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  1. Yet you scream and whine about SJWs. Or are you so mentally deficient that you forget what you post only a few hours after you post it?
  2. I logged back in for the first time in months specifically to comment on this thread.
  3. Or you could see where he was complaining about SJWs. Unless you're one of those idiots who whines about SJWs ruining Star Wars as well. In which case....you're also an uneducated troglodyte.
  4. The classic "I'm not racist, I have a black friend!" defense.
  5. Good, the first step is admitting you're an uneducated troglodyte. I bet you're still upset they allow them minorities to have rights and drink at the same waterfountains as you.
  6. So take your negative attitude and leave then. Nobody's gonna miss you. You can join that vontoothski or whatever his name is in the luddite corner.
  7. We get it. You're a luddite. Go back to your rotary phone and vacuum-tube black & white TV, grandpa. Or you could join the 21st century, get yourself a smartphone, and use the app. Because all I've seen you do is ***** and moan about the app. It. Is. Not. A. Big. Deal. You. Are. A. Luddite. Because guess what, grandpa....the squad builders will keep point costs updated, so you can still use that. But that's using a computer, I forgot. You're opposed to using anything more complicated than an abacus. That or your head is so far up your luddite *** that you can't see any workaround because you're tunnel-visioned about "RAWR I HATE APP REEEEEEEEEEEE"
  8. You mean like the Emperor in Return of the Jedi? Before the prequels came out? Sorry about destroying your entire argument there
  9. Normally I'd agree with you....but it's also a Regional that weekend. I can spare 1 day of my vacation (or 2 if it's a massive Regional) to play at an X-Wing Regional
  10. No, fortunately not. I much prefer a nice tropic heat than a desert heat anyway
  11. Last time I was there, the only people I heard say Aloha were the hotel employees...
  12. Apparently he's the "vice champion" of Europe. Which means he's too experienced to have been that sloppy.
  13. So this Ken guy in round 3.... Knocking things out of position by "accident". Rolling more defense dice than he should. "Forgetting" all his turns were red due to a crit. Bumping Poe enough to put Quickdraw in arc... Guy's a **** cheater. That's all way too much for it to be an accident, especially for an "experienced" player.
  14. Small and enthusiastic is usually a great thing, makes for better matches and a fun atmosphere.
  15. third round....holy **** I'd be getting pissed if my opponent was that Han-Poe player. At this point, I'd be assuming he's intentionally knocking things out of position to give himself an advantage.
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