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  1. Hello all been working on a the game and playing. Have a question i was reading through Only War and like the thought of the of the team being a group of guardsmen that from diffrent regaments with diffrent abilities (medic,Specia weapon trooper ect). could i use thse special names with the standered classes.
  2. Hello thanks for all the comments and questions, it has helped me start to flush out what the main points of the game will be. I am thinking of starting the characters out at rank 4 as this seams to be a heavy game. Should i have a list of characters carriers and back rounds already made up and let the players pick who they want or have them roll for them and then let them trade off it they want.
  3. The cargo they are carrying is a necron ftl drive for the Ordo Chronos Have not come up a full list of why everyone is hunting them some might be trying to help, others are trying to kill them. It is up to the caracters to figure out who is who and sty alive long enough to see their mission done.
  4. Here is what i have thought about so far adding to what i said before. The crew of the destroyer are mostly hard wired servitors, with the exception of the Astropath and the Navigator both are locked in there in their chambers so they have no physical interaction with the characters only typed messages. as for the message from the Inq. they have no memory off him as the mind cleansing happens after they are pit in status for the mission. The skills and talents would be a from of musical memory that would come to the characters as those skill would be left in-tacked just the memory's of who they are and what the mission is are gone. As a twit they are also hunted by the Ordos, Adeptus Mechanicus, Grey Knights, Imperial Guard,And other Imperial Factions that are after the cargo they are transporting but they do ot kow what the cargo is because they have no memory of it. Also the only names they have are mission call names no other names are present. They will have to chance to find out who they are and where they are from as the game goes on. Just thought of this what level would be good to start at the way this is starting to sound rank one might not be good.
  5. Hello this is what i have come up so far for my game. The acolytes wake up on their transport ( unknown type yet thinking cobra destroyer), their memory of who they are and what their mission is has been scrubbed from their memory. There is a holo projector in a corner of the room with a blue Inquisition I that has a gold hour glass over lay. A message is waiting for them. The message is from their Inquisitor it is damaged and skipping they are not sure what the message means. All they know is that it says they are wanted by forces of the Imperium, if it give s a reason for this it is missing. Now the characters have to find out they are working why they are being hunted, and figure out how to fix it all. Will pot more on the plot soon feed back welcome.
  6. Here is an exp off one of the characters i am making for the group. A Psyker from dusk with the shadow over thy soul back round that has been mind cleansed. In ur opinion would he still have the corruption points and insanity points plus the starting skills and talents from the back round pack.
  7. Thank you that answers one question but brings up another. This question may sound odd but here it goes, for the purposes of the characters i want them to be mind cleansed but till look like their original home worlds exp feral psyker with the stats to show this but the willpower 2d10+25 of the mind cleansed is that possible.
  8. Hello all it has been awhile since i posted. I am working on a new campaign for my group. The thought i had was to base it of the tv show Dark Matter And have the players start minded cleansed, not knowing who they are, who they work for, ect. To go along with this i was wondering if it was possible to run two back round packs per character one that is the bases of the character the other the in planted memory. The characters would have their starting skills from home world and class plus the back rounds. The other thing i am wondering is with the noble born home world what i the actual home world hive, imperial, void, forge, or feral. Your thoughts on this would be most helpfull
  9. I like those they go well with a bow.
  10. That sounds like a interesting thought might have to give a thought my self and come up with some numbers to show the gm and see what he says i would pay 200xp for it if he went for it ( i just picked a number ).
  11. That is what i am talking about dont tick him off you will be a pin cushion in under a second. Rapid reload any one, to bad u can not do to two shooting actions in a round that would be awesome.
  12. I like the browning 1919A6 a 30-06 round makes more sense to me. To me a .50 cal would be a vehicle mount so i will go with both as a heavy stubber..
  13. I have be wondering this for a while and since i am starting my own game soon i would like to ask every one what modern weapon system would u count the heavy stubber has. To me in my mind i see it as an M-60 style weapon. Does this sound right to u or is it more like a .50 cal browning. Your thoughts on this would be help full as i am planning on mounting one on a 6x6 scout car for the team later on in the game. thank you
  14. Those arrows would be very expensive. I would let u have them but they would be special issue for the mission. I have thought of using them on my character and I have asked the gm if i could get a couple and he said maybe.
  15. One thing that i have noticed is that a lot of people think bodkins points are short headed, those are for crossbows. Since a crossbow can have more power in a shorter bow the bodkins for them were smaller to give more punch at the shorter ranges. Long Bow bodkins are 6"-8" long and are of two designs long and needle shaped with a sharp point Norman type, or triangular in shape coming to a sharp point. Both were able to pierce plate armour at any distance when used in volley fire like at Agincourt the English Long bowman were able to sherd the French Heavy Knights. When the Knights did get close to the line the bowman switched over to other arrow heads with other uses. So the vidio shown early is half right that style of bodkin would not go through plate armour at 25 yards from a long bow even if that bow was 110lbs draw,but out of a 350lb crossbow it would blow right through it and the poor man in side it.
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