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  1. Thanks @Herowannabe! Hope you enjoy your copy when it lands. It's been a pretty busy couple years for me, with co-owning Lynnvander Studios and getting a number of boardgame designs under my belt.
  2. Likely not for the foreseeable future, last I heard the original author is now deep into other projects (that he gets actually paid for, unlike HotAC), so it will have to wait. But feel free to edit on your own and share your improvements with us. Yes, this is accurate. It's been a combination of working two jobs, general life stuff, and losing the fantastic Friday night X-wing play space/scene I had when I was developing HotAC. I've worked on half a dozen boardgames over the past year, including these two: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/203102/buffy-vampire-slayer-board-game https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1746391996/neverlands-legacy/description However, we're coming up on the one year anniversary for HotAC's public beta release next week, and the fact that this thread is still chugging along makes me smile. We should do something to celebrate!
  3. We've been experimenting recently with running A-wings as starter ships as well, but my group must really think they suck because we've been starting them off much more aggressively -begins with it's built-in EPT slot (gets a second at PS3 when other players get their first, etc) -10XP to start; we factored in the discount from Refit even though the ship can take missiles. Looking at the starting builds you can do with these rules, there are some pretty potent ones: Push the Limit + Stealth Device (9) Predator + Cluster Missiles (10) Juke + Ion Pulse Missile + Hull Upgrade (10) Lightning Reflexes + Proton Rocket + Shield Upgrade (9) Crackshot + Autothrusters + Assault Missile (9) If anybody out there wants to mess around with this in their campaign, let me know what your group thinks.
  4. I'd love to hear more about how you're specifically handling XP in your group.
  5. "The B-Wing can be shockingly maneuverable. My buddy's B-Wing is fixing to be the most maneuverable ship in our campaign right now. All he needs is Tycho's ability, and Hera as a crew member to replace gunner. He can use Advanced Sensors to barrel roll and boost before maneuvering, then execute a red maneuver thanks to Hera. And now he has two stresses, one of which he can spend with Keyan Farlander's ability. Next turn, he can do it all over again, despite being stressed. He's going to be stacking stress like there's no tomorrow, and it will only make him stronger." We have somebody in my local group that has done a similar B-wing build. Puts everybody else's maneuverability to shame, and when combined with Autoblaster, he's often able to take on a 4-TIE formation by himself.
  6. Cloak and Dagger is one of the missions I have been taking a second look at recently, because as you experienced, it tends to be swingy based on token draws and your squad composition. Unless you have specific abilities to deal with arc dodging aces that have higher PS, or turrets/bombs as others have mentioned, you're in for a rough time. I haven't decided yet if the potential for 3 extra Phantoms is too much in a 6p game; it depends on whether you find the R&D station or the docking ports first.
  7. This actually sounds to me like some Imperial ships might be "Lone Wolf" types and some might be Swarm-type squadrons that you can have wingmen for. I can't imagine a squadron of Phantoms... A) flying in formation - the ship doesn't really work that way and I plan to address this in HotAC. B) being anything other than overpowered compared to other Imperial ship choices versus a Rebel AI.
  8. That would make sense if the HotAC cared about performing Green Maneuvers - they have their own mechanic for dealing with stress. I'd rather see a greater variety of the Astromechs we now have in the game.
  9. "Free actions" dont count. that's a basic Xwing rule. Yes, this means the AI cheats. It does, embrace it. No, you dont get to do so as well. This. The TIE Interceptor (and other AI ships) aren't really good enough without cheating their stress and actions a little. It's for game balance. All of the standard rules apply to the player ships though. This is why knowing the standard X-wing rules is important before bending them for the AI.
  10. It'll be fine, really. However, be aware that the turn limit given is a balancing factor in some scenarios - getting everything done in time is the challenge.
  11. isthar - Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it! Rules as written, no (per The Campaign Round, p28-29). If you want to do this anyway, it's probably not a huge deal.
  12. Personally I would say it should take a slot because of the highly positive nature of the upgrade, it's a complete no brainer otherwise. So, one of the things I'm realizing is that it's becoming necessary for the Campaign to have a manifest of all the cards and pilot abilities available to Rebel Ships. This is both conveinent reference, and it will allow me to explicitly address interactions with other parts of the campaign. Expect this with v0.8. For Guidance Chips, they will be a 0pt mod that takes up one of your modification slots.
  13. I read that as acquire target lock before the bombers movement. If it's not in range before, it doesn't get the free lock. This is correct. If there are no enemies in range at the start of the Bomber's activation it will not get a Target Lock. Period. This may seem strange, but it's the result of a lot of playtesting where we discovered that squads of TIE Bombers were very rude to new players. This way, Bombers are annoying but not necessarily lethal unless you position poorly.
  14. Eventually, perhaps. It would need to have a very different feel, which means my current understanding of how to balance the ships and missions doesn't apply anymore. That means a lot of development and testing. In the meantime, there are many easier things to develop that I am interested in. In my order of ease/priority: -Rebels vs. Imperials that we don't have AI cards for yet -Rebels vs. Scum in new mission arcs -Scum campaign vs. Imperials -Scum campaign vs. Rebels -Imperial campaign vs. Rebels/Imperials
  15. Sure, the full contents of all Imperial Pilot cards are actually an excel file, which I used to do a Data Merge with the template in InDesign. I'll PM you.
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