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  1. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Sith Infiltrator has moving wings

    Right, and if you would have been included 2x in the Squadron Pack, one Squadron Pack and one Expansion Vulture would have given you the three you needed. But now, if you want to run three, you have to buy 3x Expansion Pack Vultures, meaning unless your list wants to be running Five Vultures, the two vultures in the Squadron Pack are pointless.
  2. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Ship Sizes

    Trick Shot Scum Han sure would like it, though. In all seriousness, though, huge ships as obstacles is an awful game play experience. They can't be physically overlapped and they are really annoying to always JENGA your way around when you're moving ships and measuring. It was a terrible casual rule back in 1.0, and it'd be a terrible rule in 2.0 too. Now, if they used the back side of the huge ship cardboard as like a giant obstacle token (be it a huge ship, wreckage, whatever), that could be interesting, since a nice flat piece of cardboard plays well with the game mechanics that already exist. Whether one mega obstacle would be balanced or as fun as smaller obstacles, well that's still an open question.
  3. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Sith Infiltrator has moving wings

    Yea, I'm not saying I don't understand the decision. Just that I don't like the decision.
  4. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Ok, Misanthropyre.
  5. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Sith Infiltrator has moving wings

    Yeah, hence the "no surprise there" attitude, especially with the Seventh Fleet Gunner. Still, not putting Discord Missiles into the Sep Squadron Pack was kind of a d*** move by FFG, as they easily could have included one or two copies there.
  6. AllWingsStandyingBy

    The Hans or: Why does FFG Hate Resistance Han?

    I'm in the camp that Scum Falcons are probably about fine-ish, but maybe could come up a smidge in cost (at least Han, who's got far and away the best ability of the lot and is I6). Rebel Falcons could all come down a bit, especially Chewie. Resistance Falcons could come down the most. So, basically I agree with the OP.
  7. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Sith Infiltrator has moving wings

    1 Discord only in the Vulture Expansion? 1 Seventh Fleet Gunner in the ARC Pack? No surprises there, but "UGH..."
  8. AllWingsStandyingBy

    つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEW POINTS ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ

    つ ◕_◕ ༽つ summon points
  9. AllWingsStandyingBy

    When to release Raddus Bomb ?

    I don't want to derail LostFleet's initial question too much, but a lot of you have noted that to answer it really depends on what the Raddus fleet is, namely what is being dropped into play. What do people prefer? I played a lot of Raddus in a couple CCs and some tournaments , and I've tried dropping in both MC80L (Mon Karren) and MC75 (Aspiration). In my experience, the MC75 is incomparably better as the ship to pop into play, and I use an MC30 (Admonition) as the drop ship. I mean, clearly I like the aggressive playstyle and hard-hitting nature of black dice and ordnance upgrades. I've just always found that in Armada black-die brawlers can more consistently get their jobs done than red-die ships, and because of this belief I've always gravitated toward Kuat-Refits, MC30s, MC75s, etc. and have never been terribly fond of Cymoons or Ackbar or anything. RRNG (Red Random Number Generation) just drives me crazy and makes the swing of dice felt especially strongly by such ships. I honestly think Black Dice are worth more than Red Dice, but the game's costing structure makes Red Dice more expensive than Black Dice (which suits me fine, I suppose ). I flirt a lot with the idea of dropping in the Profundity and then having it drop in a Garel's Honor. If GH has External Racks and OE, it's throwing 5 Black Dice, a Red Die, and a Blue Die into the target ship (because CF), and then ramming for a Face-Up. This also makes it easier to "trap" the target ship, helping to make sure the Profundity can finish it off. This seems more like a fun CC fleet, though, then a tournament-caliber tactic, and as such I've never seen the Profundity used to any sort of success. How about you? What do you prefer to Raddus-Drop?
  10. AllWingsStandyingBy

    When to release Raddus Bomb ?

    I've dropped it Round 5 and Round 6 before, even. It really depends on how much of a "win" you need... if you need a 10 point win vs a 6 point win, well that will dictate how aggressive you need to be. But most lists need a few dedicated rounds of sustained attacking to kill an MC75, so if you drop it in Round 4, 5, or even 6 you really limit how much of an opportunity the opponent will have to kill it in return. I had a guy at Worlds get really upset because I skirted my flagship around the board avoiding any sort of combat for the first 4 Rounds, so we literally had not rolled any dice. Then, on Turn 5 I swung my flagship back around and into the tip of his now strung-out formation. Then Round 6 I dropped my MC75 and was able to obliterate his lead ship (his flagship AFKII) while he couldn't possibly put any meaningful amount of dice into my ships. Win, me. If it was a later round and I needed 10 Points to have any chance of prizing out, I'd have to do it a bit differently and earlier, likely. But doing a Round 6 drop like that basically means you cannot possibly lose.
  11. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Happy Friday

    Definitely worth it, just don't forget the Rapid Launch Bays so they can each get off an attack without having to worry too much about getting engaged.
  12. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    Your response seems a little Mill-itant. I think we just got off on the wrong Foot. Don't you have a sense of Hume-or? Take off your target Locke and ease down, flyboy. I know moral philosophy can be a little Ayer-noying, and it can leave us feeling dazed and Confucious'd. It can even Mackie me feel like pulling my Hare out, at times. But we'Rawls in this together, and if we want to build the best society we need to Unger-stand the nature of morality so that we can strive for human flourishing, thus enabling us to all get so much Moore out of life.
  13. AllWingsStandyingBy

    First game with the SSD

    DL: Hey dudes, I have an entire two-car garaged as my dedicated man-cave! DL: Hey dudes, I'm buying two SSDs, so I can have one just for lookin' at one just for touchin'! IN: Oh, cool, could I maybe buy your duplicate unique upgrades? DL: Uh, no, 'cuz in the incredibly rare scenario where something happened to one of my cards but not to my collection at large, I want to have those spares laying around. Gosh, I'd hate to have to do something indulgent and excessive like buy an extra SSD I don't really need! 🤣
  14. AllWingsStandyingBy

    Unpopular Opinion Thread

    I think you need to get a new dictionary. "Belief" is certainly not always a matter of preference nor is it something that has nothing to do with logic, proof, or argument (opinions are not, either). Beliefs are views that we hold, or rather, statements we assume to be true. In the case of empirical beliefs, they may actually turn out to be true or false depending on the state of the external world and how well my belief corresponds to that. For instance, I believe that the earth is round and generally spherical. It also turns out that it happens to be a matter of fact that the world is spherical, given overwhelming observations and models that cohere with and correspond to this fact. In this case, my belief that the earth is spherical is a belief that is both justified (strong reasons for believing it) and true (corresponds with the external reality). When we speak of knowledge, epistemologists often point to something like Justified True Beliefs (J.T.B.s) as counting as knowledge, see for instance: The Gettier Problem. I also believe that right now my X-Wing collection is at my house in a Plano case in the basement. I'm certainly justified in this belief (I have no reason to think otherwise, and it's the inference to the best explanation), but whether it is true or not depends on the state of the world at this very moment. So do I know that my X-Wing collection is home in its Plano? Maybe my house burned down and my collection melted and long gone. Maybe my wife has, finally tired of my childish hobby, taken and pawned the collection. Maybe a burglar has absconded with it. Maybe a raccoon has gotten into the house and pried open the case and sprinkled my collection across the floor. Maybe I'm just in the Matrix and my collection is a series of 0s and 1s that are a figment or our collective imaginations, man... what do we really know... dude... ? But we settle these kinds of beliefs by looking out at the world: IS it the case that this belief is an accurate reflection of the state of external reality? That and that alone makes such beliefs true or false. Opinions are often used to indicate the sorts of beliefs that might track more closely with subjective preferences or value judgments, or at the very least the sorts of beliefs that are non-empirical. They tend to deal with issues that are more subjective than objective. For instance, someone might have the belief that access to basic healthcare is a fundamental human right, or that a hot dog is a sandwich, or that Ant Man and the Wasp is their favorite MCU movie. Here you have a moral issue, a conceptual terminological issue, and a matter of taste. We cannot resolve these by going out and observing/measuring the world. We could evaluate them, support them, or challenge them in a variety of important ways, but they are very different than other kinds of beliefs. But we can't ask IS this sort of belief an accurate reflection of the state of external reality? We might ask SHOULD we as a society treat access to basic healthcare as a fundamental human right? Put different, ought we have a duty to provide such a thing? Should we call a hot dog a sandwich, or is this a gross misuse of the term? Should someone think Ant-Man and the Wasp is their favorite MCU movie? Asking these kinds of questions is, in some case, of utmost importance (what are our human rights and duties?), and in some cases occasionally of practical import (well, if a sandwich place has a non-compete clause as their agreement with their leasor, can that leasor lease out space to a hotdog vendor as well, or does this violate their contract with the sandwich place?), or of utterly no practical significance (does it matter what another human being's personal tastes and preferences are with regards to their enjoyment of the MCU?).
  15. AllWingsStandyingBy

    The value of generics?

    If there exists a problem at all, this is likely it. But... we should all remember that one of the biggest Extended Events to date, for instance, was won by six generics (3x Z-95, 1x B-Wing, 1x X-Wing, 1x U-Wing) while one of the biggest Hyperspace Tournaments has been won by five generics (5x ICT Y-Wing). It's certainly the case that some chassis have more issues than others when it comes to generic vs unique (e.g. the RZ2A), but those tend to the chassis that live and die by their Initiative Value. So maybe it's not a big deal if we don't see lots of generic Strikers, RZ2As, or Deltas.