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  1. In my campaign its called haarlock expanse. This area was first found by the rogue trader erasmus haarlock who slayed all of his line and vanished from calixis into the koronus expanse. In my timeline he found an ancient warp gate hidden in the unreached regions of the koronus expanse which leads him into an new undiscovered part of the universe. By the years he claimed and raided much void ships in the koronus expanse and lead them into his new realm to start a new live far away from the emperors reach. This new found warp gate is not the same as used in the deathwatch achilus assault (called the jericho reach) who is also hidden within the koronus expanse. The warp gate itselve is actuall the only way to reach this sector, because its out of the reach of the astronomicon. The only reason why warp travel in this area is still possible, is the fact, that the - so called - immortal eye itselve has an unknown type of anomaly that is also visible within the warp. This anomaly is centered in the middle of the immortal eye. The system that has become the capital of this sector.no one knows the true natur of this phenomen yet, maybe its infinite, maybe only temporarily. Maybe its warp touched?
  2. Hi Volks. For my own Rogue Trader Group, i have created a own Sektor with Systems, History etc. This Sector is in the same design as all original Warhammer 40k System Maps (it takes several hours to create it) All rights are on the owners of Warhammer40k, this is only a Fanwork and free for all. Informations about the Sector: This one can be included in nearly all Games of the Warhammer 40k RPG (but was designed for Rogue Trader) The Sector could be near the Koronus Expanse or anywhere else. Entrance could be from each side or from the Warp / Warp Gate included in this Map. I will not post the informations i wrote about these Sector (in specific) to avoid spoiling my players, but for general there are these Informations: The Sector is based upon an alternate Story for the Haarlock Dynasty (and yes i have used the Spaceship "Arcadia" from the Animated movie as well - blame on me ^^) As all may know, Haarlock is Vanished from the Calixis Sector, and also we have an Adventure Triologie that deals with Haarlock - but if this Triologie has not happen, what else could be with him and his ambitions? Maybe he has created a new Empire somewhere out there? The Sector Map shows the following spots: First of all, the Immortal Eye. An very big area within a nebular that avoids the creation of complex Systems. Only Gas Giants can be found here. Within the center we have only one system that includes habitable terran planets. This system is the Center of this Sector and its capital. Claimed by the same people who own Port Haarlock. Near this system is a huge space station (like Port Wander) but from alien nature. Claimed, repaired and well armed. On the right of the eye we have the eye of azatoth. Its a very big black hole that also prevents direct space travel near this area. The only habitable system is Morpheus. An old ancient planet with dark seecrets which slowly drifts into the black hole. The Area called Lost stars is an area in space which seems completely drawn by live. All planets are clear of minerals, live or other signs of former civilization. Saphiris is the area named for his blue shimmering nebular that disables all but the most powerful void shields. Deep within this nebular lie the warp gate. Surrounded by strange void noises and heavy warp activities. This gate seems completely save but something about it is dangerous. It is not crafted by elder technologies. The Outer Rim is an area of expansion for the system. The Daemonum Semoto called dangerous area of space is nearly complete raided by chaos and demons. 4 of the former colonie systems are in deep war against corruption and invades by chaos forces. This spreads like a disease through the sector and it seems that the anomaly called scream of warp will turn everyone against each other - sooner or later... Novo Mundo is the area which is used to create a working and secure sector. The most efforts of colonialisation can be found here. Last but not least Prakonas Reach: This is the newest attempt of expanding in this Sector. lead by a Rogue Trader called Prakona who explored and claimed a group of alien like space stations (same type as Port Haarlock was former) and rebuild them to a working complex. From this point her fleet and efforts spread through this area of space. Prakonas Reach has many war planets. Some species that call the systems their home have choose to fight against the intruders. One of them is also a void faring species unknown to humanity by now. The Map: http://postimg.org/image/5zlby64f5/full/ I hope this work will be an inspiration for GMs around there who wish to implement this Map with the story (or a new one) into their own campaigns. Please also excuse my English. Not the best, but i hope everybody will get it. Best wishes Hasamura
  3. Updated to a new version https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6FPdf2U4dK9V01lemN4b2RXR28/view?usp=sharing Fix was made for the Outer System Objects. Some Cells where not correct. Fix was made for the calculation of Outer System Objects (has used the Count from the Habitable objects) Also updated link in the main Post.
  4. Good evening. for all the Gamers and GameMasters out there, i have created a interactive voidship damage sheet in Excel 2010. Players at my desk often use a Laptop for Music or quick search of game rules. So i tried to implement the Laptop into the running System and offered them a interactive sheet on which they can track damage of components, crew and hull. This sheet includes all types of damage (decompressed, fire, damaged, destroyed, no power) and also a visual (abstract) mark on the ships image (for left and right side of the ship). This will help the players to track easily the status of the void ship and also show them the type of damage in color dealed to the ship. All required components for void ships are avaiable (without type specification). Special components like extended cargo are not. if someone require a few more components (like more weapon slots) there are 3 slots unconfigured and every one with a limited VBA knowledge can extrend the list. To run this correct, makros need to be enabled. Have fun with this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6FPdf2U4dK9bF9FcjA2cEdpdG8/view?usp=sharing Best Hasamura
  5. Changed to Public when you use the Link. Hope it works now.
  6. I have tryed to upload it via Google. I hope it works.
  7. Hi Volks, i have created a random solar system generator in excel based upon the requirements within the Expanded Star System Generator v1.0 by The Amerikan My Excel Worksheet is able to generate the complete System (Solar, Habitate and Far) Objects complete with Gravity, Axis etc by just one click. Not included within the Calculation is Step 7: Dominating Terrain Step 8: Locations of Interest Step 9: Inhabitants Step 10: Stellar Secrets Thats because i want to give the GM the opportunity to select if or if not he wants to add those. In addition without Step 7 to 10, its also possible that Players could calculate the Systems without knowing all Secrets. Steps 1 to 6 are created accurate and should be exactly like the PDF from Amerikan. If someone has a Special system rolled, its required, that he notes the Informations and re-roll like required. Makros need to be enabled. All Worksheets except the first can be hidden. They will not be needed. ---- Here is the Link; (i hope this will work - if not please comment) Its called RSG (Created with Excel 2010) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6FPdf2U4dK9V01lemN4b2RXR28/view?usp=sharing ---- I hope this will help all thoose GMs around there who wish to create systems with just a click and not with rolling 100 dice. The layout is not the best, but feel free to pimp it up Best wishes Hasamura
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