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  1. But those swingy games are lost causes anyways, wherein other upgrade choices wouldn't be very likely to make much of a difference.
  2. Fair enough. Of course, most players will likely say that the gains from Mindlink far outweigh such an opportunity cost.
  3. This comes up from time to time, and I've replied it to before in the following way: Mindlink doesn't have an opportunity cost that is very high, because it's not like bringing more ships is sacrificing opportunity. You weren't ever going to run a 35pt Fenn list with a 65pt bid, so the fact that you bring other ships and put Mindlink on them is not really an opportunity cost. Especially since Scum have far and away the most generous spread of EPT-slots on their pilots. Sure, you lose the opportunity cost of taking other EPTs, but if you're wanting to do Mindlink you're more than happy to spam it for those sweet double actions and protection against stress/bumps for 1pt. If you want to do something else with your scum EPTs (like a PS9 Dengar + PS9 VI'ed Tel/Bossk alpha strike) then yes you're not going to be running Mindlink. It's an all or nothing sort of upgrade, but it's hardly an opportunity cost to spend your remaining points on more ships... especially when Scum have such a generous spread of efficiently-costed EPT-capable ships.
  4. And Manaroo and Kaatos, two other Scum ships that can pass/take a Focus and generate another Focus in the process. Kaatos doesn't see much top-table play, but I encounter him a bit locally where he's a very cheap filler ship in a Triple Mindlink list, and his ability to steal a Focus (and then regenerate one from who he stole from) makes him a tough little ship to crack for his points, since he'll often be double-focused. Manaroo, of course, is still quite popular despite her nerf. Sure, but as I noted, Focus is typically the action every ship wants every turn. While that's not always the case, Focus is still far and away the best action given its flexibility. You never see a ship perform a TL action unless it's already getting a Focus or absolutely needs the TL for an ability or secondary weapon (e.g. Omega Leader), since Focus is incredibly flexible in who you spend it against and has no range requirement when you perform it, and it has the same expected total hits as TL. At three+ green dice, Evade is as good (3 green dice) or better (4+ green dice) than an Evade token when it comes to expected evade results. So, since Focus is usable offensively or defensively, it's always the first of the "modifier" actions you perform. Also, worth pointing out that PtL isn't entirely unrestricted as you suggest, as the free action has to come from your Action Bar and not an upgrade or damage card. I think what you're overlooking (or at least your reply here didn't mention it) is that Mindlink has built-in protection against overlaps with ships, obstacles, and weaponized stress. When a PtL ship bumps an obstacle or ship or gets double-stressed by a stresshog, it loses all its actions and goes from 2 --> 0 (or "3" --> 0 in the case of Fel, Inquisitor, Ryad, or Jake). The old go-to strat to beat Fel in his Wave 8-9 prime was to to block him with one ship then kill him when he was actionless. This doesn't work as easily against Mindlink ships, because even if one gets bumped or double-stressed it's still getting a Focus unless all the Mindlinked ships get bumped or double-stressed. So a Mindlink ship typically only goes from 2 --> 1 action when it loses its Perform Action step, as opposed to a PtL ship going from 2 --> 0. This is where I think the majority of the extra value comes from with Mindlink. Mindlink is, in many cases, close to the effectiveness of PtL. You're right that PtL allows for two non-Focus actions, but the majority of the time I think PtL ships are focusing anyways. You're also right that a triple PtL list is getting 3 free actions for 9 points, whereas a triple Mindlink list is only getting 2 free focus actions for 3 points (ignoring Guri, Palob, Manaroo etc). But Mindlink approaches pretty close to PtL levels of efficiency for a third of the cost. Then you factor in that bumps/double-stress only reduce Mindlink ships to 1 Action instead of the 0 it does for PtL ships, and I think it's fair to say Mindlink has more value than PtL for less cost. Is it roughly twice the value for a third of the cost? I dunno, maybe I oversimplified the math too much and rounded too much, but I think it's at least close.
  5. Well it's not surprising people put Mindlink on Scum's best ships. But this doesn't mean Mindlink itself isn't part of the problem. As evidence, I believe that if Mindlink was not "Scum Only" we'd see it dominating Imperial builds and Rebel builds as well. Alternatively, ban the Jumpmasters and the Lancers and the Protectorates, and I'm sure you'd see Mindlinked G1-As and Mindlinked Aggressors and other Mindlinked Scum ships rise to the top.
  6. In the rare case the OP isn't trolling: Mindlink gives you close to the action-economy of PtL, because you almost always want a Focus + SOMETHING even with PtL. Not always, but often. 3x Mindlink = 3 pts 3x PtL = 9 pts So it's very, very cost effective. On top of PtL, Mindlink also gives your ships collision and weaponized-stress insurance. Bumping a ship or getting double-stressed shuts down a ship with PtL, which goes from 2 Actions to 0 Actions. Mindlinked ships that bump or get double-stressed still get that Focus, so they go from 2 --> 1 action. So in those circumstances, it's twice as valuable as PtL, which becomes a dead upgrade. Also, PtL ships always have to go green, where Mindlinked ships only need to go green if one of them gets stressed. So in a triple PtL list, you have three ships that all have to do greens every turn if they are using PtL. In a Mindlink list, you have ships getting two actions that don't necessarily ever have to go green, and when one does happen to get stressed and all have to go green, it's no different than an all PtL list. Of course, if you don't need the multiple actions, your ships can go white and as long as one gets its action, they all get a Focus. TAKEAWAY: So, Mindlink is in some ways twice as a good as PtL while only costing a third of the points. If you can't see why this is amazing, you do not have a very deep understanding of X-Wing.
  7. The TIE/striker is at least space-capable (it is built on the standard TIE chassis afterall). It was just optimized for atmospheric maneuverability, which makes sense for a bomber that will often find itself down bombing planetary targets though will frequently get from Point A to Point B via capital ship. Which is why you don't see them in space outside of the Rogue One film, though at least makes them plausible in X-Wing (you can assume that they'd perform even better in an atmosphere). Cloud Cars and Snowspeeders and T-16 Skyhoppers, though? Not space capable, so without a lot of retrofitting they couldn't appear in X-Wing. And even if you retrofitted such craft to be space-capable, what are the stats of a goony cloud car gonna be? 1 AttacK? 1-2 Hull? No shields? I mean, the thing is tiny, and would by far be the smallest miniature yet. Does the game have a place for such an underwhelming craft? As to why we see one in the Vader comic, we have to assume the nebula it is stationed in effectively has an atmosphere or that it's been heavily retrofitted. Either way, I can't say I've been very impressed with the new ships and vehicles of the "New Canon" comics. Bear in mind Poe has given us the Avengers-esque weird air-craft carrier that makes no sense, the Ark Angel from Vader is ugly and has enough giant cannons to be a 40k vessel, and the pleasure yacht in the Lando comics is ugly and pretty indiscernible from its few images. The only one that looks even a little bit at home in the Star Wars mythos is Nien's Melcrawler, and chances of getting that in X-Wing are almost surely zero percent. EDIT: PS, I forgot Han's "wife's" atrocious looking "super-Falcon" YT-freighter.
  8. Clearly you've never had an epic opponent show up with twelve TLTs (8 Y-Wings, 4 HWKs) and spam 72 red dice a round at you. TLT spam makes Epic hella dumb hella fast.
  9. Basically, the game is much worse since Wave 8 released.
  10. Yes, though Aikune's whole storyline went nowhere fast and then stayed there, at Nowhere, for a long time. Until he made a sudden reappearance all Dues Ex Machina and then left again forever. Lame. Reminded me so much of: Around mid Gold Edition there were just so many characters, and so very very few got any exposure or proper coverage. You'd wait months for your Clan's story to be released, and it'd be about some Joe Schlub you couldn't care less about. I remember, as a Mantis, how interesting I thought Moshi Kalani looked. He even had amazing art, with additional awesome art on the cover of the Imperial Assembly issue and had Great Destiny in with his RPG stats. Yet years passed and we never saw Moshi Kalani's Exp1 nor did we see him do anything at all in the fiction. I think he may have finally done something years later, but at that point I had already moved on. So many characters got such little exploration or development during that period. I guess that was sort of the downside of having 8 Great Clans, Shadowlands/Spider Clan, the Four Winds themselves, Imperials, the occasional Naga re-awakening, and the Nezumi all requiring attention.
  11. Here's how AEG would have handled it in their latter years: "Matsu Tsuko's spirit was reincarnated after passing through a gate from the Spirit Realms to Rokugan. She was allowed this honor because the secret society of Kolat spirits known as The Order of the Rosey Petal who mastered Maho mysticism and had been guarding the gate were impressed with the efforts of the Lion Clan and sent Tsuko back to convince the Lion to seek out a powerful artifact to return to the Spirit Realm so that the Kolat Spirits could triumph over the Goju spirits. Because a Dragon player conceded to the Lion in the finals, the powerful Dragon spirit of Togashi Yokuni gave Tsuko a mystical set of magic tattoos before she departed for the mortal realm to help her fulfill her second destiny." Matsu Tsuko Exp 5 * Celestial * Kolat * Exemplar of the Order of the Rosey Petal * Spirit * Bloodspeaker * Tattooed Lose 5 Honor. You may pay two less gold when bringing Togashi family monks into play. Lion Clan saumrai and bushi personalities you control gain Kolat. Lion Clan shugenja and monk personalities you control gain Bloodspeaker. Maho Open: Bow to permanently give target personality without Tattooed +2/+2 and the Tattooed trait.
  12. I agree with two of these points and disagree with two of these points. That's all I'll say.
  13. Pretty much, I feel like there's very little point to going to any X-Wing event larger than an OP Quarterly Kit unless you've prepared yourself pretty well or are comfortable getting curb-stomped all day or are flying something at the top of the meta. Which is why so many just netlist, and no shame in it. But I think that's true of most competitive games, and if you enjoy the aspects of competition (like I do), these are part of the hobby. That said, I feel like nowadays you need to "train" a lot harder than in the past, due to the powercreep and lowered skill ceiling, and the space to be creative and original when doing so is much smaller. I can safely say that the past year and a half have been the least fun I've had playing Competitive X-Wing, and I started back during the Wave 1 original release and still fondly winning the first Kessel Run event. it seems like there was a paradigm shift with Wave 8's release, and for me it wasn't a shift to the sort of thing that I personally found very fun about the game. That said, I've still gone 2 out of 3 in making cuts as Regionals post Wave 8, so it's not just sour grapes. Just that the way I had to build and play to win and the stuff I was playing against has been far less fun, and almost different in kind and not just in degree to the first seven waves of X-Wing. Though I've also been making more time for Epic and Team Epic, which I love to death, even if it's rare to find a tournament or event in that format (though I've been lucky to play in a few). I still like the "thrill" of competition that comes with big events and I still like to socialize with all the friends I've made at these events, but I'd be lying if I didn't say it's less fun than it has been and my enthusiasm and excitement leading up the events is much less. At Gencon this year I'll probably be foregoing X-Wing entirely to play Aramada instead (since they are in direct competition in scheduling this year), because I don't think it (yet?) suffers from a lot of what I now find unpalatable about the X-Wing Competitive game.
  14. Pretty much, though I get it. Why would anyone take 1-2 days off of work and away from family and spend potentially $100+ in registration, travel, and housing to go a Regional or larger event if they didn't feel like they had a list that had a least a chance of going 50/50. I'm lucky in that I can usually make two Regionals a year work for my schedule, obligations, and budget. So this past cycle I used one Regional to play a fun, creative list that I thematically loved. I spent about two months tinkering with variations of it (meaning spending 2-4 hours a week testing on Vassal against high-level friends), refined it to as a tight as I could get with as much practice against top meta I could muster and took it just to turn some heads and have some fun. I went 2-4 with the list, which is the first and only time in eight X-Wing Regionals I did not make the cut (four of which I made the final table). It turned out to be a lot less fun than I thought it would be as even down at the bottom tables I was playing against nothing but Top Meta lists (X7s, Palps, and Jumps everywhere), and felt like I wasted an entire Saturday. And this is saying something, as in the past I'd have a hell of a good time running my typical breed of crazy, zany lists. Back in Wave 6 I made the final table at a 80+ person Regional running Lando, Blount, and Cracken with missiles (and this was well before Guidance Chips were even a thing, mind you). I understood the meta and said to myself I wanted to run my favorite character (Lando) and tested and tinkered and found what I believed to be the best way to do that at the time. And sure enough I beat Dual Aggressors, Fat Han + Corrans, and RAC + Fels/Whispers all day long to make the final table with a weird list no one had ever seen, using missiles at a time when everyone said ordnance were awful (ah, pre Guidance Chips, pre Deadeye Scouts... simpler times). I don't think I've gotten any worse as a player (I went 6-1 in Swiss at my second Regional that year and made the cut, once I set aside the creative unique squad), nor do I think I've lost touch with the meta, but now my efforts to fly something neat, thematic, and creative end in not even getting the Top 64 "participation card," heheh, when in the old days I always felt like I had a real shot at making T16 cuts, even with novel jank, as long as I understood the meta well enough and flew well. In my opinion, the skill ceiling has gotten so low and so easily reached with the Top Meta squads now that I'm pretty sure I'd lose with my best creative fave-character squads against relative rookies flying Top Meta Squads, even if I flew at my best and they made a few errors and inaccuracies (to borrow from chess analysis lingo). Maybe it's not a bad thing? I personally don't like it, and I wish experience and on-table decision making played more of a role than they do now in determining the winner of a game, but perhaps there is value in having a much lower skill ceiling so that new players can jump in and become competitive much more quickly. I don't like it, as I think it greatly undervalues skill, experience, and good-decision making, but maybe I'm on the wrong side of the fence on this.
  15. Jon "Dutch" Vander would not agree. Gold Leader: "Loosen up!" Gold Five: "Stay on Target" Gold Leader: "We're too tight, I can't maneuver!" Gold Five: "Stay on Target" *Explosions* Gold Five: [without emotion or regret] "Lost Tiree, lost Dutch. They came from behind."