" style ship, though I'd much prefer to see something like Jabba's Star Jewel (160m) or a Action VI Transport (110m) in that role, given those feel more distinctively"scummy."
  8. New Tournament Regulations

    Yea, one of my Epic Squads exploited Roarke and about a dozen copies of Swarm Tactics... it's amazing what you can completely vaporize with 400pts shooting at PS12 ... it rarely afforded the opposing squad much in the way of return fire. It was fun and cheesy, but glad to see it go, as it only makes Epic healthier.
  9. New Tournament Regulations

    I won't speak to the general point here, per se, but I'll just say that I am a huge Epic Enthusiast and I've played in over a half dozen Team Epic tournaments and two (solo) Epic tournaments over the years. I also happen to be somewhat decent at the "Standard" game of X-Wing, with a Regional Championship, three Regional Finalists, and four Store Championships notched on the bed post. So, it's probably not safe to assume that everyone who loves Epic is on the clueless side of casual when it comes to X-Wing. PS: I agree that Maul should not work on Huge ships. I suppose there's a bit of an open question as to whether or not Maul does work on one, though, as it looks like receiving the stress token is a requirement for Maul's ability. It depends on whether we think a huge ship "receives" a particular number of stress tokens. This is relevant, because receiving the stress tokens is a requirement to triggering the rest of the ability. As precedence, consider Soontir Fel... even if he 'receives a stress token' via using Push the Limit but then Lt. Yorr ultimately ends up receiving it instead of Fel, Fel does not get to receive his Focus token because he never actually received a stress token. So it depends on what "does not affect huge ships" means in the entry for Stress (and other) tokens. "When a huge ship receives any of these tokens, immediately remove them and return them to the token supply" following "[these tokens] do not affect huge ships." This is a bit cryptic. On the one hand, one could claim that the huge ship "received two stress tokens and then immediately discard them," therefore Maul can reroll 2 Dice on this attack. On the other hand, one could reasonably argue that the huge ship never actually received any stress tokens, so the number of dice Maul can reroll is zero. I think there are reasonable arguments to made for each interpretation, though I suspect the latter would be FFG's stance regarding Maul on Huge ships, though the former is probably better justified under the current RAW. Hopefully we will be getting a Huge Ship rules update soon that clarifies a bit of this cryptic section or flat-out bans Maul (and similar self-stress crew) from Huge ships.
  10. New Tournament Regulations

    Wow, I love all of these changes. The limit of 4 on EPT/Weapon upgrades is really excellent. It neuters some of the most degenerative spam lists in Epic while also removing the "pay to win" vibe that someone might feel while trying to chase enough copies of some particular upgrade card for their Epic List. It also helps indirectly stimulate or encourage load-out diversity. I like flying eight TIE Interceptors in Epic, for instance. Typically, it's been eight Royal Guard with PtL, though now I can actually explore some alternative loadouts on at least some of them (when in the past there'd be no sane reason to not glue PtL to all of them). Now maybe 4x PtL and 4x with Intensity, Outmaneuver, Adrenaline Rush... or even just 4x Alpha Squadron PS1 Blockers to serve as "pathfinder" blockers with their PS1, fast dial, and Boost/BR for ultimate blocking. Fun!
  11. Do T-70s have a place in epic?

    I have played a lot of Epic, and I really enjoy using lots of T70s. That being said, I am kind of an X-Wing Nut, and have a bunch of them custom-painted and look for any excuse to fly them. But thanks to the T70 having a generic with an EPT, I've built quite a few lists around them with plenty of success. Go-to EPTs have included Deadeye (with Torpedoes), Draw Their Fire (usually with Integrated Astromech), Crackshot, Swarm Tactics (thanks Roarke!) and even Predator + Weapon Guidance (expensive, but reliable hitting power with no external support required, and Predator tends to be pretty solid in Epic where massed low PS generics are more common). Even Cool Hand has been reasonably useful for its cost, as that one round of K-Turning/T-Rolling and picking up a Focus is nice. Lots of freedom and flexibility in building T70s at 300/400pts, and with the right support ships they can carry their weight well. The innate Boost really helps them close the larger distances of an Epic map quite well too, or helps them avoid the RAM! from an enemy huge ship once that distance has been closed. Nothing beats seeing a squadron of eight custom-painted X-Wings escorting a U-Wing and HWK support ship!
  12. Home One Model

    I know everyone loves to tote the nice round-numbered "76 TIEs" per star destroyer, but I still hold there is no way that this is accurate. Maybe at max fighter capacity, an ISD could squeeze in 76 TIE fighters. But when you assume internal hangar space is probably also used for shuttles, ground assault vehicles, landing craft, repair areas, parts storage, etc., the number must come down. Then factor in that many ISDs probably didn't have anywhere near fighter capacity stationed aboard (especially pending their assignments), and it's probably the case that no active ISDs had such high numbers. Otherwise, it just doesn't make any sense why every ISD is sporting 76 fighters yet we never ever see comparable numbers of ships inside the hangars nor comparable numbers of ships scrambled during engagements. In fact, I suspect the vast majority of active Star Destroyers typically had very few active fighters stationed aboard. (0) Rogue One - The two ISDs don't appear to scramble any fighters, and the entirety of the Imperial Fighter wing seems to come exclusively from the shield gate station, which launches around 60 TIEs. (0.5) Rebels - again, we rarely see more than a few TIEs, and most of the time they're coming from Gozantis. In the scene where the Rebel Fighters under Hera have to break through Thrawn's blockade and bomb the facility, there are nearly a half-dozen Star Destroyers present yet only about 20 TIEs in space and maybe another 10-20 defending the ground targets on the surface. (1) ANH - the Death Star only scrambles 4 TIEs to chase the Falcon and estimates of only 7-12 TIEs in Black Squadron to defend against the Rebel snub fighters. (2) ESB - The Star Destroyers at Hoth don't scramble any fighters as part of the blockade. During the chase of the Falcon, three ISDs are in pursuit with only 4 TIE fighters in pursuit. (3) TFA - When Finn and Poe are aboard Ren's ship in its hangar, there are maybe a dozen TIE/fo and TIE/sf stored in the hangar, which is mostly dead open space without the racks and docking clamps for imperial fighters. Reminder: a resurrgence-class is twice as big as an ISD. In the assault of Finn and Rey, only TIEs are scrambled to strafe the Jakku trading post (and none to pursue the Falcon after that). In the battle at Maz's castle, we see about twelve T70 X-Wings defeat and drive off what appears to be maybe 20 first order TIEs from the Resurgent. (4) TLJ - When the biggest warship we've ever seen + about six resurgent-class star destroyers are attacking the resistance fleet, only three fighters are launched (Ren and two wingmen)... and they're super effective. Just imagine if the First Order would have launched 76+ fighters with each of its warships! RotJ and the "bomber scene" of Rogue One don't really give us any clear idea or scale on the number of Imperial fighters present relative to the size of the imperial fleet present. Besides, why would the Empire bother with ships like Gozantis or Qasars if every ISD carried 76 fighters? I mean, based on images, the Qasar carries what, like maybe 12 TIE Bombers? What kind of carrier is that when one ISD can come in sporting six times as many fighters...? I think the only logical conclusion is to assume that Star Destroyers have a maximum fighter capacity well under the once-assumed 76 Fighters, and whatever that lesser max capacity actually is, it is pretty rare for any individual destroyer to be anywhere near that number?
  13. Home One Model

    Whether or not Home One is 1.2 or 3 km, I agree that the MC80 miniature feels a bit small on the table, especially in the presence of ISDs. Heck, even AFKIIs make it look small.
  14. Does FFG make up some unique cards?!

    What is the nature of this complaint? Would you rather have no unique pilots/upgrades for stuff that didn't appear in films?
  15. Could Armada implement a Holdo hyper ram?

    Well, not anymore. TLJ teaches us that, actually, the Force is always actively balancing the good guys and bad guys, counteracting whatever progress one side makes. So, I guess because the good guy fleet got blown up, the Force may have played a role to help blow up the bad guy fleet. But it didn't guide them "just because they were the good guys," but only because it needed to knock the bad guys down a peg to even up the good vs bad guys. The Force doesn't care about good winning over evil... it just wants to wreck whoever is ahead. It's like the Space-Wizard equivalent of the Blue Turtle Shell in MarioKart, according to TLJ. Which just means there is no real point to battling your foe... if you train and study and get super strong, your counterpart adversary just gets equally super strong real fast with no training. If the light side blows you up today, the dark side will be reborn and blow them up tomorrow. TLJ really introduces a giant dosage of futile nihilism into the Star Wars world that renders all struggle and strife ultimately pointless... which I think further disrespects and ruins the mythos of Star Wars, but eh some people seemed to have enjoyed it.