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  1. adder

    I'm Riding Solo

    I've always wanted to try Keyan this way. He sheds the stress by shooting, but he's only PS 7. Maybe pair him with Han or Wedge with decoy?
  2. I don't think removing part of a faq changes any core rules. It just suggests that the issue in question is no longer considered worthy of inclusion in the faq.
  3. It's great. Just use it. Why? BECAUSE I SAID SO! THAT'S WHY!!
  4. Spend one stress token to change all eye results to evades. You know, like a defensive Keyan
  5. If you're doing regeneration, a shield upgrade would make more sense than hull. Is VI that importanton Wes? He just has to shoot before KeyN, right? Also, you could drop hull and upgrade the TLT Y to a stressbot Y.
  6. How about Kyle on Keyan and Jan on Ten? Only problem is that if ten did first, Kyle becomes much less useful. But it makes Jan work without choosing an action.
  7. What color is your girlfriend's hair? If it's dark, get the CR-90 because Leia Organa crew. If it's lighter, get the raider because Juno Eclipse pilot.
  8. "Bobby Knight told me this: 'There is nothing that a good defense cannot beat a better offense.' In other words, a good offense wins." Former US Vice President Dan Quayle
  9. What if I ran ten with a bunch of a-wings or z-95s and when my opponent pointed his whole squad at ten to"kill him in 1 our 2 turns" I just swooped everyone else in behind them and blasted away with impunity for those 1 or 2 turns at their ionized bottoms?
  10. Agreed. I just think that if one was going to allow a dial change, this would be the situation. I mean, dials are all on the table, he flips the dial for the first ship to activate, sees it's not the maneuver he wants and would like to change it. That's not so different from all dials on the table, pick one up and change it before activation. Again, I agree with everything you said, but if you ARE sometimes going to let a dial be changed, this is it. It's down to can he change it before (yes) or after (no, against the rules) the utterance of the word "set." It's"legally"different from a missed opportunity, but arbitrarily so.
  11. Rules wise? No not in the least, you have to perform the received maneuver unless there's some other effect that lets you change it. What PS it has or what impact it has no the game state doesn't matter.Also the change had a rather large impact on the game state, since if he had performed the revealed maneuver he would of ended up on a obistical. My point is that the tie was the first ship to move, so it's not like he was getting an advantage by being able to respond to something that happened after dials were set. Unless he had moved his other tie or the phantom had decloaked. . But say there was no phantom. What would be the difference between this and say, moving your ship, saying"ok, combat," picking up the dice and then saying "Oops, I forgot to focus?"
  12. Does it matter at all that the ship in question was a PS 1 academy pilot? Changing the move had no effect on the game state.
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