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  1. No, it doesn't become your default maximum life total. You just gain 3 extra lives above your default maximum. You can heal only up to the default level, but you are able to gain additional lives through different game effects, and they can exceed your default life level unless stated otherwise. zealot12 is right, in most cases you should refer to the starting life value printed on your character card. The only exception I remember is one of the relics that clearly states that it raises your default maximum life for 2 or 3 points.
  2. Guys, have you figured what the new characters are? The one announced and having a char sheet is House Belisarius Navigator. The one in termie armor looks like a Grey Knight to me. The third one resembles Adepta Sororitas, though I'm not sure. And new Nemesis is again some Chaos guy, eh Anyway, the expansion looks very cool, and they seem to add some new gameplay mechanic here as well, that's just great imo.
  3. I have another question: pg. 6 of original game rules states that "A player can lose attributes. Each time this happens, he adjusts the corresponding dial on his character board by rotating it anticlockwise by the specified amount. A player’s attribute dials have a minimum value of 1." However, pg. 7 states the following: "The Strength, Willpower, and Cunning values indicate how much of each attribute a player has at the beginning of the game. A player cannot reduce his attribute dials below this value." So if my char has a starting strength of 7(Ogryn), can this attribute drop below 7 due to some game events and such? Can I use the effect of some cards, allowing to trade 1 point of one attribute for 2 points of another, effectively not losing that first point( for example, an Ogryn with STR 7 encounters a card that allows to trade 1 point of STR for 2 points of WP - does he gain 2 WP points, not losing that 1 STR point?)?
  4. I wish there are more Nemeses, an Ork and a Dark Eldar, maybe, and more scenarios. It would be nice to have some sort of expansion for the game map, featuring the Necrons. Talisman had a lot of expansions, and it was less complex in many ways, so I hope Relic would have some, too.
  5. Andyxprime

    House rules

    A bit of a necroposting, but still - yes, we played several games with such setup and it proved to be quite balanced, except for the Slaanesh daemonette Nemesis(she gains infamy for corruption cards and points of influence players have, so more players means more infamy). That's a nice idea actually! We usually used these rules for blitz games: 1) 5 trophy points for level up (your idea looks better) 2) 2 completed missions for a Relic(instead of 3) 3) starting level is 3-4 for characters and 2-3 for Nemeses. 4) starting Influence is increased to 6 pts
  6. Thanks for the info =) Both Corruptis and Kairos are fought over several turns, you have to defeat them 3 or 4 times, each win grants a token that counts for final victory.
  7. So, I have a couple more questions that I hope to clear up: 1) Are Imperium cards that are present on the game board affected by the Warpstorm event from the Threat card deck? Assuming that they are in the appropriate tier, of course. 2) Are Nemesis enemy cards(from Specimen X deck) and encounter-place cards like Forgotten Portal or Throne Of Blood that are present on the game board affected the Warpstorm event from the Threat card deck? Assuming that they are in the appropriate tier, of course. 3) Do Nemesis enemy cards(from Specimen X deck) that are present on the game board count towards the number of threat cards the player should draw in the Exploration phase?If there is one Nemesis deck enemy on a space with 3 threat icons, the Imperium player still has to draw 3 cards, for example? 4) If a Nemesis enemy card is on a space that usually has no enemies due to absence of threat icons on that space(Battlefleet Antias, for example), does the Imperium player have a choice of resolving a textbox or engaging the enemy card? 5) If Specimen X spawned an enemy from his Nemesis deck on a textbox space, does he draw a new Nemesis card the next time he moves to this space in case that enemy card he spawned is still present?Do other Nemeses draw their cards on such a space? 6) Are relics' and allies' effects such as "draw 1 power card in the beginning of your turn", "Draw 1 power card in the Experience phase" and the like still available for use when the character is in Inner tier or on Scenario space(engaging Daemon in battle) over series of turns)?
  8. Ok, so I figured that cards of ANY color can be combined for the level-up from the answers in the other thread. Good.
  9. Yes, the use of wargear, Power cards and all other battle score related stuff usually should be done in Prepare For Battle phase, before the dice roll that is. We usually compromise that player may activate his limited use assets or Power cards after the roll in PvE combat, but in PvP all the modifiers should be activated before the roll(unless the card or ability allows its use after the roll). The Forgotten Portal cards are left on the space they've been drawn on, there are a few FP cards in every Threat card deck, and also Eldar Dire Avengers Exarch has some in his Nemesis deck. Aside from moving from one FP to another, you can move to the Webway Portal, right. And it is the only one.
  10. Thanks for the info. I'd also like to ask if a player needs six points worth of trophies of the SAME color in order to level up like it was in Talisman or any color trophies could be combined?
  11. 1) Starlight Blade for Dire Avenger Exarch - so, when the Eldar Nemesis owns this item, he gets 1 point of Infamy during his Experience phase in case none of the characters have any Corruption cards. Does this mean that he gets 1 point of Infamy basically each turn when no Corruption cards are present or only after a resolved combat or a level-up during his turn? 2) The Master Collector scenario seems somewhat obscure to me - you have to get to Inner Tier and drop 2 apostate assets on 2 spaces there, and that's it? sounds too easy. 3) How do I set up the teams in the Dark Alliance scenario? The card says that none of the players should be aware of their allegiance and it's a bit confusing, how may we figure in the end who was fighting on whose side and who should win in case 2 players out of 3 help the same Nemesis.
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