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  1. as a draft? I don't really know, maybe a RT ish picture and different sections including those I posted in the previous post. Just as a reminder for the players whenever there is a hiatus in the RP, so they remember they dynasty. Pluss the more fluff that goes into the background the more you can use later as a GM
  2. Thanks Erathia, gonna remember that hint, they will probably need it
  3. When your dynasty has a rival, and the rogue trader makes a law that forces anyone that hears the name of their rival to spit in disgust.
  4. yes, that is the goal, the main villain is supposed to die, so I guess I just have to drop hints and let things escalate
  5. question: would you be willing to create a dynasty sheet? I was linking these to my players and they, along with me, really appreciated what you have done, and we were wondering if you were considering creating one for the dynasty? Something like: Homeplanet, ships, history, dynasty elders, Wealth, source of wealth. enemies, allies/contacts and rivals. maybe even a family tree?
  6. The only thing that I am worried with now is: - Am I giving the enough of an opportuinty to respond? - will it be too impossible to stop? <- it is supposed to be hard, it is a bloddy Tzeentch plot. -Will my explorers feel violated?
  7. I mentioned it in one of my sessions and the explorers seemed very interested in going there. I have a few things planned, but I was wondering if any of you have had any experience with the place? If you are unaware of what I am talking about, check out Edge of the Abyss page 21 and onward.
  8. What about the presence of xenos? Mercenaries and the like would find footfall a nice place to set up, or do you believe that they would be hunted down and executed?
  9. My biggest rants would be that sometimes, you as a GM, have to do things that are boring, such as giving an report, meeting an official person, being the NPC that asks them to wait, roleplay the servant etc. It is of course necessary, just not very rewarding. and the ******* cannon of the system! Omg can we not have a stereotypical expectation about something for once?
  10. First update: the plot is in motion, I have told them that there are several warpstorms out and about, so their travel will take 12 days, plenty of time for me to finish with my uprising. The first clues, they had done a survey of the population, where they discovered that the population was unhappy with the new "sanctioned" rituals(being sacrificed to slanesh is rarely fun for all). Their witch finder also prophesied(with the emperor's tarot) that mystery, merriment and the lord of pentagrams were in the future, allowing them to potentially react sooner. This unrest is going to increase, rumors of monsters breaching the gellar fields, casualties at night. The witch finder is also going to find several stashed cases of illegal drugs on semi high officers, creating a desire for a good purging, unless they actually give the officers a trial. Fat chance about that. In the meantime, their dark heresy characters (they have 2 different characters in this campaign, rogue trader and dark heresy level) have been captured by the former master of ordenance who is gonna try to manipulate them into helping him, while subtly teaching them about education, hope for change, tzeentch stuff ofc which results in corruption, moving away from the teachings of the emperor. When things have started to liven up, the former master of ordenance is going to contact the rogue traders about this plot that he has spent the last 3 years trying to unravel, let them send forces into the underbelly of the ship(a cabal of slanesh psykers try to create a portal within the ship). In the meantime the master of ordenance or his minions go for the broadcasting station and supplies as much of the population as possible with leaflets etc, giving them false information, propaganda, need/desire to learn, they(the population) can do better etc. Final confrontation will result in the master of ordenance dying holding them(the exploreres) off, while they are "streamed live" and his minions mimic the voice of the rogue trader as the population see the rogue trader kill the "hero who just tried to make things better for everyone". All hail Tzeentch.
  11. good point, I am gonna post my final draft when I finish with it, gonna give your suggestion a try ^^
  12. use a background package from dark heresy instead, you don't want to go down that path of listing all conflicts
  13. true, but as I also understood it, it is in his nature, that is his embodiment, he will scheme to scheme and it does not matter if his schemes work against his other schemes, because in the end it will be worth it ^^
  14. true, I will drop some hints here and there and give them the opportunity to act before "dropping the base"
  15. anyone else who has an idea? the draft is not finalized and I would appreciate any form of input
  16. gdiddy, it sounds interesting at least ^^
  17. You are a god among men, thank you! So much time is wasted every session with acquisition tests, no more! btw, you forgot to highlight a new section of modifiers under: acquisition modifiers/ craftmanship second page, table 9-35
  18. Halo artifact? Can't immagine that there isn't anything that they can't fix, although you just don't acquire them all willy nilly. maybe use a dark ritual? get some psykers with bio powers to suck the mutations into them, or allow them to swap bodies? ^ absolute heresy though, but your players should be executed on the spot so no worries.
  19. That is really cool, gonna try and incorporate this for my players
  20. ooh! needless complexity is so what I am looking for atm, gonna incorporate that part too^^
  21. Thanks ThenDoctor, based on your suggestion I have come up with this draft: Master of ordenance will at some point reveal himself(using a proxy for safety reasons), and using his new powerbase to demand that the population are given a proper education (being able to read basically), which is something he has been teaching for the last years to a selected few. If this is not granted (through the threat of strike/uprising) where the Rogue Trader has to announce to the entire population and broadcast it for several days that they are given school+ other rights (like not being turned into a servitor/executed as soon as they are harmed being unworthy of the medical expence). the reasoning for this increase in literacy/better life standard is change, a central tenet of Tzeentch, where through the education the teaching of tzeentch will be incorporated. Seeing as this is a central change/chaotic divergence from the true path of knowledge, this could arguably be a minor goal of a servant of Tzeentch, where the famous rogue trader might due to its reputation force other people (their homeworld, rogue trader partner) to consider this change. Thereby spreading the cult of Tzeentch, if they are killed, the ship will still be famous as a ship with a former possibly extint cult If these things are not granted or they try to kill/stop it, **** em, open a gate to the warp and lower the gellar fields.
  22. Nice, neat and ruinous but not that subtle which I feel is the hallmark of Tzeentch, why take so long to accomplish this? but how would that force the rogue traders from not simply trying to either: flush them out, send an army of soldiers down there, or not go down there them self?
  23. First update: on the second page For any of my players, don't read this, if you know/are yuven, don't read. Hello, I am a GM for a group of 4 players ranging from experienced to new players. I am planing an arc where they will discover that Tzeentch has indirectly manipulated their former Master of Ordenance their master of ordenance went missing 3 years ago in a patrol within the ship, and they have discovered that someone has accessed the database using his account (it is him obv.) fixing numbers to conceal the fact that weapons, supplies and even soldiers have disapeared for the last 1 1/2 year. the ambitions of the Master of Ordenance is to: improve the situations of the lower people, hailing from the lower levels of a hive city himself. although this is his goal he also want to rise to the highest of stations with luxury and wealth etc. So this is what we have to work with, the ship has recently gained a witch hunter who is supposed to control the population, rooting out any unofficial psykers. any amount of people, weapons, psykers, servitors etc are available (within reasonable amount) What I would like to include in some form: - minor revolution/uprising? - for the explorers to feel a little threatened in their upper levels any suggestions?
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