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  1. [Poll] Do you enjoy X-wing?

    Well, no one was "attacking" the OP, for starters. It's also worth noting that with polls it's especially important to be meticulous with one's language, otherwise the results from them don't mean anything whatsoever. I mean, if people can't be picky and precise about language when it comes to poll questions and options, they we might as well just abandon language all together and revert to grunts and snorts and growls and whines. For instance, the final question asks (in a semi-leading way) "do you enjoy X-Wing more or less now?" This leaves no option for those who genuinely aren't sure or who feel like they like it about the same. It also isn't contextualized at all with the reference "than you used to," which could mean anything. One wave ago, one tournament ago, one year ago, five years ago. To even begin to get a comparative insight here, you'd need to ask something like "do you enjoy 100/6 games of X-Wing more than when you started playing?" with options like: [] -- I'm not sure [] -- I like it about the same now as then [] -- I liked it more when I started playing [] -- I like it more now than when I started playing and then you'd need to collect a bit of demographic info from respondents (eg, "roughly what wave did you start playing X-Wing?") so that responses from those who have been playing for five years could be differentiated from those who have been playing for five days, for instance.
  2. Reinforce token

    I of course agree, but if Reinforce became more prominent, the game would basically be doubling-down on 2-Attack Swarm ships being forever worthless.
  3. [Poll] Do you enjoy X-wing?

    I assume you're talking about Jay Little, the original designer who didn't even anticipate X-Wing becoming a competitive game like it is now? And in what fairy-tale world are you living where Wave 1 was balanced? TIE Swarms dominated everything in the early days, and the TIE Swarm vs TIE Swarm mirror match was a fairly miserable exercise in rolling piles of dice. Rebel ships had no chance against the TIE Swarm early on, let's not forget, and heck even through Wave 3 everyone complained that there was almost no reason to use upgrades, and the community was begging for FFG to make upgrades and unique ships (other than Biggs/Howl) usable. Speaking of Wave 1, let's not forget that Howlrunner and Biggs Darklighter hold nominations for the most insanely broken pilots in the game (relative to their time periods of usefulness). Howlrunner was a beyond auto-include that boosted your attack power incredibly. Biggs had one of the most design-constraining and game-altering abilities the game has ever seen. So forgive me if I find your nostalgia a bit rosy-colored and inaccurate. I mean, in my heart-of-hearts, I kind of think X-Wing has always been a jacked-up competitive game. There was always been dominant lists and NPE archetypes in all the various Waves (TIE Swarm, Dual Falcons, TIE Phantoms, Fat Han, ... etc ... etc ...). The game has always had pilot abilities or upgrades that have been clearly garbage or obviously auto-include. The T65, outside of Biggs, has never ever been a competitively capable ship, even going all the way back to Wave 1 where Howl-Swarm ate it alive. The difference, however, is that back in the old days the game was new and fresh and exciting and unlike most other things out there, the community was upbeat, and people generally weren't dissecting the game to death so the illusions of it being a healthier game could live a lot longer in our minds. I'm not necessarily saying that X-Wing is a "solved game" now, but it was sure as poodoo a much less solved and open-book game back then. People were having fun drooling at beautiful pre-painted Star Wars ships and trying to learn how to visualize a 3-Turn in their heads. Now we have forums and hundreds of tournaments and dozens of podcasts to pick everything apart, and we've been doing it for 5 Years so we're pretty attuned now. We also probably have different expectations about what balance meant, so back in the really olden days there were only 4 Kinds of ships... a ton of mirror matches and similar lists didn't bother us in the way it does now where there are over 50 Ships to choose.
  4. Reinforce token

    In my opinion, Rienforce should never have existed for any non-Huge ships. Even if Reinforce ships are routinely beatable in the top meta, they disproportionately shape the meta because only things that spike damage can bring them down. Could you imagine a swarm of 2-Attack ships going against stuff with Reinforce? Those reinforce tokens can suddenly be worth 8 Evade Tokens, and 2-Attack ships have to roll perfectly, the Auzituck has to blank on defense, all to get 1 Damage Through (at R2). It's worse at R3 or obstructed, of course, though gets a little better at R1. Granted there are plenty of other reasons 2-Attack ships don't see much play, but Reinforce just throws more fuel onto that fire. Since a Reinforce token's value rapidly increases the more attacks an opponent's squad makes each round. It's a real Rock-Paper-Scissors sort of mechanic. So, rather than see more things gain Reinforce, I'd rather Reinforce remain as rare as possible lest swarms become even more useless.
  5. Scouting in X wing???

    This is true, of course, but being streamed and uploaded makes it far easier for your list/playstyle to be "scouted," so declining a stream isn't done on the grounds of protecting you entirely from scouting, but it would make it much harder for interested future-possible-opponents to scout you, especially to the level of round-by-round detail an uploaded game provides. It's kind of like locking your car and leaving the valuables within out of sight: it won't guarantee that no one steals stuff from your car, but it sure makes it less likely and makes the would-be thief work a bit harder. Of course, there is scouting in other forms of competition, like pretty much any sport where couches/players study film before their upcoming game. That said, in X-Wing it's not equal opportunity / equal disadvantage, since at a typical 2-Day event only 12 Players (6 Games) will be filmed, meaning that even if all 12 of those players made the T16 cut (unlikely), there would still be four players who had the advantage of not being on film to review before Day 2. If all games were filmed it would be a very different situation than we have now, where only a handful of players are asked to take on all the burdens that come with being streamed, which breaks consistency at the event and seems a bit unfair.
  6. Scouting in X wing???

    Yes, stuff like this. Players can scout two sorts of things: (1) the list itself and (2) the player's on-table playstyle with that list. Studying both things before a game against that player can yield an advantage. The best example of (1) is Dengaroo. A couple teammates ran it at the OH Regional, with three of them making Top 4 and one of the Berling Bros winning with it. No one at that event really knew just what the list was capable of or how it functioned on table, since it was such an unusual list. By the end of that Regional season, of course, Dengaroo was one of the top represented squads after net-decking, and the forums and podcasts spent a long time picking apart just what it was capable of and just what you should do against it. @NervousSam provides an excellent example of (2) in his note above. Knowing how a particular player likes to play their list, such as how do they deploy their opening, whether they approach fast/slow, if they typically feint and run, do they like to joust or do a 20-minute jockeying for position, etc. can be a big advantage going into a game. Anyone who doesn't think "scouting" like this could provide an advantage really doesn't appreciate the full aspects of competitive X-Wing, I'd suspect. I've played in 2-Day events where a player I beat in the Swiss knocks me out in the Top 8 and said "wow, okay, I'm so glad we played yesterday because I spent almost all night in the hotel thinking about how to beat your list if we happened to pair again." At the last Regional I attended, Gold Squadron was streaming and they were explicitly asked by some players if the streamed games would be posted before the 2nd Day Cut, to which GSP replied that they were only live-streaming the Day 1 games and would wait to actually upload the games until after the event was over, precisely to avoid this sort of scouting. So, if a player doesn't want to be streamed because it risks giving away free information that could disadvantage him or her in a future game, I think their concern is reasonable. Calling them "paranoid" or "delusional" as some have done here is disgraceful and disrespectful, and also quite ignorant. I've made this point elsewhere for other reasons, but it seems to me like no one should agree to be streamed: (1) You risk getting "scouted" and disadvantaging yourself (2) You generate "content" for the streamer(s), who can use that content to gain profit or visibility without any sort of input or recompense to the player filmed (3) You risk the community crucifying you over an accidental mistake, like an innocent and inadvertent bump of a ship model (4) You get to endure the community's Monday-Morning-Quarterbacks pointing out all the stupid/wrong decisions you made that cost you the game and what they would have done differently (5) You risk some witch-hunters lighting the torches over accusations of cheating. Like, dice-swing happens, and someone could just happen to have one of those rare, stars-aligned swings in luck with their dice during a streamed game. You can bet some witch-hunters would start gathering. When I play on stream I worry more about my RNG being too good, whereas in any non-streamed game I'm worried my dice will be too cold. (6) Even if you win a big event, instead of any glory or recognition you just get the community complaining about how OP/NPE/Nerfable the list you flew was These are all stresses/pressures/risks that the players off-stream are not being subjected to in their games. So, like, convince me. Why SHOULD SOMEONE EVER AGREE TO BE STREAMED AT AN X-WING EVENT?* *and, of course, I say this a bit hypocritically as someone who has played on stream about a half dozen times and has never declined the streamed game, but I can totally see why someone would prefer to not be on stream.
  7. Hyperspace Report!

    FFG is good at this hosting thing. "Dear World Attendees, since you've all probably booked your flights, travel plans, vacation time, and accomodations for Worlds a couple months ago, here is an event you can attend that is two weeks away and is scheduled for mid-day a full day before any of you planned on arriving!!! See you there!!!"
  8. Worlds will be fun this year

    The Avenger is bar-none still the best ship in the game right now, especially with new refit options available. That extra-soft nerf bat it got hit with hasn't really affected its performance at all, in my opinion, and if anything, I think the Avenger fleets are in a stronger position now than they were pre-FAQ. I'd expect to see a lot of Avenger (probably with Sloane most of the time, but Motti, Jerjerrod, and Thrawn are all very good choices too) and I will not be shocked at all to see the "Super Turtle" Interdictor builds doing well.
  9. I mean, that happened too, several months ago, on the Gold Squadron Podcast at the last Worlds, I believe. But it's not the recent Canadian Nationals event to which I'm referring...
  10. Guess it's in response to the "scandal" at a recent X-Wing event where a former World Champion was watching the live stream of the event on a third-party Twitch stream, noticed an error in the game state where the players forgot something, called the cell phone of one of the players, and asked to speak to a TO to inform them about the player's oversight.
  11. X-Wing a Dead Game?

    This is pretty solid. I'm not even sure we are in Autumn, as I think we've seen the first few flakes of snow start to fall as the sun sets earlier and earlier. Just based on the Trade/Sell groups, it feels like on average 1-2 collections go on sale every day. Very few seem to ever garnish attention or get purchased, unless it all happens in Private Messages. Locally, a few years ago there to be a vibrant scene of 20-30 players at Kit Events, and the events are less frequent now and tend to draw 4-8 players. Many familiar faces have since moved on (some to Destiny, some to Legion) and it's been a looooong time since I've met someone new in the local scene. Large tournaments are a different story, because attendance seems to be roughly stable (and in a few events even larger than past years), but they're probably not the metric I'd use to see if a game has peaked. The most die-hard (try-hard?) players are the ones who will stick with the game longest, and I say this as one of them. We've spent the most money and the most free-time on X-Wing, and we have the biggest "Fear of Missing Out" if we step away for a Wave or two, because we worry about falling behind the meta. We also have the most other reasons to invest in X-Wing outside of the enjoyment that playing an actual individual game brings (seeing/communicating with the 'regular' tourney scene members, getting recognition for a good placement, etc.), and this can keep us going even if we don't enjoy the gameplay. We will typically be more comfortable flying lists that go beyond our own personal preferences for characters, ship-types, etc. The most competitive section of the playerbase is, I suspect, the worst metric to check when looking at the overall health of the game (you can even find the most die-hard players still playing in small niche tournaments for dead games that have been dead for 15 years at Gencon and other cons, as those are the players who are least likely to let go). I think there a few points I'd consider pretty true, albeit it anecdotal, that strongly suggest the X-Wing bubble has burst: (1) The game is hemorrhaging players (2) The secondary market for prize support and used ships has plummeted in the past few years (3) The forum and podcast communities are, generally speaking, overwhelmingly toxic and negative with regards to the game's health, the game's fun, the game's balance, etc. Will X-Wing and the community survive the "popping" of the bubble? Most definitely, but it's not ever going to be like it was from 2013-2016... before the Dark Times... before Wave 8.
  12. 'Forgiving' Imperial ships?

    TIE Defenders with the X7 title from the Imperial Veterans expansion box are, far and away, probably the most straightforward and reliable ship in the game, excellent for new and returning players. They have a white K-Turn and they get a free Evade token every round (for the most part), so they basically fly themselves and are consistent on defense. Something like: Ryad + PTL + TIE MkII + X7 Title Vessery + Juke + X7 Title + season to taste Enjoy and welcome back!
  13. Are Rebels Any Good?

    Without the things you've listed, Rebels are basically a bunch of front-arc jousters with mediocre offense and even more mediocre defense. X-Wings, A-Wings, B-Wings, E-Wings, Y-Wings, U-Wings, and Z-95s aren't suddenly gonna become competitive because the better Rebel ships and their Regen Droids are off limits. X-Wing's deepest issue is that for ... about 9 Waves now ... front-arc-locked fighters have been utterly trash unless they could bring at least one but preferably two of the following three things to the table: high-PS Repositioning, innate action-stacking, or regen. The bad news for Rebels is that the vast majority of their core line-up falls under the model of arc-locked jouster without any of those things, and that's a recipe for getting wrecked.
  14. Are Games Better with More Factions or Less?

    The more factions you have, typically the harder it is to balance the game. But this will depend on what notion of "balanced game" we are discussing. The more factions you add, especially the more 'odd-ball' they get, the more risk there is for lopsided match-ups to be brought to the table creating a game that is hopelessly skewed against one of the players. So the chance for on-table imbalances to occur are increased. This is generally true as you move away from perfectly symmetrical starting positions (Chess, Go, Stratego, etc.), as the more variation and variety that is added, the more risk there is of one player's starting force being disadvantaged against the other's. And >factions means >diversity, so >risk of lop-sided match-ups. Now, if what you mean by "game balance" is actually something like "List X won't ever become entirely unbeatable because Faction Y can always build to beat List X by min-maxing this niche option they have" then I guess you could argue for improved overall balance, but it's a weird notion of balance that I wouldn't personally hold. The mere fact that Faction Y can build to hard-counter List X doesn't do anything to help Faction A, B, C, .... etc. have a means to beat List X when they set up across from it.