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    anfauglir got a reaction from HirumaShigure in From Kyuden Jankhouse we present Dropbears! [Worlds Decklist]   
    Sure, though this was more of a query than anything else! Apologies if this is in an incorrect format or an inappropriate place...
    1x Entrenched Position 
    1x Fertile Fields 
    1x Manicured Garden 
    1x Meditations on the Tao 
    1x Shameful Display 
    1x Asahina Artisan 
    3x Brash Samurai 
    3x Cautious Scout 
    3x Daidoji Nerishma 
    2x Doji Challenger 
    3x Doji Gift Giver 
    3x Doji Hotaru 
    3x Doji Whisperer 
    3x Guest of Honor 
    3x Kakita Asami 
    3x Kakita Kaezin 
    3x Savvy Politician 
    3x Political Rival 
    2x Steward of Law 
    3x Unassuming Yōjimbō 
    3x Fine Katana 
    3x Ornate Fan 
    3x Admit Defeat 
    3x Assassination 
    3x Banzai! 
    3x Charge
    3x Court Games 
    3x For Shame! 
    2x Forged Edict 
    3x Voice of Honor
    3x Way of the Crane
    2x Artisan Academy 
    2x Favorable Ground 
    3x Imperial Storehouse 
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    anfauglir reacted to Soshi Nimue in Hotaru/Toturi on Defense - Making it Work   
    RR page 14 - Ring Effects - Ring of Void: The Attacking Player chooses a character and removes 1 fate from that character.
    RR page 4 - Choose - The word Choose indicates that one or more targets must be chosen in order to resolve an ability.
    RR page 15-16 Target - bullet point 7 - A card is not an eligible target for an ability if the resolution of that ability's effect could not effect the target at all.
    When Ring of Void effect is triggered (either by choosing to as the Attacking Player when you win a conflict, or through any other means) a character who has fate must be selected if possible.  If there are no characters with fate who can be selected only then does the ability fizzle without effect. 
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    anfauglir got a reaction from HirumaShigure in From Kyuden Jankhouse we present Dropbears! [Worlds Decklist]   
    I rather like this style of deck and congratulate the people who have worked on it. However, when I look at it it just seems to me that the Plan A part of the deck works better out of Crane, splashing Scorpion. Did anyone try that, and - if so - what led to the settling on Scorpion?
    I play almost exclusively Scorpion, but I cobbled together a Crane variant of this tonight and it seemed sweet.
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    anfauglir reacted to Matrim in Levy is more powerful than Backhanded Compliment   
    meh, I have no problem with either. Pack those two and that's less conflict tech to stop me.
    what I particularly like about this game is that currently you can only really lose to dishonor if you chose. You go and bid 5 then use an assasinate and you have made a choice to risk dishonor loss.
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    anfauglir reacted to Hinomura in Eclectic Games Reading - Launch Event   
    I think your perception of how Launch Events should be handled is flawed, but I do absolutely believe you're genuinely trying to help.
    I think the manner you've chosen however is poor - you could have raised the subject for discussion in it's own thread, rather than posting in a specific store's thread, as that can't fail to be interpreted as an attack on that particular store.
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    anfauglir reacted to InquisitorM in Eclectic Games Reading - Launch Event   
    I hold great affection for Eclectic Games. I'm looking forward to getting up there for some tournaments.
    Good folk. Good venue. Have many good times there. So yes, I'm taking this accusation kinda personally.
    Stores make money. If you take issue with that, you might be in the wrong hobby.
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    anfauglir reacted to Daigotsu Steve in Eclectic Games Reading - Launch Event   
    What's your country? Eclectic is a massive gaming space in the heart of the biggest town in the UK. I imagine their rent rates would stagger most business owners out there. I don't begrudge them seeking to make some money on the day. In fact, I spend a bit more to buy my cores there because I know the owners personally and they sacrifice a lot so the gamers of Reading, and the whole south, have a premier gaming venue.
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    anfauglir reacted to Mirumoto Saito in Born in War art   
    Don't kick yourself over it. That kid looks all kinds of weird to me as well. 
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    anfauglir reacted to Shu2jack in Born in War art   
    A child? Born in A period of war?
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    anfauglir reacted to shosuko in 3 doubts about cards..   
    1) Intuitively it seems like it is multiplicative because "doubling the base" means the base value changes.  The quote from Nate on cardgamedb about Yunako & WotL seems to imply this is true.  If it is additive then I hope they include that in a FAQ as that is the less intuitive interpretation.
    2) Ide Trader does indeed trigger off of its self.  This is not 100% intuitive either, but a good learning point that is very important for all cards going forward.  The important thing to remember with reactions is that they look at everything from a perspective after they happened.  So don't think of it as "when this happens" but more "did this just happen?"  From the perspective after Ide Trader has already moved - Ide Trader moved to the conflict he is at now.
    A good check for abilities is to check the qualifiers.  If a card is excluded from its own ability it will typically say "other character."  Same for you and your opponent, notice Ide Trader doesn't say "After 1 or more of your characters..." This means that it can trigger if your opponent moves a character there as well.  A good rule of thumb - if there isn't a qualifier limiting the interaction, then the interaction is allowed.
    3) Display of Power & Pilgrimage is an interesting one that I hadn't thought of before.  In order to play Display of Power it has to have the potential to change the game state, not considering costs.  The Ring Effect is already cancelled by Pilgrimage so Display of Power cannot cancel a ring effect too.  The word "Then" is defined on page 16 of the RR document.  It states that the proceeding text MUST be resolved in order for the following text to be resolved.  If you do not cancel a ring effect, then you cannot claim the ring, or resolve its ability as if you were the attacker.
    From this I would say you cannot play Display of Power if Pilgrimage doesn't break because the pre-Then text cannot effect the game state, and without resolving the pre-Then text the post-Then text doesn't even try to resolve.
    I'm fairly certain this is the ruling on this.  I'm open to other arguments.
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    anfauglir reacted to Ishi Tonu in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    What are your feelings on "the slow clap"?
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    anfauglir reacted to Yogo Gohei in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    Pretty much all of the complaining in the comments is from one bigot who seems to have serious hate for all things Japanese because of something that country did over 60 years ago.
    I think this thread is giving him far more attention than he deserves.
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    anfauglir reacted to Manchu in L5R getting heat after SU&SD Review   
    A late but very strong entry in the Dumbest Things I've Read This Week contest.
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    anfauglir reacted to LuceLineGames in rule: shamefull display   
    The 'game state must change' rule is blatantly obvious at this point.  The only way additional clarification could be given is if Nate French jumped out of our screens, slapped us, and told us to stop talking about it.
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    anfauglir reacted to Tabris2k in Tears of Amaterasu - Spanish Preview reveal some more details   
    If that's the case, I think the wording would be different. It should be something like: "Take 1 fate from an opponent's character. Put it on Goblin Sneak." So in spanish would be: "coge 1 de Destino de un personaje de un adversario. Ponlo sobre el Trasgo Furtivo." I mean, as it is now in the spanish version, I can't see a wording of what you said that doesn't sound very, very awkward/weird.
    What do you think he's stealing? I've tried to make sense of the art, but I stil can't. At first I thought he was wielding a very weird weapon (a mace or something like that), but now that you said that he's stealing, the more and more I look to it, the more it looks like he's stealing a Cured Ham Leg.

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    anfauglir reacted to Ishi Tonu in Tears of Amaterasu - Spanish Preview reveal some more details   
    As much as that post is full of win........you missed one crucial detail........he's not wearing a hat! If you're from the Hatlands you best be wearing a hat.
    I am totally fine with FFG redoing the Shadowlands as the Hatlands instead. 
    Fu Leng: "Here Hida-San, hold my hat"
    Kuni Yori screams: "Noooooooooo" as he jumps in front of Kisada knocking the corrupted hat into the air.  The hat flipped in the air and lands on the head of Kuni Yori who immediately succumbs to the corruption of the hat.
    Fu Leng mutters:  "You'll do.  Let's get this party started."
    Fu Leng and Kuni Yori shout, in unison: "For the Hatlands!"
    It could work
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    anfauglir reacted to InquisitorM in Token Dimensions   
    First player: 30mmx38mm
    All tokens 2mm thick
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    anfauglir reacted to InquisitorM in Token Dimensions   
    Honour: 15mm (or 18mm point to point)
    Fate: 15mm
    Rings: 42mm
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    anfauglir reacted to Mirith in Token Dimensions   
    About |         | big.
    (If I remember I'll get my calipers out tonight.  They are roughly between half and 3/4 inch across 16-24mm, but I don't remember specifics)
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    anfauglir reacted to shosuko in Do you ever want to go first?   
    Yeah - I think they definitely have room for refinement in the rules.  So far the cards seem okay enough...  At least... only Hotaru / Toturi seem to need errata so far.
    If they don't change this SH reveal, then I'm likely to cosplay Lion or Crab at any events I go do, and conceal my deck so they don't put Ancestral Lands under their stronghold, then I'm surprise scorpion lol.
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    anfauglir reacted to LuceLineGames in rule: shamefull display   
    This thread is hard to follow, rules are being butchered. If you are just tuning in, beware. Most everything here is not correct for multiple cards mentioned. If someone wants to add anything valuable, then specific Q and A through the form would be great.  I don't think we're doing a good job of hearing each other out. I've made mistakes on other threads, but it was a good opportunity to learn something.
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    anfauglir got a reaction from Darkblade113 in Only FFG's playmats are legal for tournament use!   
    A fine sentiment, but predictably lost in a sea of crazy...
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    anfauglir got a reaction from DarthBadger in Only FFG's playmats are legal for tournament use!   
    A fine sentiment, but predictably lost in a sea of crazy...
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    anfauglir got a reaction from 1123581321345589144 in The Power of Tarkin   
    Well, there's your first mistake... When I am this drunk I tend to sink a bit more... until I actually know I am right. Tactical uncertainty resolved.
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    anfauglir reacted to SirWillibald in Armada MicroHangars   
    Current status (April 2015):
    MicroHangars v1.3
    GearBoxes v1.3

    OK, somebody already spotted them on BGG, here's the official announcement:

    For all of you who don't want to spent another fortune on plano cases, battle foam or anything else like this but still want to store your soon to grow bigger and bigger collection of amazing Armada miniatures, here's a possible solution:

    Hangars for the three core game ships. I wanted the hangars to have some features in common with the X-Wing hangars and at the same time to be a little different. I used slightly alienated and desaturated artworks (with the "Armada blur", which can be found all over the rule book) instead of the specs graphics (which wouldn't be available for all Armada ships, by the way), the boxes open horizontally which I think is both cool and convenient when storing especially the larger ships.

    Each ship is basically meant to be put into the hangars in normal position, sometimes at a slight angle. You can see that in the second picture. I did my best to design the VSD hangar in a way that the tiny antenna won't suffer any strain, hence the angled position of the VSD inside the hangar. Works perfect.

    Each squadron get's its own box but is meant to be put inside on its base. The file contains a slightly different version to hold Luke's and Howlrunner's squadron as well. There's only one height, even though the squads have sligthly different heigths, but considering this would have complicated the whole thing too much (I don't want to search for the one and only box for each squad when cleaning up the table).

    If you're playing X-Wing, you probably already know the concept (X-Wing Microhangars), I tried to do something similar and yet different for Armada. The first file is online, please wait with printing the VSD box, there's a little error, the updated v1.1 is already uploaded and awaiting approval.

    And here's the link:

    Feel free to bother me with further mistakes and stay tuned for more boxes to come, first being some gear boxes (like the ones I did for X-Wing) to store base, peg, dials...

    Wave 1 is already preordered, and even though I know I will despair of building a cardboard tuckbox for wave 2 ISD I will give it a try when the time comes.

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