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  1. Hi guys, first time posting after lurking for ages. Just wanna share some ideas and brainstorm with the community. Post your half baked ideas and add onto previously posted ones 1. Inquisitor (ie) Has charged his newfound Acolytes in the investigation of a missing ‘Black Ship’. While in transit with a cargo of some 2 dozen Psykers the ship was sent off course. Astropaths plotted its course,leading to Shrine World (ie) The players are to meet with a fellow Acolyte of their lord and search for the ship and find out why it was taken off course. To their horror, they find the ship’s astropath a bloody mess, appearing to have blown up in his designated seat within the main deck. Investigating further, they find security footage showing a daemon within the warp using the psychic essence within the ship to possess a servo-skull The culprit of this conjuring is believed to be a documented rogue psyker known as Arlun Dhalo. Mixing into the flock of pilgrims, devout worshipers of the God Emperor, Dhal and his untrained and corrupted band of Psykers could wreak unfathomable damage to the holy world and use the pilgrims as a sacrifice to manifest the servo-skull trapped daemon. 2. A wealthy noble is found dead with his family in their spiretop mansion. Slain by an alien predator of relatively low intelligence the Arbites are puzzled by where they acquired it. The trade of xenos as pets is forbidden but authorities -specifically those who work in hive ports- claim to be more diligent than they are. Investigating the mansion the accolytes discover a few items of note- a pict of the deceased with an unknown man with a bionic arm standing above a slain xenos, written on the back it says “hunting trip on Jurna IX”, invitations to a masquerade ball. The acolytes are tasked to go undercover at the ball where they uncover an underground xenos animal fighting ring and a lead to the the dealer. 3. While transporting a captured heretic of high value though the warp, something goes awry and they are blasted into realspace, right into an ambush set by an Ork Krooza. Fighting a loosing battle against the ork ship,your vessel crash lands on an agri world with the kroozer hot on your heels. The players must work with what Imperial command is left and their few thousand soldiers to combat the orks and recapture the Heretic who escaped.
  2. I did some OW sessions with my players fighting severan dominate modified to be chaos blood pact soldiers. Added in a few chaos mutants and some organ decorated tanks and had them secure a LZ for friendlies. It was mentioned they were fighting with the Tanith, but only 1/5 knew who were they were.. 40k noobs If your players know the book/lore it'd at least be a cool cameo Also the mention of main antagonist at one point in the Ghost books wouldn't hurt
  3. For those who tried the Zombie version of EoTW, how well do you think an X-COM playstyle with that system would run in this scenario? Given you forego 'making yourself' as a character. Its not that I dont like that idea, it'd just be cool to have an alien war scenario without the PC's being someone drafted and sent to the front line.(though that's kinda cool..)
  4. PsyNomad

    Craziest moments?

    Fighting a battle against chaos heretecs. We manage to get a Leman russ and charge the line of infantry. Then we realise the enemy units are being lead by 3 Chaos Marines. After a few glancing hits the Marines are getting wayy too close for comfort but they look pretty wounded. GM is putting the pressure on, "whataya guys do? you're closing in, whats happening?" me: "GET OUTTA THE TANK!" other players: "What? why?" I pull out a melta charge we found ealier. The party runs off and i drive the tank into the Marines, and detonate the Melta. The blast killed the marines and sent the heretecs into a panic. Also that time our psyker who hardly knows anything about 40k Pushed his powers, made it rain blood and then summoned a bloodletter in our camp because a POW tried to run away. Needless to say we all died.
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