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  1. I had exactly the same thing happen to me in an OP after the rules change, only I was playing a friend of mine and he had read the new rules as he was aware of the cap but had over looked the significance of the tabling change, so when my squadronless IDS list took down his ISD and I said its all over if I can finish that damaged Qasar he was surprised and I felt bad about it too. IMO the tabling rule change was justified, it stops a daft situation where a player is running away for three turn with what amounts to 80+% of his fleet dead but he hasn't lost, it also makes it posable to counter a fleet build (134 squadrons) with your deployment and game play instead of your fleet build, which allows for more varation. The hard cap f 2 I think was just unnecessary, its a low cap excludes player choice and was just over kill, I think it hurt MSU, and it removed the 5 +1 which they could have done in another way. A cap of 3 or a limit that you could not take more flotillas than you have non flotillas would have been better.
  2. Pwmf

    Ship ID Token Numbers

    CyborgNinja those look great, and most of us are going to have duplicates hanging around now if I used them more frequently, might just be my next small project.
  3. Pwmf

    Ship ID Token Numbers

    12 Mc30 13 Interdictor 14 MC80 Lib 15 Gozanti 16 Transports (I had to count tokens to work this out) 17 PheonixHome 18 Aquitens 19 Light Carrier 20+21 Hammerheads 22 Chimaera 23 Profundity CC has a set 1-10 grey with token and marker (the markers match the tokens, where as the normal markers are white/black except 10) and a scarred set that only has the numbered markers to go on the ships.
  4. Pwmf

    Why do people want a super star destroyer?

    You have clearly identified most of the problems, so why do people want it? Because it is an iconic Star War ship with screen time, and for some big really is better, there is a market for it as people have bought 3rd party versions. IMO the best way to have it in the game would be as a 6*3 mat, with plastic bridge and some weapons emplacements, and make it a sort of campaign box with set of different missions, add a bunch of new upgrade cards price it as a large expansion and it would sell well to existing player base and might even have the epic factor to attract players in, but it would not satisfy the people that want a big ship in their hands. So if we get it its more likely to be a 2' model that doesn't really match the scale, will be unbalanced, will require its own game mode, and will be hideously expensive. I only hope that they don't include any upgrade cards for normal 400pt play that are then meta, like they did with the CR90 and Raider in X wing. Can you imagine the response if they pack in a "fix the Victory card"?
  5. We have had product released this year and we are only half way though the year. We are not going to get new product at the same rate as Xwing never have never will, and frankly that's a good thing look how well that's gone Xwing needs a new Ed and we have to rebuy or convert at considerable expense. FFG have never been inclined to give "we are sorry that we are keeping you waiting but we are working on something" the closest they have come was the "Something Big" comment that didn't exactly have the effect of reassuring you either since we haven't had the Something Big yet since we were told that was not the last wave. What we have is a general lack of previews for a product that we will not have in our hands for several months THAT IS ALL. If the lack of speculation about new shiny is enough to make people stop playing with what they have sorry to hear that but that was inevitable. And if your store has stopped selling Armada because some one on the internet told them it was dead sorry to hear that too but if that's the case it is surprising they ever stocked it in the first place, also feel sorry for you if your store are cynically just going to push what ever the new thing they have in stock and will lie though their teeth to do so. Sorry to hear that your local scene is dead (but I doubt everyone that has stopped playing has sold everything and will never play Armada again because there are no rumours) if you didn't go to tournaments and no one turned up is it a surprise that the store stopped ordering them? The fact remains FFG are continuing to sell Armada products because they reprint them and the reprints sell out, they continue to support Organised Play, your mileage may vary depending on your country and the local distributor but that's true of all FFG OPs. FFG don't handle this well but they never have, and suddenly expecting them to do exactly as you please is only setting yourself for disappointment. Armada isn't dead, its in the same slow Sloth like state that its always been.
  6. Map looks pretty interesting, again looks like mobile figures are going to have an advantage, looks like the objectives are spread around the outside, looks like both sides could stall the engagement a bit, I haven't played Uscru Entertainment District enough yet but that also seems to be more action on turn three type map, I think in general the maps in rotation are going to favour the shorter ranged units a little more.
  7. The maps are normally out shortly after the article, which would put this out before the expansion, but we were due Uscru Entertainment District, which is in rotation and they have not announced its release, considering the value of the maps is tied to using them in rotation this is a very bad.
  8. Has somebody messed up? This map isn't in the rotation (we can't buy the last map added in yet) and the SWI160 code suggests have jumped several products.
  9. An interesting read, I think you are spot on and that says everything about single elimination that's wrong, it does not serve as a fitting end to an event.
  10. First expectation creates disappointment, if we stop expecting a preview article we will not be disappointed when it doesn't show up. Secondly we know how FFG market their games, they love to focus everything on their newest game to the exclusion of everything else, they are clearly worried that if they show us that something is coming for Armada we will not spend on the new shiny 2nd Ed Xwing (I don't think they know us as well as they should, clearly we will do both if we can if we can't afford then we wouldn't buy Xwing anyway). We will get that preview some time close to when they are ready to ship Xwing at that point they will have effectively sold most of the unit on preorders and know that the majority of the stock will shift (my preferred supper has run out of preorder on the scum and I just took the last pre order on the core). Look what happened with IA, they went about the same time with out anything, when legion hype train was well underway they announced the next wave for IA (need to preorder that too). Then take a look at their upcoming products, we know they have limited capacity to produce the stock for a new wave and as Armada and X wing both come pre painted, if they had announced a new wave for Armada in January we would be wait for it for most of the year, we will be lucky to get product in our hands this side of Christmas, and much as we would like a preview as soon as we see the new shiny we want it, we would replace the "where's our preview?" with "where's our wave?" and FFG have always struggled to make their own release dates, if they set it a year away we wouldn't be happy. So Armada isn't dead, no we haven't had any preview, we will get on likely in the next three months, yes that sucks but we have a slower release rate which so far has been good for the game. FFG is still supporting organised play and still reprinting Armada stock (raider, light cruiser and Rebel fighters in in reprint, wish they would reprint hammerheads, they sold out in UK almost on release). We are just going to have to be patient and entertain ourselves on the forums till we get something we can speculate about. Personally I am rounding out my collection nicely and I am a relative new comer, and as I have now started filling gaps in my Imperial after stating I would only collect rebels I have a ton of fleets I want to try, it could take me years to try out all the fleets I have written so far.
  11. Pwmf

    Redirect Tokens?

    As I feared they change the token before I can complete a set, (done the same in IA never released a bleed in the first style, now in comes out in a new style), Oxymandias your probably better off than most, my guess the vast majority of players don't get to Worlds events and are stuck with at best only three of the five, personally I am now never going use the sets I own as I don't want to mix different tokens so interested in how Roquax got matching tokens made.
  12. Pwmf

    Store Championships Dates/Locations

    If it includes brace that's interesting as they have been an individual prize before (not that I got any) where as redirects haven't, I really hope they don't change the design as for any player that doesn't attend events higher than regionals its going to take years to have a set.
  13. Pwmf

    Acrylic Command Tokens

    Two sets Black and red, were prizes between summer 2015 and Q1 2017. Clear and red Q4 2017 squadrons, Q1 2018 con fire, and engineering has just been announced for Q2, I guess we will get nav Q3 which could be winter but if like last year will be Spring next year.
  14. Pwmf

    4 clawdite figures but 3 cards?

    The 4th doesn't seem to be a packing error, but without a deployment card its pretty useless. My guess is it just there to take the number of figures upto 16 to match the number in packing etc, maybe something changed in the design process, riot troopers were a group of three? You don't need more than 3 but they could have put an extra deployment card in, would it really hurt them? Skirmish players would still need to buy 2 boxes if they wanted to run the max number/elites (frankly don't think they are that good). As is you can do different paint jobs? But you only have three forms, or different for elite? Will have to think of something.
  15. Pwmf

    From out of nowhere... Wave VII!

    Bit of a suprise they they have announced this now, think everyone called the ships, Thrawn looks amazing considering typical game is dicided in a few turns his limitation isn't really.