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  1. Perfect. So unless the upgrade card specifically calls for a faction to use it, it will “eventually” come to all factions. That’s a god sent, thank you.
  2. Also really quick for money purpose: Upgrade cards: Are those now Specific to the factions/all neutral upgrades I can get in my factions ships or will I have to buy like other factions ship to get all the upgrades to use?
  3. **** that’s a little annoying. Thanks for the clarification
  4. So we can no longer make squads with different factions?
  5. Hey there, I’m sorry if this has been answered in a post before and I just missed it. I haven’t played in a year or so but I’m gonna be getting back in with the pre-quel ships. However I just need a quick clarification: Back in the older version, before the newest update, the ships all fell into 3 categories; Rebels: Rebellion and Resistants Empire: Imperial and First order Mercenary: Just them However looking over the newer stuff seems that your no longer able to build squads anymore with different faction i.e no more rebel/resistance combos. Is that true? Also if not, will the new Republic/Separatist be their own factions or fall into the Rebellion/Resistance/Republic and Imperial/First Order/Separatist for squad building?
  6. Cool thanks. Also real fast can you have the same crew upgrade in the same named ship? AKA Old man Han ship with Young man Han crew
  7. My Flight list: Hwk(Garnet): Twin Laser 3x A-wing(Green): 3x Swarm Tactics, 3X cluster missiles, 3x Guidance chips Situation 1: All of my a-wings are flying close to each other(within range 1), my hwk being range 2+ from my AW1 but within range 1 of AW3. They all fly head on against a Quickdraw tie. AW1 and AW2 get target locks onto QD while AW3 and Hwk take focus. After movement All AW's are within range 1 of QD and hwk is range 2+ but range 1 of AW3. Question 1: With Hwk abilty and swarm tactics, can I make my whole squad skill 12? (Use hwk ability on AW1, pass 12 skill point down to AW2, Then AW3, then finally back to HWK) Situation 2: AW1 Activates first and fires missles at QD, first set of rolls deals damage to take off shields but not destroy tie, however second rolls are enough to destroy tie Question 2: Does Quickdraw ability activate, and if so when? Situation 3: If all three A-wings are now Skill point 12 (thanks to Hwk), all three activate before Quickdraw. Question 3: Do all three ships get to attack before Quickdraw gets to use its ability? If not ,When Does it activate if all three decide to attack Quickdraw?(Does it activate after 1st of 2 rolls from missiles? if still alive, Does it activate after the second roll of missiles so that it can attack AW2?) Thanks for any info in this complicated question.
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