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  1. AllWingsStandyingBy

    The Future of Armada (end of tournaments or 2nd edition)

    Sort of? I sold off my Imperial Fleet and parsed down my Rebels to about 33% of what I used to own, which is still enough to have some flexibility in fleet-building (but who needed 4x MC30s anymore?). But I still intend to play Armada, though it's true I haven't gotten a game in for... well months. At the last event we ran, only 3 people showed up (so we called it, since nobody wanted to spend 7+ hours playing 3 Rounds where we all would have had a bye sitting around). The last flyer and social media posting we did for a Corellian Conflict netted a whopping three people interested (myself included). And of our "old regulars," two have moved and three have sold off their collections and moved to "non-dead" games. The local scene has just waned, sadly.
  2. AllWingsStandyingBy

    The Future of Armada (end of tournaments or 2nd edition)

    The sad part is that in X-Wing 2.0 there are still lots of auto-include cards and ships that just totally flounder While I agree that generally Armada is better-balanced than X-Wing, I'm not sure this is a fair metric to assess that. First of all, there are a lot more ship options and pilot options and upgrade options in X-Wing, and squads generally contain less stuff, so there's gonna be far more pressure for what can go into a tournament list and that leaves a lot of stuff out in the cold. In Armada, there are just a half-dozen ships with two variants each for each faction, less upgrade options, and squads get to include 400pts of stuff. That alone should make Armada's % of represented options higher than in X-Wing. When Armada has fifteen ships per faction we can see what % of them get used competitively... Secondly, X-Wing is a much more popular game, in the sense that there are more tournaments for X-Wing than Armada. Attendance is also typically larger, the number of rounds is higher, and due to the games being shorter and "faster-paced" there are countless recorded games with commentary out there, as well as over ten podcasts devoted to X-Wing. This amount of play and amount of analysis means that X-Wing is much closer to being a "solved" game than Armada, and as such you will see more convergence around the heavily identified 'best' archetypes, with ample net-deckers taking up the mantle of those squads as well. Armada just has fewer events, fewer games at the events that do happen, and basically no one in the community doing strategic dissection and analysis of games / video reports in the way the X-Wing community does. This makes Armada much less of a 'solved' game, and this makes it harder for players to just google the "best" lists to copy and bring. And while it's possible to find most Armada options on tables at a tournament (e.g. Leia, Garm, Konstatine, Tagge, Peltas, Victories, Z-95s, Phantoms, etc.) you typically won't find them in the top spots of the tournament. There are plenty of upgrades (especially ion cannons and turbolasers and titles) that see next to no play. Similarly, you can find all sorts of weird zany ships and lists at big X-Wing events, too, they are just usually clustering down at the bottom after a few rounds. So, I don't disagree with your conclusion, but I think your premise is a bit misleading.
  3. I am a licensed Vassal Coach, specializing in Star Wars Armada, Agricola, X-Wing, and Heroes of Land, Sea, and Air. I usually have availability on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My going rate is $25.00/lesson (lessons are 1 hour), though I do discounted rates for seniors and veterans. No groups. I am booked pretty solid through about the end of February, though.
  4. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Already frothing at the mouth for that Wave 3 Clone Wars stuff

    Uh, Blail Berg has no time for pesky "numbers," or "facts," or "reality." Welcome to the X-Wing Forums.
  5. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Bring back Challenge Coins and Plaques

    This is so very true for pretty much all of FFGOP's prize support. The first Worlds and the first two Season Kits were a bit rough as FFG learned what this new-fangled "acrylic" material was all about, but then it got pretty great in 2013-2015, but after that the prizes really started just being increasingly underwhelming (both in terms of quality and quantity). I never understood how, as the X-Wing Tourney scene got larger and larger and larger X-Wing kits contained less and less and less content. You used to get like Top 16 prizes of a bag of 10x beautifully etched, thick Evade tokens. Now, acrylic bags have lower quality stamped acrylic and contain like three tokens and require a higher placing... in a larger event...thanks FFGOP! It also doesn't help that FFGOP was radically inconsistent with prize support. Here's cool commemorative 2013 Regionals patches, you can commerate each Regional season with a sweet patch on your jacket! And... we're done with patches, never again. Here's over-sized cards, won't these be impressive if you make an over-sized squad? And... after two cards (4 pilots) we're done with oversized cards. How about movie still cards? Wait, no, how about alternate art instead? Wait, how about full bleed? Or spot gloss? Like, you could make the most ugly inconsistent squad of cards in the world using 1.0 prizes... but not really since they made like Luke, Han, Vader, and Boba in every wacky new style and only rarely sprinkled in a different pilot. Here's gorgeous deck boxes with the printed season on them. Oh, now we're done with deck boxes. Who likes dice bags? We got dice bags here! Medals were neat ways to stamp the season onto the prize, but they quit doing medals. Coins were fun for the same reason, while they lasted. But I'd have rather have had all medals or all coins. You hit the plaque issue on the head. Beautiful stunning artwork. Beautiful stunning artwork. Then plaques that looks like it given out each week to the 4th Grader with the best attendance... Even the trophies changed style a few times and went from elegant and classy to gaudy stamped image, and the sizing and shaping of them has never been consistent across levels of events, which is odd. Still, it all beats some lame "trophy" plastic card. Oh, Store Champion 2019 plastic card of Cavern Zealot? Quick, let me frame this and hang it in the game room... Moral of the Story: FFGOP really needs to be better supported by Asmodee, because it's a real crapshoot most of the time (to say nothing of poor communication of events, slow updates, late or missing prize support, etc.).
  6. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Bring back Challenge Coins and Plaques

    Ohhh.... do go on.... *popcorn gif*
  7. I have been crushing on Willrow Hood for years. Dexter Jettster a very close second.
  8. AllWingsStandyingBy

    The Future of Armada (end of tournaments or 2nd edition)

    Ah, I see. While in principle I agree with the logic here, in practice I don't think it pans out. Consider, for instance, MonsterPocalypse. A semi-popular but small cult following game that waned and fizzled for awhile. Just now getting re-released in a new Second Edition, which we'd think would make that small but loyal playerbase happy. Yet, based on what I've seen on the MonPoc 2.0 boards at BGG, it's a very divisive event with some folks saying that they want to stick to 1.0 or advising would-be new players to just try and scoop up old 1.0 stuff and play that game instead. Similarly, with BloodBowl, when GW took control of the property back from the Community-ran NAF and released the new Edition, there was lots of skepticism and grumbling about the new edition, and discussions of "what will do if GW does X, Y, or Z with the game?" That one had a relatively happy ending, since GW basically re-released what was 95% the same as the most recent NAF-Approved Living Rulebook 6 anyways, so the community avoided having to make a tricky call would it have been the case that the new GW edition was too unpalatable. New editions seem to be divisive and tumultuous times for new games, even within small and passionate communities.
  9. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Idea for a new gunner

    The trouble is, where and when would FFG introduce a new Gunner card designed to buff the Large-Based dual turret ships? The Rebel Falcon re-release is probably already being packed up, assuming it's the next ship to release for Rebels given it appears in Hyperspace Format? I also doubt it will have any new cards, because the cries and moans of players who bought conversion kits having to buy ANOTHER Falcon (number 4?) would be unbearable. Resistance, First Order, Republic, and Separatists likely don't have any forthcoming dual-turreted ships, or at least I can't think of any in the fluff. This means such a "fix" card could only appear in the YT-2400 or Decimator 2.0 re-release, and I wouldn't hold my breath for either of those "Legends" ships anytime soon, and given that apparently there's rumors now that not all 1.0 ships will get a 2.0 re-release...
  10. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Idea for a new gunner

    Frankly, I'd just like to see something like: Linked Gunner (~20pts+?): Ships with [Dual Arc] only. You must replace your [Dual Arc] with a [Mobile Arc]. At the end of the combat phase, you may perform an attack from your [mobile arc], even if you have already attacked from that [mobile arc] this round. It's crystal clear from the tournament data that the only success Large-Based Turrets are having right now is the occasional blip from Dash + Roarke. This confirms that large-based turrets are so over-costed in the 2.0 Extended Environment that the only way they can find success is to squeeze out two attacks per round, which starts to approximate doubling their offensive output. Even then, it's not like Dash+Roarke has redefined the meta or proven to be unstoppable... it's barely making ripples. So large-based turrets need something drastic to put them onto the table, which seems to be doubling their offensive potential, and they need to be able to do it without Roarke (so that the Decimator can do it and so that list building isn't locked to Ship + Roarke). This sort of suggested Gunner Fix forces the Large-Turret to give up half of its arc coverage and has the opportunity cost of losing other Gunners. As proposed here, it also prevents the sort of PS7 double-tap that allows Dash+Roarke to wipe ships before they can attack. Short of something like this, or an absurd price reduction at the end of the January, I really don't see the large-based turrets finding a home in the meta (outside of the occasional cheap Scum Falcon build, where the ship chassis is so cheap it can be utilized effectively from time to time). But a large ship that is half of your list and only attacks once in this 2.0 Era? Forget about it.
  11. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Initiative One Community Organized Play

    This is gonna be a thankless job, in the height of the "Age of the Critic." I would encourage you think about creating a"council" of folks (e.g. "The RuneWars Player Committee") who collectively form a team that can help make these sorts of decisions can help share the load and the legwork that will be required. In addition to the shared load, it'll also help democratize the process and when some decisions are made that inevitably upset/disappoint some contingent of the playerbase (it's impossible to please everyone all the time), they at least won't be able to throw around the "grumble grumble this sucks because HE is super biased" sorts of nonsense. Best of luck, and may the community shine brightly under your auspices!
  12. AllWingsStandyingBy

    How Far Do You Travel for Tournaments?

    Out of curiosity, What's the furthest distance you've traveled for an Armada OP Kit Tourney? What's the furthest you've ever traveled for an Armada Tournament (other than Worlds)? Have you ever gotten on a plane to attend an Armada Regional? Feel free to measure "distance" in miles, kms, hours-driving, or hours-flying. Thanks!
  13. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Are ship models required for Squadrons in tournament play?

    Rules as written, this is not allowed. A TO could make an exception, especially if all efforts were taken to minimize the confusion this may present, but if an opponent made a fuss about it and didn't want to allow the squad to be fielded during their game (for a variety of possible legitimate reasons), well then it could start a real muck of a situation, and depending on the level of the event could become an issue. Given that, probably best to just not field it, even if a sympathetic TO can be found, at least at Store Championships and above. At season kit tournaments or friendly tournaments, where TO's have increasingly more power and discretion, then yea it would come down to the TO's instincts. That said, Armada players are a pretty mellow and jovial lot, so I think it'd be rare you'd run into a stickler making a fuss. Especially if you just lie to the TO and your opponents and say something sympathy-promoting, like "after my last event, my car got broken into and my box with my old list was stolen--it contained all of my TIE Bomber models." As a TO, I've actually heard similar things from players before about why they didn't have enough copies of expensive chase upgrade (e.g. Twin Laser Turrets or Autothrusters) for their list. 🤣
  14. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Issues with the Corellian Conflict

    Yea, that's the basic rub. A campaign-style game has incentives to favor the winning-side, ie to reward them for wins. But a battle of Armada is typically only fun (at least for both players) if it is relatively balanced and even. Were there to ever be another campaign system, I think it would have to have differing objective goals for Imperials and Rebels. That way, there could be a better built-in parity to the games, even if the battles themselves were lopsided. This might be closer to something like Rebellion, where the Rebels aren't really expected to challenge the Empire on military grounds, and cannot hope to secure a full-on warfare victory. Nevertheless, Rebels can still win the game since several of the missions are not military-based and since the Rebels have other primary goals (e.g. keep the base hidden, relocate it if it falls under pressure, keep the Rebellion alive). While this is an extreme example of that principle: flying a single CR90 through enemy-held space in order to try and pull off some risky objective is the sort of thing that happens all the time in Star Wars, as that classic underdog narrative goes, but at least in Armada with its current objectives and mechanics games involving a single CR90 vs an Imperial Fleet just cannot be made fun or interesting and will always be a waste of time setting-up and breaking-down. Maybe there exist some better middleground where a tolerable level of disparity between fleets at the table still allows for engaging and rewarding games of Armada that are campaign-meaningful.
  15. AllWingsStandyingBy

    The Future of Armada (end of tournaments or 2nd edition)

    I feel like 95% of the players out there interested enough in a game like Armada to pick it up have already picked it up. I think the gaming community and gaming companies often sort of work under the idea that there's some tweak to the system or some opportunity for exposure and visibility that might suddenly generate a meaningful influx of new players. But I've been playing "hobby" games for twenty years, and have been in many twlighting or flat-out dead gaming communities in my day and I've never seen anything actually work, even for fantastic properties. There may be some examples of success stories out there, but I am not familiar with them. And I think that's truer now than it ever was. In this age of online communication, getting "visibility" and "exposure" for a game is not hard. Things like BGG, PAX, Vox, The Star Wars Show, Tabletop, and a veritable host of other forums, blogs, podcasts, and psuedo-news outlets all cover boardgaming and tabletop gaming, coupled with simple word-of-mouth between friends and local gaming communities. After five years of existence, I think the vast majority of potential customers who might jump into the game have already encountered the game and have already decided whether or not to pull the trigger. Sure, there are lots of non-gamers out there who have no idea Armada exists, but they're not terribly likely to jump into the game and start collecting ex nihilo (this is why you simply don't see television ads for 'hobby' boardgames/tabletopgames, and it's also why at least in the States there's no such thing as a national chain gamestore ... the clientele and their particular tastes at any given time are far too contextualized and localized... though you can see mega-chains like Target or Wal-Mart add some 'heavier' titles to their gaming aisle, since they've got the capital and the resources to absorb or redistribute those costs as needed if a particular title or a particular region don't meet projected sales numbers.