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  1. I have only played two games so far, and both have ended on turn 6, one rebel victory, one for imperials. The imperial win game would have gone on a bit longer, the rebels weren't very close to victory (I captured Luke with the emperor, so he was down a leader plus I moved the tracker back 1). But, it was his first time playing and when I declared the card that lets me ask if the rebel base is in a system and he has to answer, he got the term "system" confused for "region", and I was able to find it out that turn, and get adjacent, and then attack it the turn before he could run. Without a lucky find/poorly placed rebel base I don't see the empire winning before turn 6, and the rebels seem to be able to pull off enough to win by turn 7 or so. I'd agree with Stone37 on turn 6-7 being pretty average. I would love to participate in a 10 turn game though (provided pretty concise turns) because my biggest complaint so far is that you don't get to make much use of the star destroyers or mon calimari cruisers that you make after the build stage of the 2nd turn.
  2. The nice thing about marksmanship is that it works for all attacks made in the round. That said not getting the crits is rough, and it's a lot of points on a TLT Y. (granted one that is pretty much always going to have 3 successes.)
  3. So I just ran a Han/Ten numb build and had pretty good success. B-Wing: · Ten Numb (31) Veteran Instincts (1) "Mangler" Cannon (4) Fire Control System (2) YT-1300: · Han Solo (46) Predator (3) Engine Upgrade (4) · C-3PO (3) · R2-D2 (4) · Millennium Falcon (1) It is 99 points so you could drop r2 for gunner. The problem with Ten is he dies as fast as any other bwing, but he is super good for controlling opposing aces. It was nice doing all my shooting before most anything. It is sort of off shooting with my crit machine before I shoot with the normal shots, at least vs shielded ships, so I could see the pull for VI han, freeing you up a couple of points. I dunno, it's probably not the best in the world with two 1 agi ships, but I enjoyed it, strong vs aces.
  4. VI is only neccisary if you have no other way to kill aces, but that's what the Stresshog is for. So while nice due to the stresshogs short life expectancy, you can get away with not running vi
  5. I know people have been pairing their HLC toting Defenders with the two named FOs, to some success. I'd definitely pay attention to Biophysical's threads, as he runs Defenders often and to good effect. He has a write up on his store championship, which is worth a read to maybe pick up a few tips and see how match ups played out. Personally I would be hesitant to go with stealth device on him. I imagine you'll run into brobots at some point and I promise you they will remove it in one activation. (4 dice, with a focus, and a 2nd shot with TL if the first shot misses, all with crackshot) I like hull on Defenders pretty well. My current defender list is as follows. Vessery Crackshot HLC Hull upgrade 3x Omega Sq Pilot Crackshot That's just me and I probably have an unhealthy love for crackshot, but it's a fun list and it can put some hurt on, and the Omega's blocking aces can set up some painful shots.
  6. I'll second Admiral Deathrain's list choice with the one he linked. Personally I drop autothrusters from Poe and take Integrated Astromech and get Moldy Crow title on the HWK. My local meta doesn't have as many turrets, so I feel it's a decent trade. But the list is very competitive, and the HWK does quite well in it. I imagine the HWK will have some new homes in lists in Scum with wave 8 adding so much, so we'll see.
  7. I have flown Vader one time without EU, and I will never do it again. He really likes the boost to reposition. That said, I also have had nothing but bad luck with him not having an offensive EPT. I really like predator on him. I haven't played around with Deathrain much, so I'm not sure about the bombs/mines you're using. Maybe drop proton bomb to a Seismic Charge to get Predator on Vader? If I were running Omega and Vader with Deathrain, I'd basically have 11 points to spend on Deathrain. So if other people have a better idea on what's the best 11 points on him, hopefully they'll post it =p
  8. One pro BH on each of the ps3 rookies. Super reliable damage, tork shoots first to remove shields then proton torps have their way. JumpMaster 5000: Contracted Scout (25) Deadeye (1) Proton Torpedoes (4) Extra Munitions (2) Guidance Chips (0) · Zuckuss (1) R4 Agromech (2) JumpMaster 5000: Contracted Scout (25) Deadeye (1) Proton Torpedoes (4) Extra Munitions (2) Guidance Chips (0) · Boba Fett (1) R4 Agromech (2) HWK-290: · Torkil Mux (19) Twin Laser Turret (6) · Dengar (3) Glitterstim (2)
  9. If you don't get it figured out just see if you can both roll from the same pool when you play that player?
  10. Awesome thanks. I was just watching one of your games like 45 minutes ago =p
  11. Exactly like the title says, what's the best way to find a Vassal game? Are there forums or anything?
  12. Worth a try if you can borrow a JM5K or two.
  13. I haven't tried the list exactly how it is, I played a variant that swapped out Auto thrusters for IA and Moldy Crow title, and I gotta say the title was sweet. I really think it's worth trying that way.
  14. I have only flown a YV once, do you think I should attempt to make room for EU on it?
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