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  1. bswaim

    Targeting Scopes on Stormtrropers?

    I thought it was good on snowrtroopers also. But they were going to put them on normal stormtroopers.
  2. bswaim

    Veers and Leia Bombardment Question

    thanks all!
  3. bswaim

    Targeting Scopes on Stormtrropers?

    Can you use taget scopes on stormtroopers to gain precise 2?
  4. When using the Bombardment Command cards can use use a aim token if you have one from the normal activation on the bombardment at the end of the activation? If so where in the rules does it state this?
  5. bswaim


    Great! Thank you for the quick answers.
  6. bswaim


    Quick question. I have 5 stormtroopers with a dlt-19 unit add on and concussion grenades. At range one would I get 5 white dice (troopers), 2 red dice(DLT-19), 5 black dice(Grenades), Blast and impact 1? or would I have to pick the grenades and not use the 5 white dice at all. Nobody in our group has used Grenades. Thank you.
  7. bswaim

    The Siege of Lothal: A Legion Campaign

    Very cool. We are always looking for a new fun way to play.
  8. bswaim

    Guardian 1

    Thought so but we have a rules lawyer among us and I wanted to be sure. Thanks again. He got a few things wrong so I always check if I don't know or can't find the rules entry in the book.
  9. bswaim

    Guardian 1

    I have 3 trooper squads within 1 of Leia. Leia gets hit with 3 shots. Can each squad roll 1 dice for Guardian to remove the hits from her and take the hit? Thank you.
  10. bswaim

    Fleet Troopers

    Thanks for all the input. I'm getting a set of them anyway (I'm a completest) but this has helped me thinking about how to use them.
  11. bswaim

    Fleet Troopers

    Lol. I guess they don't get Fleet Troopers either.
  12. bswaim

    Fleet Troopers

    Looking at them i guess i don't see why they are any better then normal rebel troopers. They get 2 dice but shorter range. Enlighten me please. Thank you.
  13. bswaim

    It's All About Fun, RIght?

    I love this game. I've played 4 games so far and its a blast. we had 2 games going last night and I messed up with my deployment and objective management but had so much fun anyway. I kept getting call over to the other table for rulings and hearing the other guys having a good time while doing the same at mine was great. I think the objectives makes this game. Your not just out to kill everything that moves which adds a sense of purpose to it that X-wing lacks. I like knowing if I can complete the objective I can win with 2 or 3 pieces on the board. I like the board is 6 foot long. This gives options for deploying. I like that you can use terrain that fits a theme. We have been using the barricades and some desert houses with some radar dishes from the 3.75 clone pilot figures. the card for objectives, conditions and deploy are neat too. I like not knowing what your getting in to. lastly I like the pre measure aspect. I have guns that shoot lasers I have a floating planet that can kill planets with a laser but I don't have a rangefinder to see if I can hit before I pull the trigger? Again I really like this game.
  14. bswaim


    Thought so. Thank you!
  15. bswaim


    Just to be clear, The same squad gets attacked by 3 different squads getting hit by 2 different squads. Do I get 2 suppression tokens or just the 1 from the first hit or each time a new squad hits (this round 3 squads shoot 2 squads hit. so 1 or 2 tokens?) Thank you