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    So does this mean if I get a 2E pack those cards are not compatible with a 1E deck?
  2. I agree on the card pool and deck building. When you say disappear, where else besides an FFG event would it be appropriate for someone to say you can't use them? Because that would not be cool and I would probably refrain from playing that person in the future.
  3. Are you a competitive player or are you looking into getting into the competitive scene or will you mostly play this casually? I have not had the opportunity to attend a FFG tournament, no. I would love to, but I have a very incomplete AGOT card pool. My Star Wars card pool is actually easily completed, but I am hesitant to keep on with the force packs, as that has been my primary focus. Most of the people that I have come across at store events or casual play are similar. Occasionally there is the rare bird that has a complete card pool, but most people are going to feel like not showing up when their cards are not in rotation anymore. They are basically "qualifying" potential players based on how many of the recent packs they have purchased, lest they get owned with their core set.
  4. As a player who completed the Hoth Cycle and just bought two Echoes of the Force packs, I feel pretty crappy considering if they ever do decide to host a tournament in my area, much of my card pool has a limited lifespan. That's much of my card pool being subject to question, and definitely deters me from ever bothering with a tournament. Bleh. Everyone I know is still catching up but the consensus is now to primarily purchase only non-rotatable cards. Or none at all? Oh and please don't ever pull a "that's not in rotation" And in AGOT (I am pretty disappointed about that as well, even if the card pool is massive), there's likely no hope for using a 2E card in a 1E deck. That's a cue for the casual player to stop expanding their card pool. I read the articles and the letter, but I'm still not convinced FFG really gets the big picture. They are absorbed in the world of 'meta' and 'competitive play' so much that they forget that the overwhelming majority of their consumers are not going to tournaments. Ever. And this is prior to the rotation announcement. These are people who truly enjoy the quality of their product, and regularly; but have not completed or kept up with an always growing card pool, or aren't offered tournament or store events (which by the way is not technically specified). These people will be at a disadvantage after much expense, and will likely avoid tournaments if they did intend to go. My point is just don't stop selling the packs because they are out of rotation please. That would be awful. I thought LCGs were "buy what you like to make the card pool you will enjoy and the rest will be in print forever, with new ones released monthly." I can understand creating "categories" or the restricting of objective sets that can or cannot be played together in an immense card pool, but complete phasing out of sets I've paid for? No thanks. Maybe we should recycle the cards that are out of rotation then, eh?
  5. "For instance, I have good friends right now who would like to play AGOT, but the buy-in is ridiculous. It makes me happy to know that next year I will get to play AGOT with a wider community and that people who were hesitating due to the buy-in will now be a part of that community. " What responsible AGOT-playing adult, or child for that matter, is going to spend hundreds for the same game? It likely won't be a wider community. you can play with a new generation of players perhaps, but that is yet to be seen. I certainly am not spending all over for Game of Thrones, I will enjoy my 1E, or another game. Star Wars is going to be an issue in 4 years, I I'm not sold on expanding now, though I was before!
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