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  1. hey i wasnt trying to put you down. FFG makes plenty of weird/subpar calls on OP. I think top 16 is much better, more rounds is better. i have no issue with you doing this personally, but it breaks the rules of the event and thus invalidates the results when compared to tournaments run by the official rules. i believe tome is recommended/required but i cant remember where that is stated.
  2. threatening to go get your gun and kill people is not the appropriate response to any situation. id thank your lucky stores you are not in lockup right now. i would suggest getting some professional help. that said, the store was not using tome and that is not really ok. and cutting to top 16 is also wrong. sounds like the entire event was messed up.
  3. Prepare yourself! War is Coming! With the drop of the 2 player box and EaW coming out this week we wanted to invite everyone and anyone in the NYC/Tri State/North East area to join our group! Great place to find local events. If you are an organizer (or want to be) please feel free to PM me !!! Even if you are not a local but travels bring you to the area - all are welcome! https://www.facebook.com/groups/SWDestinyNYC/
  4. Sir, may i ask how unkar is going to die when that key card you wanted to play has been discarded? Thrawn is fine at 17. His ability is near game breaking. To know your opponents entire turn before it happens AND remove the most important card? Its so thematic and so strong.
  5. Please come join us us! Fun to be had! https://www.facebook.com/events/1961598324116662/?ti=as
  6. Dude - if you are worried about the future of a card game in a decade...you be cray. NetRunner was a bad game , it started off a bad game when Mr. RandoChess made it, and it remained a bad game even with Lukas' brilliant bandaids. Not even FFG could fix that turd of a game. It always had a limited shelf life. How MtG stays alive is beyond me...then again Apple is the most profitable company in the world so I try not to doubt the power of stupid people in large numbers. Destiny is also not "painfully expensive". You buy a box, trade for what you need. That's what, 85 bucks a cycle...3x a year? Maybe a few extra bucks for the starters every year? That's barely the price of an LCG. Even if you MUST HAVE EVERY CARD... you could do that on the cheap too. This game isn't going anywhere in the next 1-2 years. And it will probably destroy Magic like the CCG should have done. You know unless someones uncle embezzles a lot of money from the company and they lose the license... thanks Decipher.
  7. game that sells out in 30 seconds? fills events in 15 seconds? Is fun ..accessible...easy to teach...and star wars - and which of these things make it not survive long term?
  8. i think you lost most people at "vertical" ...but I approve Marketer, Wall Street or just Business owner?
  9. You are ABSOLUTELY right they COULD fix these things. And you are probably correct on the reasons why they are broken. And nobody is saying you can't have an opinion. But really - at this point - are we surprised? If you are going to play an FFG game - these are the things you accept. You are wrong about the teams though. They do care. They work long nights. They do the best they can with what they have, which unlike your speculation of "not being 3 people teams", is NOT a lot. FFG and FFG OP are not aiming to be Magic or host Grand Pre's. They are aiming to produce fun games that people enjoy. World's isn't for cash prizes ...its for a rubber mat and some acrylic tokens you could print in your home with a 3d printer. So like... maybe its the community that needs to evolve their expectations.
  10. One thing I will say on this FFG sandbagging... these are SMALL teams working hard on MULTIPLE THINGS. This is not 20+ year old MtG with a corporation of people working solely on the game. So like. lay off. They do their best. Could it be better? Sure. But you know what..we could also end poverty tomorrow...and isn't that more of a crime than some rulings in a freaking game meant to be played for fun? I mean lighten up, sheesh.
  11. This is as close to official as you are going to get right now - but please take it with whatever grain of salt you want as I do not speak for Lukas or FFG. 100% your shields are eaten FIRST...then you can pop Force Illusion. That is how it works and that is how you should be ruling. Not going to argue with anyone about it...do whatever you wish, but that is how it works. Period.
  12. i mean you could have god rolled and not beat that deck with J/V dude
  13. At worlds I rolled out 6 blanks. Then I re rolled 4 times those 6 dice. Not one was ever not a blank. I was ahead this game....key work...was...
  14. that palp deck was embarrassing as all hell...id be ashamed to have that on tape lol.
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