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  1. The hardpoint upgrade makes it possible to mount Torps becoming a Torpedo Corvette or an Ion or targeting battery becoming the Scout Corvette.... And as standard main armament it already have a basic forward firing 3 dice battery.
  2. I think the same - i am going to use the C-roc as baseline for stats and dial - it should be older, slower and smaller than the Raider and CR-90... Removing the ilicit and payload upgrades and adding a Gunner and Hardpoint upgrade. Adding the ramming rule above as ship ability.
  3. Coming from Armada i think this great should be a title - Garels Honor..
  4. Hi all.. I am scratchbuilding a Hammerhead Corvette (it is sorely missing in the Epic line up) .. But is there anyone who has done the same and produced ship cards, stats etc. for the ship in 2.0? I guess It should have a full front arc main armament. 1 or two hardpoint upgrades, 1-2 cargo upgrades Speed 4.. But what else?
  5. Much more clunky that the HotAC system as has been said.. The downside of the HoTAC system is that every ship needs its own IA logic on a ship card.. And that is a lot of stuff to support in current + future waves ..
  6. Hi all.. Mission control is shut down.. No more opportunity to create creative, narrative, epic missions .. 😞 Just bland 200 vs 200 boxing ring.. But apart from full on Photoshop/indesign .. Anyone who knows any fan made alternatives?
  7. Tokra won the first round 6-5 today in the cut.
  8. The cut is top 8 on the pic a few posts up..
  9. This spy photo shows standings after day one. 5 matches.
  10. The game is dead tells ya! .. whoa, wait?!!11
  11. I fully agree on this.. Just the new objectives in itself will shake up the meta.. The VSD and Raider gets boosted. Most things we see in the preview is however buffing the Empire which is already the strongest faction ATM (+SSD is coning) . So i hope that the Rebels get some serious buffing in here..
  12. Use the Turbolaser and Ion blast tokens that comes with the Rebel transport as long range off-board fire from a ISD. Or make the side of an ISD as a terrain piece that can be attacked as suggested above. As an individual model off a full ship: No. The scales are too incompatible. Armada does a great job at representing the relation between Squadrons, smeller vessels and capital ships. For X-wing i think that the CR-90 is about the largest that can be accommodated. X-wing is a skirmish scale game after all..
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