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  1. One of the guys in Indianapolis got a set printed and they look good. He passed them out at games. You might ask on Facebook it the Legion groups. Stay safe and good luck!
  2. Look in the legion painting Facebook group. Search for Ben Jeatran. He has done a great job on Magnetic Grievous.
  3. Can you add a copy squad? I find I build something then want to change out something but lose my original squad if i save it. Example i build a squad with Bistan and Jyn. I like the whole squad and want save it as is. Later i want the same squad but want Pao and Solo instead of Bistan and Jyn. I have to start from scratch or lose my 1st vision of the squad. Thank you.
  4. Because of the math above why wouldn't you want 2? Lol!
  5. I know its not released to the public yet(I got one from Adeption) but i was wondering, Could you put 2 RPS-5 Rocket Gunners on one Speeder? They aren't unique. Of course that would require you bought 2 speeders but if your not running 2 you have an extra rocket just setting around doing nothing.
  6. Ok, so i do have it right. Thank you very much.
  7. Can somebody explain the embark/disembark rules to me? Page 32 of the Rules update states in the first paragraph under embark/disembark the unit leader makes a standard move into base contact and is is removed from the field. To disembark, place the leader in base contact and move a speed 1. So embark action is made by the trooper. disembark is a action performed by the unit also? Or is it an action of the vehicle? Also explain bullet point 3. If the vehicle has moved more than a standard move the disembarking unit can’t perform any other actions? So if the speeder has taken 2 move actions on it activation you need to rememberer than so when you disembark you don’t get any actions pass the speed 1 move. Correct? Sorry long post. Just want to make sure I have it down right. Thank you in advance.
  8. The card says you may discard it to make your opponent return their card to their hand. If you do return to the command card step. So the question is do both of us draw new cards or do I get the token for Han and 2 units on the “Change of Plans” that I discarded and my opponent have to draw a new card? Thanks!
  9. I know its been asked but the search function keeps timing out on me. Can a FD cannon be moved with No time for sorrows? I know it can with Advanced Positions that's why i'm asking. Thanks in advanced.
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    Turan, Now it makes total sense. Thanks
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    That's how i read it. I wonder what the thinking is behind that. Why does you opponent get to detonate a charge when its your activate and because you are. That doesn't make any sense to me.
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