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  1. Pwmf

    4 clawdite figures but 3 cards?

    The 4th doesn't seem to be a packing error, but without a deployment card its pretty useless. My guess is it just there to take the number of figures upto 16 to match the number in packing etc, maybe something changed in the design process, riot troopers were a group of three? You don't need more than 3 but they could have put an extra deployment card in, would it really hurt them? Skirmish players would still need to buy 2 boxes if they wanted to run the max number/elites (frankly don't think they are that good). As is you can do different paint jobs? But you only have three forms, or different for elite? Will have to think of something.
  2. Pwmf

    From out of nowhere... Wave VII!

    Bit of a suprise they they have announced this now, think everyone called the ships, Thrawn looks amazing considering typical game is dicided in a few turns his limitation isn't really.
  3. Jabba's palace is in the rotation, I would check with the tournament organiser if you are expected to bring all map titles or if they have worked something out, casual events normally do in my experience, after all you only need one map for each pair. The maps in rotation are in the rules on the download section, the other two are from Obi Wan and Blasie packs so need the core and bespin. My suggestion, drop the rTroopers and the officer for almost anything else, what else have you got?
  4. Pwmf

    The Return of the Jedi list

    Yep my first thought on seeing her card, as this is basicly the list I run now with 8pts of support, it works ok but I was thinking of dropping C3PO because he can't keep up, R2D2 for chopper when he is out, when I can I will drop them both and Giddon to try it, but my gut feeling is the list will be better without Diala and more activations but will defiantly be trying it.
  5. Pwmf

    Heart of the Empire

    Your right clawdite card we can see looks like single figure deployment but its odd card because the health is in the middle.
  6. Pwmf

    Heart of the Empire

    With 12 figures after the walker I would bet that we have four of each two deployments of two, single figure deployments we get three figures so I guess it could be six and two lots of three?
  7. Ricope is right about the rules for tournaments, but I have been to very few events that inforce those rules basically only regional events, and if the store is planning two events a month its organised event not going to be the same if they have any sense, so you need to speak to who ever is running the event on the day, I would bet they will be happy if you can only bring a core set, but you need to check. As for your son that depends on two factors, first the store event being happy with you splitting you set down there being enough maps extra which normally isn't a problem, and second attitude the other guys if they are laid back fun bunch you and your son should have a good time, last two events I have been to we had a bunch of fathers/sons/daughters everyone had a good time and one of the boys won the event (beat me soundly in the final) but I have played in events in other systems where I wouldn't want to bring a child as the adults weren't all mature enough to play toy soldiers.
  8. Ibish thanks great job, guys loving your work with making it easyer to print and therefor have readly access for encouraging organised play.
  9. Pwmf

    Dianogan Blackjack!

    I was running Luke, Leia, Gideon, C3PO, eEcho, eSabs, smuggler. Quick calculation I could have caused 26 wounds even with the 3 block, pretty sure that there are other squads that can do better.
  10. Pwmf

    Dianogan Blackjack!

    First time of playing this at recent event, my opponent was a bit supprised that I went all out for it with it clear it was going to die at some point he attacked it too for three damage, I then killed it so it went down before the end of the first turn, giving me a 22 point led, I think it was over before turn three. If you can hang back from range four and still kill it quickly I think thats a valid stratagy, your opponent is going to struggle to do major damage to your squad from across the central room in the opening turn. If on the other hand neither you or your opponent is likely to kill it quickly then you are better off attacking them.
  11. Pwmf

    Next wave is on the boat!!!

    And that might be years away or never, again this is "I don't want this so no one should have it" syndrome. If your in keeping your games in Theme then you will not be adding these characters to a Hoth campaign, do you really need FFG to put time period 0-1 on the card? What exactly do the time periods on the cards achieve? I will not be adding them to any campaign I run but I am very happy to add them and the new force user cards to skirmish, so I am glad they are releasing them, I want more iconic characters not less.
  12. Pwmf


    Very cool idea and I enjoy the show so trying to leave you a review now.
  13. Pwmf

    Next wave is on the boat!!!

    Can we be realistic for a moment? The alternative would be for them to release three figure packs and by the way you can't use these. That isn't going to work either, FFG just wouldn't release them. This way everyone has choice, no one is forcing you to use them in your campaigns but people can if they want. And the other game skirmish people can now have three iconic characters with better pricing too. They could be about to release a rebels pre new hope expansion but maybe not, wouldn't it make more sense to release these characters later after that, well maybe they thought about that and realised that would be years from now. I wouldn't be surprised to find that they were looking at the packs as a way to release more viable command cards, we now have new spy and smugger cards, these help with hunter and gives us a set of force user cards, which were very lack luster until now, levels the playing field a bit because until recently we had lots of great trooper cards good leader, ok ish heavy and all other traits were a bit rubish. Now if you consider that might be a factor, which force user characters that have appeared on screen (not EU) are we expecting? A Jedi Luke seems very likely but you have the opposit time period problem, same with Palpatine (a lot less certain) and your pretty much out of force users.
  14. Pwmf

    Obi-Wan Preview

    I was a bit disappointed when I saw the 10 points on the card, but reading his abilities I think he could be quite interesting as an ally in the campaign. Then 7 points for the skirmish version, Yes please I will take that thank you, 7 points is a good spot for Rebels for trying to fit him into a list, and with situational abilities fair, but the three dice attack it is great. I don't think he is on the same level as the Grand Inquisitor (who I think is a little undercosted) but he is certainly a lot more powerful than other similar characters ie Diala. Pretty clear that FFG are pricing uniquens differently, which is great because they weren't right, but I hope that they go back and buff the earlier characters in the same way that they changed royal guard etc, would be pretty easy just knock a point or two off characters from the early waves. Is this the first time we have had a character with two different costs?
  15. Pwmf

    Map rotation

    First if your in the US you need to understand that every component of this game is 1.5 to 3 times more expensive everywhere else. Secondly its also quite hard to get, the distributors for my local stores are out of Twin Shadows and Bespin, and I am lucky to live near a large and small store with tables. Yes I think it is too much to expect anyone wanting to play in a event to have to buy a new expansion every moth, that basically averages 50% of the original core which in its self is expensive. It's also expensive for most people to get into, I have had a couple of people ask me about it and when they look at skirmish and find they would need to spend £150 before buying the units its an instant turn off, and its only going to get worse. Clearly the store is selling the product, but in terms of events, the two stores have between them maybe four events a year, so that's a high bar for an infrequent occurrence, and these events are so badly attended that I wouldn't be surprised if both stop running them I don't know if either will even run a summer event, so could bite the bullet and find no more events. The last two events in one store had 3 people, the second store they cancelled on the day as only two of us turned up for a store championship, atm only the same two of us are down for the next event. Compared to Xwing, which has a lower buy in in the first place, and you don't need to buy a copy of every wave, there is a great scene I can turn up at the store on an average night and pick up a game (not a chance with IA) there are a dozen or more events a year, the smallest had 16 players and the regional event had over 60, the comparison would be if FFG had written into the rules that you had to bring an official mat to the event and then changed the mat every 6 months, I very much doubt that would be popular, look at what happened when they said had to use an official mat for premier events or you had to use the new damage deck U turn on both. I am not against them having official missions, in fact I would like them to change them more often, nor am I against them using those out of new expansions, but expecting everyone to buy every expansion is madness and easily solved by allowing printed maps, and there are a fair number of people that don't like the jigsaw element, saves a lot of time at time critical events and means that the TO is more inclined to actually use all six of the missions as a pool instead of we have that map built lets use the second mission for it. I would say that there is a greater chance of IA events disappearing in my area than it expanding to be half as popular as Xwing, which is a great shame as its a good game.