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  1. How the hell do you balance this game without using the banhammer? I mean, what kind of tech use test can you give to them when they have 145 in tech use? Even more if it is opposed? Combat is even shittier, someone gets their hands on 2 stormbolters and either you have to create a horde or a single boss that can one shot anyone, so it is a race of initiative!
  2. One arc that is nice to have as a back up is the star trek version. As they enter a teleportarium, scotty enters the wrong coordinates and they must go through a jungle, winter,feudal planet or zombie infested world in order to hail their own ship.
  3. Although it will work as a good substitute neither of those are the one that I am looking for :/
  4. That is a great idea! unfortunately I already had them meeting a Nurgle informant :/
  5. I once found a book which had information about the different powers and rituals linked to the specific entity, but I can't seem to find it nor a reference to it. Does anyone of you know about it? It could have been Dark Heresy too,..
  6. I dunno why people would assume that anyone would allow a XENOS FILTH to touch the emperor, much less resurrect him`? If the emperor wanted to be resurrected he would have done it himself or let someone WORTHY OF THE HUMAN RACE do it. Or something along that line, I don't think they would ever even let a xenos step on Terra.
  7. Many good suggestions here, something that you could try to do is to figure out the reason why no one wants to be RT. If it is because of the skills and talents, make them fluff RT. If it is because of leadership, let them RP a weaker RT who relies on his advisers and companions.
  8. Grandfather Nurgle, god of preservation and rebirth always listens to his devoted followers.
  9. demand the death of the mutant? I would send the church or whomever after them if they failed to hide their corruption.
  10. Wow! thanks for the complete narration quicksilver! many good pointers for me there ^^
  11. Thanks, it is a very good starting point. Thank you for all the details you included? anyone else?
  12. As the title states, do you look out through the windows, are the pilot and navigator connected? What kind of instructions are given? Up down? behind that storm? Can they see stuff? or is it just "blind run" as the navigator says where to go. How is the skills of the pilot used in this?
  13. You know you are playing RT when your explorers decide they need more PF and creates a plantation of orks where the plan is to use ork meat as a substitute for corpse starch. all them nice green vitamins
  14. That I would approve of, I just think it is wrong to punish a character by outright killing them. Sure players die because of their actions, but don't just "you are struck by lightning, make a new character"
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