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  1. GilmoreDK

    Is the Star Destroyer Really TOO BIG for Epic?

    Use the Turbolaser and Ion blast tokens that comes with the Rebel transport as long range off-board fire from a ISD. Or make the side of an ISD as a terrain piece that can be attacked as suggested above. As an individual model off a full ship: No. The scales are too incompatible. Armada does a great job at representing the relation between Squadrons, smeller vessels and capital ships. For X-wing i think that the CR-90 is about the largest that can be accommodated. X-wing is a skirmish scale game after all..
  2. GilmoreDK

    Happy Friday - What is your local scene like?

    In Copenhagen, Denmark it has never been stronger. The end of season tournament pulling 22 players. And the last store championship 20. New players are coming in. People being friendly, helpful and lending both advice and gear until people get settled.
  3. GilmoreDK

    This game

    They are back!
  4. Looks Great! I ironically Also like the X-wing scale better, but by far prefer Armada from a gaming Perspective - so i play Them both! It was more the idea that Armada would capture the scale of the battle better
  5. Looks fantastic. As an Armada+X-wing player I think that it would be awesome to play the main battle using Armada. Then play the a smaller detail scenarios using X-wing. Shield Gate and garrison Tie fighters 2xISD vs MC-75 Profundity with Raddus 3-4 Nebulon B 4-5 CR-90 a few Hammerheads some GR-45 flotillas a boatload of X and Y squads VCX Hera (Or even go full ***** and play the ground battle with using Legion and the new Jyn Erso and commando expansions)
  6. GilmoreDK

    my take on Sato

    Scout corvettes or CR90A’s are fun with Sato. A double arc from the 90a suddenly becomes 2x2 black dice if you CF.
  7. GilmoreDK

    Painted vs Non-Painted

    I mean squadrons.. And some touch up on the existing models such as some washes and highlights for example around engines and weapons.
  8. GilmoreDK

    Painted vs Non-Painted

    Also that. I hope that the game itself comes as the primary motivation. But personally I don’t put anything on the table unpainted. I have done it with Armada squadrons until I could get it done but they do not have that much table presence. I do not hold others up to that ideal but for me painting and modeling is an integral part of the Hobby.
  9. GilmoreDK

    Painted vs Non-Painted

    I can’t see the point in playing a miniature based war game and not use energy to make look good. Terrain and painting is integral to the hobby for me. Also: why spend a crapload of money on minis and not paint.
  10. GilmoreDK

    Nordics (nationals) 2018

    This just in (I didn´t make it): http://www.starfighters.se/armada/nordics-fleet-wrapup/?fbclid=IwAR2Z3fpEYn4ZIAk46gAmDs61t2u1z-q7j9nzunOezLWJqbYuw59cszRLQHs
  11. GilmoreDK

    Nordics (nationals) 2018

    Thomas first game was 8-3 Against Kevin Aabrink (Who is a really competent player) on Contested Outpost.
  12. GilmoreDK

    Nordics (nationals) 2018

    That VSDII really hits hard.. D-caps, Heavy Ions, Gunnery Tteams + Intensify firepower + tokens from the Gozanti..
  13. GilmoreDK

    I don't like the new X-Wings

    I Found the solution very simple: WD40 in the hinges.. I am sure the Benzine Cleaner or Turpentine would work as well
  14. GilmoreDK

    Lore over Direct Game Design

    As a competitive Armada player the 3x3 100/6 tournament format of X-wing abolutely turns me off from playing the game competitively. I lofe the scale and topic of X-wing but the game is actually rather bad at projecting Star Wars to me in the 100/6 setting. I play homebrew campaigns and HOtAC when I need my fix - keeping to ships from the movies and restricting upgrades that is not fitting for the time period or non-thematic (what the **** is palpatine doing in a menial dogfight? He should be plotting in a SSD somewhere). I would love an official “casual” expansion along Correlian conflict or HotAC for X-wing. And I would love an official objective based competitive format that called for list optimized for something else than beating another list in a clean boxing ring format.
  15. GilmoreDK

    Is Armada dead? (Serious question)

    Well, here in Copenhagen the game thrives. We have a decent size community and a good amount of tournaments and other community activities. The local Facebook community page helps a lot to keep people engaged. I personally have no problem with a release rate of twice a year as long as the game is good (it is) and that the balances is in a good place (it is).