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  1. I mean, there's precisely no evidence that a TIE Fighter's cockpit isn't pressurized except for that the pilots are wearing flight suits, which is just generally good practice should you ever need/want to eject or the hull suffers damage and is an incredibly common practice in both real fighter pilots and most other sci-fiction stuff. Rebel pilots are sort of the odd ducks out in that they fly around in space fighter jets without any sort of flight suit mask, because faces = good guys.
  2. Can you imagine how game breaking a Raddus SSD would be? Heck, if noting else, just wait until Turn 3 or 4 to even drop it into play, when it's then mathematically impossible for the opponent to kill it in time...
  3. TIE Fighers are actually pretty large, hefty fighters, relatively speaking. And the cockpits are certainly pressurized, it's old EU nonsense that they were not pressurized and were exposed to space (that or otherwise Poe, Finn, and the cast of Rebels would have died several times over from flying TIEs without flight suits). Though, it's an interesting question as to whether a pressurized hull would be more or less prone to catastrophic failure when damaged...
  4. 6 Hull might help with balancing it out to be a bit of a TIE-Defender role, but good gravy would it be unthematic. The Eta-2 is, I think, the smallest of any fighter that will ever appear in X-Wing, it's absolutely miniscule. Couple that with the fact that it has almost no hull compared to other ships (most portions of it look razor-thin), and I just can't see it thematically deserving a Hull value close to that of a Y-Wing or a U-Wing or Reaper or anything. Thematically, I could see it as a 2HP ship, killable by a single Direct Hit! even. Not sure how such a ridiculously glass cannon could be balanced, but I dunno.
  5. An interesting take, I would like such a change IF there was a convenient/practical way to indicate such intentions without components running amok. Personally, I'd have been more inclined to just have eliminated Repositional Actions from 2.0 entirely, possibly narrowing firing arcs and maybe adding some new maneuver templates in the process.
  6. Imagine watching JJ's Star Trek: Into Darkness with the Enterprise hiding underwater until it resurfaces and thinking to yourself "man, Star Wars needs this too!"
  7. I have never understood why throughout so much of X-Wing's lifespan so many people have whined that turrets (1.0) were breaking the game mechanics and making maneuver choices less relevant, yet these same people often touted high-PS repositional aces as the truest expression of flying skill. In my opinion, repositioning is every bit as bad, if not worse, than turrets when it comes to making dialed-in maneuvers far less meaningful. Now couple the ability to reposition with high Initiative/PilotSkill and it's an exponentially more pronounced issue of just being able to reposition out of situations. NOTE: I'm not saying that turrets or repositioning is bad for the game or shouldn't have existed (or shouldn't exist), just that it's weird how many people have been "BOO TURRETS!" while not also being "BOO REPOSITIONING" Both have vastly undercut the meaningfulness of dialed in maneuvers in different, though significant, ways.
  8. I've found plastic Q-Tips before that have a hollow plastic tube. When cut, you can stick a squadron's peg into the tube. Then you can stick a bunch of those tubes into something and spray the squadrons. While Dras' mehod above is nice, there isn't a ton of clearance between the squadrons and the tubing they are stuck in, which I could imagine might make it harder to spray the inside wings or undersides of the fighters. When they are elevated up on two inches of Q-tip tube, it is very easy to spray all angles.
  9. Just a reminder that there's no processing or shipping waits when you buy local at your friendly neighborhood game store. Especially if you are courteous enough to pre-order your wants with them.
  10. Thanks for the report. Given all the Aces and SquadBalls (Reikaan/Sloane), were any of the SSDs running the Annihilator + Kallus + other stacked anti-squad stuff? If so, could they just not cut the squadrons down fast enough?
  11. Star Wars: Dogfight seems like it would be most apt, but there is some quality sh**posting in this thread. Kudos, community, kudos.
  12. It is a really interesting question what "better flying is what wins games" would actually look like in X-Wing, or if that is something that many/most players would even really want. The less list-building, match-up, fortressing-not-fortressing sorts of strategically advantageous engagement-control "flying," and other things matter, the more the game is just going to come down to who has the hotter dice that round, and the more the game starts to approach an RNG coin-toss. Which, don't get me wrong, can make for really fun beer-n-pretzel sorts of casual games, but tends to make for a really bad competitive game.
  13. People can complain or justify or rationalize the cost of the StarHawk all they want. But as the first new Rebel ship in two years, and the people who are going to buy it are going to buy it pretty much regardless of what it costs. This thing could have cost $100 and I doubt it would sell many less copies.
  14. "Sir, there's a Filthy Casual trying to escape the planet's surface!" "Good... our first catch of the day!"
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