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  1. Disagree with you on every level, a system that is binary win/lose is much worse, and your solution would mean a close game where you lose on the first round would mean no point in playing your remain games at all.
  2. That's a fairly likely break down except it's more likely 4 cards for top 64 since its limited to 64. Pity there is no chance of me taking that weekend off.
  3. I found it worked from my phone so I ran a couple of turns with made up results then I noticed that the locations were not updating and it went past the point where it should have triggered a pivotal battle. Our real campaign were are waiting for one more game then can put the results in will see what happens. I might try a test run again if I have time.
  4. This looks great, trying out the campaign feature, I am waiting for everyone to sign up but made a test one, it will not go past the battle step I fill all the results in and it has a loading screen then back where I was needing to fill in results, any idea what I am doing wrong?
  5. I don't think there is a problem, its a fleet with several strengths, it also has several weaknesses and takes skill to fly (like most lists) one mistake will cost you the game. If every competitive fleet lost its strengths we wouldn't have anything left to play with. On top of that the next wave contains several counters, it probably not meta for long.
  6. I am taking this a lot ATM, added benefit no one else has mentioned so far the asteroids don't cause a critical hit on the 2nd player, that's pretty handy, plus some attempt at controlling/hitting opponents squads, I like it a lot.
  7. RitR was out about a month later in UK compared to US which was disappointing. I am not seeing any improvement in delivering produce when they say they will, so if they have made massive steps it is not working.
  8. Yep which is what bothers me errataing two cards on rules section of a forum and expecting people to see it and everyone going to event to check it seems odd to me, I guess they will add it to Faq/Errata at some point, but why not do that now?
  9. While I hope we get another two new upgrades I wouldn't be surprised if they are reprints of existing cards. Personally I like the new cards they seem balanced to me they aren't auto includes (spam the new thing for a win) being niche they fit some ships, breath a bit of life in to some ships and give us difficult decisions in picking over existing upgrades. I think that's far more healthy for the game than the new upgrades being superior to existing upgrades and an auto till the next wave. For my 2p Heavy Fire Zone has to work at long range by RAW and cost, which will make it an option but not likely to replace other upgrades outright, and on that thought, Nebs and Victory been getting a lot of love recently, should we expect to see upgrades that suit other waves? Which ships do we think could use some new options? Raider and Liberty IMO, but its close.
  10. I like it rebels could do with some medium ships, and I think two of these designs would fit.
  11. Does this also explain why there are few prime events? They don't want people to qualify for world?
  12. Again I use MDF, can get it cut into smaller sections for storage, mine are in 2' lengths with clips. Why would the US ban MDF?
  13. Its setting vague Quarters and then not meeting those I don't understand, I don't know what you think has changed because this has been the pattern with most Armada releases and most of their games. I am baffled not angry it seems they still haven't worked out what we instinctively know, if they say Q4 that means they aren't going to make the very last month in Q4 but maybe by mid Q1, now there is no pressure on them to release in a particular quarter they pick it, so why when they think if everything pans out they might just get it in stores mid December don't they say Q1 and if the stars align then they change it when its shipping to "Hey its going to be 2 weeks early" What's so difficult with that, who is going to be upset if they arrive a little early? Which they will not.
  14. Would be simple to agree in your group that experimental upgrade locations count as super weapon upgrades too, not as if many ships can use them. Though I expect Onagar is going to want its cannon from the start, and the Star Hawk doesn't absolutely need it.
  15. Note nothing is on the boat any more, not saying they will deliver but some hope left. Personally I don't know why they keep setting release schedules that they don't meet, either get better at delivering or just add more time to announcements.
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