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  1. You should check the 1.0 file for the ships that haven't yet been released in 2.0.
  2. Just black out the text on the back with a sharpie. Keep the printed arc and other markings. Problem solved.
  3. Would you be able to use Tavson's ability to lock onto an enemy, which then gives a Lock to Rivas to use during his attack. Then next activation, use Biohexacrypt to Jam that same enemy, which gives Rivas a new Lock on that enemy to use this turn as well? Makes the opponent think about attacking Tavson when it's essentially giving 2 TL and a Jam across the next two turns. Not shockingly scary, but still noteworthy...
  4. Thinking of running one of the following: B-Squad: [70] Echo : Juke, Fifth Brother, Collision Detector [66] Deathrain : Seismic Charges, Skilled Bombardier, Barrage Rockets, Trajectory Simulator [63] Major Vermeil : Darth Vader (Crew) [199] Total Would like to see more than a single device on Deathrain, or maybe upgrade to a proton bomb. Point would have to come from either the Collision Detector or the Skilled Bombardier. All moving at I4. B-Squad 2: [61] Echo : Juke, Collision Detector [75] Redline : Adv. Sensors, Adv. Proton Torpedoes, Barrage Rockets [64] Vizer : Darth Vader, 0-0-0 [200] Total This makes Echo and Vermeil lighter to bump up Deathrain to Redline and lean into Ordnance instead of Bombs. Vizer can coordinate to Redline, who can also Adv. Sensor for 2 actions before moving (would be nice to coordinate to a linked action and still get the adv. sensor action, but not an option here). Vizer is a little bubble of annoyance with both DV and 000 crew, taking some attention off of the others who can hit hard. Moving at I2, I4, I5 might be problematic though. FO Salad: [66] Blackout : Trick Shot [63] Lt. Tavson : Biohexacrypt Codes [30] Lt. Rivas [41] Backdraft [200] Total Seems fun to fly one of each different ship, but next to no upgrades and moving at I1, I3, I4 & I5 could be tricky... Curious on thoughts of how to run, which is better, any improvements to be made, or is this just a waste of time?
  5. Best Imperial Hyperspace lists in my opinion are: TIE Salad (Vader+Afterburners, Vermeil+Deathtroopers, Gideon Hask, Countdown). You could drop the deathtroopers for Crackshot on the 3 I4 ships. Howlferno Swarm (Howlrunner, Iden Versio, Gideon Hask, Del Meeko, Seyn Marana, Wampa). You can drop Wampa to an Academy Pilot to sprinkle in some upgrades like Marksman for Seyn, etc. 5x5 (Maarek + Fire Control System + Marksman, Dutchess + Predator, Mauler Mithel + Crackshot, Scourge Skutu + Crackshot, Howlrunner + Crackshot). All I5, several 3 dice attacks with double mods. Jonas + 4 Bombers with Barrage Rockets.
  6. Lots of good info here, thanks for writing up and sharing!
  7. I dropped the Deathtroopers off of Vermeil, as many of my opponents were focusing on him first due to the large number of points and low AGI. I think it only factored into two different games before Vermeil was burned down. Instead that 6 points bought me 3 crackshots on the I4's and a Seismic charge on Countdown. Unfortunately I began to fly Countdown with the intent to drop the bomb, and it encouraged me to make sub-optimal choices, so now I'm thinking of just taking the 3 crackshots and either a 3 point bid (for Vader) or add FCS to Vader for extra punch (which isn't really needed as you can just spend the lock after modding a hit to a crit, then take another lock next turn). My biggest problem now is figuring out how to fly Vader effectively, while still keeping escape options open. I'm always either too aggressive and letting him get bumped or burned down, or too timid and then realizing that my opponent can move their lower Init ships into his flight path.
  8. I'm still waiting for the gear box for the Reaper...
  9. Do you have a working link for this? I can't seem to find it Shapeways' website.
  10. So I ran the Vader/ Vermeil / Countdown / Gideon version after watching videos from the Top 50 Invitational. I’m all in on this list for the HT next month, hopefully I’ll get 4-5 more nights before then (kids) to practice Vader and the Reaper’s maneuvering. I’m sold on Countdown over Dutchess. Having the striker at I4 along with the reaper allows you to bump with ailerons, then leapfrog and get an action, then do the same with the other, allowing both ships to inch forward just slightly and still get actions every turn. Learning when to Red Coordinate is still something I need to work on though. As is flying aggressively without getting pulled through the rocks and into a traffic jam. Deathtroopers is amazing, as people seem to forget the timing window and that they can’t just dial in a blue maneuver by reflex. Whenever you can catch someone off guard you gain an advantage. I’m still unsure about Gideon VS Wampa. It would be nice to have a blocker, but I think having 3/4 of your list at the same initiative is better. If you’re interested in this list, there are 4-5 videos on YouTube of high level players running this quite recently. Worth watching for insight.
  11. I built my list in a vacuum, before I'd heard about the Vader variant. Thanks for posting the link, I'm not sure if that's one of the several YouTube video's I've got flagged for review, but is definitely helpful to hear that at least someone considers a similar squad competitive. Is Vader really better than two I4 named TIEs with synergistic abilities? I assume so, but definitely not the way I've flown him in the past. What about Dutchess vs Countdown? Having the option of Adaptive Ailerons on/off for every turn with Dutchess seems quite powerful, but she's so much more susceptible to going down quite fast. At least Countdown can take some heavy hits.
  12. Here's a list I've been working on, but I'm not quite happy with it yet and I'm not sure if it's the list or my ability to fly the Reaper that's to blame. Possible changes would be to drop down to only 4 ships and try to get Vader or Maarek in there, or stripping the reaper and striker to end up with Vermeil+Deathtroopers & Dutchess+Seismic. Anyone have thoughts on either the list or how to fly it? I know that the Scum & Villainy Aces League ran a couple similar lists that I'll be checking out for ideas... TIE/ln Fighter - •Seyn Marana - 31 •Seyn Marana - Inferno Four (30) Marksmanship (1) TIE Reaper - •Major Vermeil - 55 •Major Vermeil - Veteran of Scarif (49) Intimidation (3) Hull Upgrade (3) TIE/ln Fighter - •Gideon Hask - 31 •Gideon Hask - Inferno Two (30) Crack Shot (1) TIE/ln Fighter - •“Scourge” Skutu - 34 •“Scourge” Skutu - Seasoned Veteran (32) Predator (2) TIE/sk Striker - •“Duchess” - 48 •“Duchess” - Urbane Ace (42) Outmaneuver (6) Total: 199/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  13. You can squeeze IG88A/C with Juke, Title and Unkar Plutt with IG88D, Cloak, Stealth Device for 197 points. Sounds like fun.
  14. Using Gideon Hask to Ruthless kill my own Del Meeko in order to land half points on Luke in overtime of a Battle of Yavin match for the win. Running a swarm meant that every game goes to time, and there was a full audience watching, waiting for me to make a decision. I didn't have time to min/max points and decide if it was really, really stupid or actually a genius hail mary. I just had to embrace the theme of my list and go with my gut. So satisfying!
  15. Would adding a "weapons disarmed" token as a cost for using the Trajectory Simulator be a possible deterrent?
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