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  1. No, I was totally blanking the resolution steps and just fixating on it not being me who was triggering the ability... If I had worked through from that point I would have seen that there are steps to follow as the resolving player. The TLDR is that I am a tired old numbnuts...
  2. Ah yeah, there you go... I had completely failed to think that through. Thank you - that is precisely what I was getting at, and what I was failing to remember.
  3. I thought that was only for the rules on triggering effects. I would not be triggering that and at the stage that the OP did there is the potential to change the game state if there is a character with fate anywhere on the board. I was reading it that the lack of a dash means that all of the Void ability is an effect and so will only complete what it can. Everyone does seem to be at odds with my thoughts though, and it has been a very long day...
  4. Does this mean that I was wrong in thinking that I could simply choose a character with no fate on? I had assumed that I did not need to follow the triggering rule as I would not be the triggering player, and that the whole of the Ring ability is effect and so must only be followed as much as it can. I may not be thinking clearly about this!
  5. Sure, though this was more of a query than anything else! Apologies if this is in an incorrect format or an inappropriate place... 1x Entrenched Position 1x Fertile Fields 1x Manicured Garden 1x Meditations on the Tao 1x Shameful Display 1x Asahina Artisan 3x Brash Samurai 3x Cautious Scout 3x Daidoji Nerishma 2x Doji Challenger 3x Doji Gift Giver 3x Doji Hotaru 3x Doji Whisperer 3x Guest of Honor 3x Kakita Asami 3x Kakita Kaezin 3x Savvy Politician 3x Political Rival 2x Steward of Law 3x Unassuming Yōjimbō 3x Fine Katana 3x Ornate Fan 3x Admit Defeat 3x Assassination 3x Banzai! 3x Charge 3x Court Games 3x For Shame! 2x Forged Edict 3x Voice of Honor 3x Way of the Crane 2x Artisan Academy 2x Favorable Ground 3x Imperial Storehouse
  6. I rather like this style of deck and congratulate the people who have worked on it. However, when I look at it it just seems to me that the Plan A part of the deck works better out of Crane, splashing Scorpion. Did anyone try that, and - if so - what led to the settling on Scorpion? I play almost exclusively Scorpion, but I cobbled together a Crane variant of this tonight and it seemed sweet.
  7. You are a legend. Thank you. I will have a play and see what I can template up for the big day.
  8. Thank you so much! Do you know how thick they are? Also, can I be a real pain and ask about the First Player token too?! If they are that neat and tidy I will probably look to encase them.
  9. Hi all. Odd request, but I would be really grateful if some lovely person with a core could give me a list of the dimensions of the tokens in the set. I am hoping to encase/protect the tokens and it would be cool to be able to prep this before my sets are available. If anyone can do this then accuracy and millimetres would make me eternally happy and thankful!
  10. Well, there's your first mistake... When I am this drunk I tend to sink a bit more... until I actually know I am right. Tactical uncertainty resolved.
  11. A timely, FAQ-shaped manner? No surprises there then... Poor buggers must be getting innundated with mails about all sorts of things... It'd be great to work for FFG... Just not now... Or in the Customer Service department...
  12. Absolutely superb! I am loving these. Massive thank you for the effort and work that went into them!
  13. More I look at this, the more I think I am getting some black spray... Seriously nice job!
  14. If anyone can tell you that with any accuracy then I will be concerned!
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