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  1. All the T65 pilots in T70s.
  2. AmPm

    Showcase: T65 X-wing

    I did Red Squadron at Battle of Yavin a while ago. Need to get some real pics and update them a little.
  3. AmPm

    A discussion on Nerfing Biggs and how it should be done

    Or fix the reason Biggs is seeing so much play, high alpha lists.
  4. AmPm

    Noob T-65 squad critique

    If you don't mind using BB-8 and own other expansions then: Luke: Expertise, R2-D2, IA Wedge: PTL, BB-8, IA/EU Biggs: R4-D6, IA Or the Classic Wes, Wedge, Luke: Wes: VI/Adaptability, R3-A2, IA Wedge: PTL, BB-8, IA Luke: LW/other, R2-D2, IA
  5. AmPm

    My comprehensive list of problems with "S-Foils"

    S-Foils were to act as radiators due to engines and weapons generating a lot of excess heat. Turning your guns off and closing them wouldn't help a ship go faster, it does not make it more aerodynamic. IF you want to say, "Well they divert energy", sure, that at least is feasible, but has nothing to do with S-Foils, they can just turn the guns off. IF anything, having S-Foils open allows more power to be used (Since the excess heat can be dissipated faster) which means more engine power, more shield power, more weapons power. Anyhow, the only thing the X-Wing needs to boost it's ability in the joust (where it belongs) is astromech pricing reduced by 1pt via a 0pt Title. It's a simple fix, the mathwing points to it, and it keeps the ships going without any huge changes to gameplay or expectation.
  6. AmPm

    Luke Skywalker - Obsolete now ?

    I think he is pretty decent upto 35pts (R2-D2 and Pred, or R2-D2 and Lonewolf, or R5-P9 and either) and is a solid annoyance. I prefer LW and R2 to run him up a flank, people underestimate how fast a 4 straight can be.
  7. AmPm

    Integrated Astromech - how good is it?

    Except that Rebel covers T-65's and T-70's, as does X-Wing only. I mean if they want to change the stance on factions fine, but it also means that all those Rebel only cards stop working on "Resistance" ships
  8. AmPm

    Designing a Fan card: S-foils

    Major fix, no. It's almost where it needs to be, but it's on the wrong side of the Bwing's stats. Agreed, it needs the tiniest little boost. "0pt Title: X-Wing Only, May not be equipped on T-70 X-WIng. Equipped Astromechs cost -1pt to a minimum of 0". Puts the jousting efficiency up since you get a free IA, also gives you the option of having a lot more green for free, or another cheap astromech. Hell, you could do 4 Rookies w/ Targetting Astro + Bandit for some sweet K-Turn joust shenanigans.
  9. AmPm

    Integrated Astromech - how good is it?

    Why not simply exclude the T-70 and just have it say "X-Wing only, may not be equipped on T-70 X-Wing".
  10. AmPm

    Integrated Astromech - how good is it?

    That is the wrong comparison, the one you want is: Will 4 Blue Squadron w/ FCS beat 4 Rookies with R2 and IA, and a Bandit? I suppose a lot of people consider it boring to not have a boost/barrel roll, which is fine. It doesn't really help the mid to low PS pilots, and it makes the aces slightly better (Wedge only cares about BB-8's roll for PTL hijinks). The mid to low PS pilots are the ones you never see though, they need the help more. Sadly, outside of a title that reduces the cost of astromechs, allowing them to take more useful ones or a cheaper IA, I don't really see a lot of options that keep the T-65 in theme. I would love to see some more useful 1pt and 2pt Astromechs, The problem is coming up with abilities that don't step on toes or ruin old astros. Possibly something like "The first time each round, when an opponents ship declares you the target of an attack, increase your agility by 1 for rolling against that ships attacks this round" could be interesting, just to screw with TLTs and increase joust. Could be fun if a bit more than what is needed. Tell that to the B-wing and the TIE Fighters.... The X-wing is VERY predictable in its movement because it does not have boost or barrel roll. The opposing player does not have to plan for possible after dial movements and can narrow down the likely final resting spots easily. This is why the T-70 is seeing a lot of play. Yes, it has one more shield, but boost and barrel roll make the ship better all around. It doesn't have barrel roll...
  11. AmPm

    Turning the Scum up to 11.

    Hah, now I am going to give something similar a try. 4-LOM: Adaptability +1, Zuckuss, Sensor Jammer, Misthunter N'Dru Suhlak: Homing Missile, Crackshot, Glitterstim, Guidance Chimps Palob Godalhi: TLT, Tactician, Crackshot Banana Pirate: nothin' Plan is to flank N'Dru enough that he can punch any Ace that tries to get around in the face. Palob does scummy things to your tokens and applies 2 stress in his forward arc. 4-LOM makes life miserable by forcing rerolls and throwing stress. Banana Pirate causes traffic issues.
  12. AmPm

    Turning the Scum up to 11.

    I would drop Kaa'To, he's not that great. Take a pirate, toss Clusters onto N'Dru, and watch him kill something. I also feel like Sensor Jammer on a 1 Agility ship may be points better spent elsewhere. Otherwise, looks like fun, 4 ship builds are nice, I might steal it with the changes I mentioned.
  13. AmPm

    Integrated Astromech - how good is it?

    He was ioned by the defenders he had no choice in the matter, but if he'd had barrel roll he could of done something. At range two or three I had plasma torpedoes so he's under attack for the same no matter the range. On a side note guidance chimps are amazing first time ever taking ordnance didn't feel like a waste. So what you are saying is that any ship would have died in these circumstances? Super useful information for a discussion on IA! He set himself up for failure, sounds like his own problem there.
  14. AmPm

    Rebel Veterans

    Preach it my brother! I already have 4 T-65, but I could totally see myself fielding 6 in an epic game! I currently have 8...I have a problem...I would buy that pack...
  15. AmPm

    Integrated Astromech - how good is it?

    IA is a really good bonus, it can give you that extra turn of being able to shoot, which should never be overlooked. In the last 6-7 games with a 3X list I have used it once or twice each game. Hell, I've had Wes run off only to come back and kill something because of it. It's a great card. The real issue for X-Wings right now is lack of usable Astromechs, and overcost Astromechs. Adding in more usable ones and a 0pt title that reduces their cost by 1 helps all around for the X-Wing. The Astros don't even need to add a bunch of new stuff, give options for White 1 Hards, or a 5 Straight, a free boost after a 3 bank, etc. The one thing I don't want to see, as someone who flies T-65s, is for them to become T-70's. I"m pretty happy with their dial, and planning gets you shots easy enough.