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  1. Thanks. It really doesn't look bad in person. The camera catches everything. I repainted the strips by the windows and it looks better. I haven't redone the front yellow strip or the saucer. I did terrible at that game but had fun anyway. 3 re-painted Firesprays caught a lot of attention which I liked. Did good at the main tournament though.
  2. Yeah. I don't know why that didn't thin out. It may have been the paint. I didn't have the right yellow in the normal paint I use so I used a cheap bottle I had. I re-did the yellow and its better now but still a little thick. Its not as bad in person. I was going to retake the pictures but I have it packed for a tournament this weekend. I'm going to cut the top set of guns down. Found a good picture of them and they are shorter then the normal ones.
  3. We are working on a Clone Wars era HOTAC and I was asked to paint a Firespray like Jango's. I got the first one done and wanted one for myself. I decided to add the mid ship guns and the missile tube under the main guns. I may add the seismic charge port to the ship in the future.
  4. That is very cool! nice job!
  5. Very cool paint scheme. Love the "Clone Wars" and the paint jobs on all the ships from that era. Great job on your ships.
  6. Thank you for the kind words. I painted a bunch of them for a friend and on top of paying me to paint them he gave me the extras as he doesn't play Armada. The actual target locks are $10 on Esty for 10 pair. So they were pretty cheap. I have them for about 15 different ships at the moment. People seem to like them. Thank you. I'm still recovering but the painting helped me focused on getting well.
  7. I have been making target locks for all my ships from Armada minis so I had to make this one for the Havoc. I got the Venator model to build while out of work recovering from an illness. It turned into a project as most things do. I plan on red lining at least one of all my Imp Fleet.
  8. Where did you get the pegs? I just got a a charger c-70 (Thanks Jay!). I have ordered the guns from Mel on Shapeways.
  9. I painted and modded about 40 armada ship target locks over a 5 week span. Most of those were just paint jobs as the person as going to use the stands that came with the ships. I had cancer removed and would have been bored if I didn't have something to do while I recovered. I got a Venator RSD completed in that time frame also. Its not for everybody as the fighters at hard to see.
  10. They look very cool. I've done them for the falcon down to x-wings. You can get 10 sets acrylic tokens blue and red acrylic from Etsy for $12 shipped. Then cut the stand down for the ship. drill a hole in the token and glue the stand into it. Make sure the stand is facing the way you want the ship to face. I glue mine with the ship stuck in the stand for placement. once the glue sets on the acrylic token and stand you can remove the ship. the big ships use one stand and the fighters use a triple one that you cut the tip of the stand off. You can use the same target lock for all your large ships if you don't glue the ship in. Same with the fighters. These are my first ones. I use them all the time because they look good. I do carry a few sets of the card board ones just in case these confuse my opponent.
  11. I used a blade to loosen the glue and then just pulled and rocked the engine out. I'm going to cut some little squares of plastic to cover the blank spots to make it look like the rest of the top. The engines pop off very easy. I had removed the miss one to paint on the first picture to paint. My camera/lighting isn't the best. The green shows a little bit brighter than it is. All it needs now its the decals.
  12. Thanks! I have a great local group I captain our Squadron for and host games for and a great statewide group of gamers I love to play little plastic ships/minis with here in Indiana.
  13. The fun part was the they(Carriers) banded together with the CR-90 and took on the Raider. It was a free for all so Imps and Rebs took to tearing into the lone Raider. He held his own and didn't ask for quarter or the other 2 Raiders help. I was in one of the Raiders on the other end of the table and took out the other CR-90 with a little help from my co Imp player. We then turned on the other CR-90 as it was the closest to us and the 2 carriers took to tearing the first Raider in their range apart. Like I said there wasn't a person or faction that won. Everybody learned from this. Next we will add fighters to the mix and learn more.
  14. We at Fiend Squadron are all about fun on our Wednesday game nights. This week we wanted to get the Epics out for a shoot and learn game. Everybody picked an epic ship and loaded it for bear. Some ships faired better then other as the point curve and weapons mounts came into play but the outcome was fun and everybody learned about energy allocation, firing arcs, and just how far range 5 guns can shoot. We had 7 players show up. 3 Raiders, 2 CR-90s, 1 C-Roc and 1 Gozanti. No fighters were damaged during this fight as they weren't allowed. The guys with the C-Roc and Gozanti tag teamed the raider while the CR-90 helped. The two Raiders team on the other end of the table took the lonely CR-90 down to scrap in the first few rounds and then turned their guns on the ships that had invaded the far end of the empire and on their own ships who weren't towing the line and had let scum and a defector Gozanti damage Imperial property. We ran out of time before the 2 Raiders could make it to far into the fight at the the far end of the table but did score damage on the CR-90 before time ran out. Great game, learning experience, and fellowship.