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  1. How the hell do you balance this game without using the banhammer? I mean, what kind of tech use test can you give to them when they have 145 in tech use? Even more if it is opposed?

    Combat is even  shittier, someone gets their hands on 2 stormbolters and either you have to create a horde or a single boss that can one shot anyone, so it is a race of initiative!

  2. I once found a book which had information about the different powers and rituals linked to the specific entity, but I can't seem to find it nor a reference to it. Does anyone of you know about it? It could have been Dark Heresy too,..

  3. I dunno why people would assume that anyone would allow a XENOS FILTH to touch the emperor, much less resurrect him`? If the emperor wanted to be resurrected he would have done it himself or let someone WORTHY OF THE HUMAN RACE do it. Or something along that line, I don't think they would ever even let a xenos step on Terra.

  4. Many good suggestions here, something that you could try to do is to figure out the reason why no one wants to be RT. If it is because of the skills and talents, make them fluff RT. If it is because of leadership, let them RP a weaker RT who relies on his advisers and companions. 

  5. Gotta agree with Errant Knight on this, even if the players are experienced in RP/RT the system simply does not allow for easy RP with this. Heck many tech priests that work on any ship probably have Hatred Xenos and the like. It can be a short campaign, but interaction with humans is not gonna be easy.

  6. I had a navigator that tended to overuse his lidless stare far too often, his navigator house sent someone to " adjust his outlook on the matter"...party wakes up the next morning with a new navigator in the command throne and the old one chained to the bulkhead behind the throne with a burned out hole were his third eye used to be weeping for death.  


    I let the player play the new navigator ( basically gave him the sheet back,minus a fate point) who seemed to never use his eye unless absolutely necessary :)


    Typical RT :P

    As the quote is posted out of context I won't judge you as I don't know how it all took place, but personally I would consider that as an abuse of a GMs powers. Additionally as a navigator, he is a noble so his torture and probably subsequent death by his own house seems somewhat unrealistic. But as I said I don't know the whole story.

  7. corruption points, and  minus xps

    what? I love those, nothing is more fun than to give out corruption points. Usually it is because of something awesome that has happened and I get to narrate their dread and terror. Minus exp is something I never do but often jokingly threaten with :D

  8. There is really no good answer for the personal army size, of course there are some MP's etc. But armies are there for fluff unless you make the players create a whole army according to the rules.

    In my opinion: an army equal your barracks. a Barrack takes up space in the ship so unless they don't have one, they don't get a lot. How many soldiers do you get for one barrack? I would say around 5000 or less. Maybe more if they have a grand cruiser made for combat. 

    Big combat: depends on how you want to do it, narrative is fine, but combat is the time for the players, they want to use their toys so let them. Give the some rolls, say: The ork ship is heading straight towards you, what do you do? let them roll etc.
    It all really depends on the players, but if they want a ship or an army, let them create it because you as a RT have enough to do already. If it isn't important enough, use a premade ship and a fluff army.

    Several ships: Of course, but don't expect me to come up with a dashing narrative for your NPCs, they will get a report, this report might be fun or interesting, but no grand "cinematic" unless I want to

    Vehicles: of course they should have some sort of vehicles, but unless you are a "forge" ship with components that allow for grand production, they are going to have to make acquisition tests to obtain tanks and the rest.

    In the end, it all depends on you and the player, I started out with banning stuff that was OP etc, because they would rush to every book finding the most broken stuff. It became very tedious for me, so now I let them balance themselves. If they want 14 arco flaggelants armed with power axes and wearing power armour. Go ahead, kill the boss, kill everyone, just gonna be pretty boring for them though when they realize that I am not balancing the game based on their OP ****. (of course, RT is also about experiencing freedom and power, so you gotta let them have that too ;) )

  9. Update number 2.


    The most extraordinary thing happened, they gave the higher officers a trial. The master of ordnance had stashed illegal substances on higher officers where several of them had security posts at the broadcasting station. 10 of the officers were executed on the spot, but the remaining 18 received a trial.

    All claimed they were innocent of course(but they still had to be executed since they had failed to stay out of suspicion and failed to maintain control over their own quarters). but one were discovered to have 4 pages describing the 4 ruinous powers. Of course this was planted in order for the Master of ordenance to convince the explorers about the future ritual, performed by the slanesh cultists, which they personally need to stop, while he has time to go for the broadcasting station. 

    The next step is to manipulate the Dark Heresy characters (who are special guards) to help him take over the broadcasting station. This will be done by convincing them that the rogue trader has been captured and that the current one is an imposter. 

    All hail Tzeentch

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