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  1. Tokra won the first round 6-5 today in the cut.
  2. The cut is top 8 on the pic a few posts up..
  3. This spy photo shows standings after day one. 5 matches.
  4. The game is dead tells ya! .. whoa, wait?!!11
  5. I fully agree on this.. Just the new objectives in itself will shake up the meta.. The VSD and Raider gets boosted. Most things we see in the preview is however buffing the Empire which is already the strongest faction ATM (+SSD is coning) . So i hope that the Rebels get some serious buffing in here..
  6. Use the Turbolaser and Ion blast tokens that comes with the Rebel transport as long range off-board fire from a ISD. Or make the side of an ISD as a terrain piece that can be attacked as suggested above. As an individual model off a full ship: No. The scales are too incompatible. Armada does a great job at representing the relation between Squadrons, smeller vessels and capital ships. For X-wing i think that the CR-90 is about the largest that can be accommodated. X-wing is a skirmish scale game after all..
  7. In Copenhagen, Denmark it has never been stronger. The end of season tournament pulling 22 players. And the last store championship 20. New players are coming in. People being friendly, helpful and lending both advice and gear until people get settled.
  8. Looks Great! I ironically Also like the X-wing scale better, but by far prefer Armada from a gaming Perspective - so i play Them both! It was more the idea that Armada would capture the scale of the battle better
  9. Looks fantastic. As an Armada+X-wing player I think that it would be awesome to play the main battle using Armada. Then play the a smaller detail scenarios using X-wing. Shield Gate and garrison Tie fighters 2xISD vs MC-75 Profundity with Raddus 3-4 Nebulon B 4-5 CR-90 a few Hammerheads some GR-45 flotillas a boatload of X and Y squads VCX Hera (Or even go full ***** and play the ground battle with using Legion and the new Jyn Erso and commando expansions)
  10. Scout corvettes or CR90A’s are fun with Sato. A double arc from the 90a suddenly becomes 2x2 black dice if you CF.
  11. I mean squadrons.. And some touch up on the existing models such as some washes and highlights for example around engines and weapons.
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