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  1. My players are Emerald Magistrates, will this be okay or not make sense. I haven't read the adventure but I am worried that this will be a stretch. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. One thing I did was to get the Daylight Castle information out to the players. I wish I would have passed this information on a lot earlier, but my players are great so no issue. Getting this out during Dark Tides would lead naturally to MoTo and provide a smooth transition along with players wanting to go there. There is the opportunity for a glory grab if you set it up right. Read the first part of MoTo and you will see what I am talking about.
  3. This is one thing I will never use in my campaign as it goes against everything I have ever believed about L5R. Having an artisan make jokes about samurai at court, just doesn't fit for me. It is too "medieval fantasy setting" for me and with the social stratifications, I cannot see it happening in my campaign. I know that there are many jibes and slights that are all part of the maneuvering at court, but I thought adding a Jester was just too much for me. Many people may like it and that is fine, great having options in all games.
  4. Thank you Suzume, this was awesome information and exactly what I was looking for. If you have any campaign documents you used in the past I would love to look them over.
  5. So you have your Clan Daimyo, then Family Daimyo, what follows below it. Are their regional daiymo's, city daiymo's etc. Any detail would be appreciated.
  6. How many samurais are there per clan? How often does a samurai meet or see their Clan Daimyo, Family Daimyo, Emperor?
  7. Possibly a monk or some travelers from another village. Depending on the time of year, the tax collector.
  8. Personally I would add setbacks to all rolls. I would push them narratively and let them know if they cannot talk their way out then they have to roll at extra difficultly. Continually ask them what it looks like when they are doing things. Don’t give them less xp, just make them work hard and acquiring things until they start to narrate and look around. If you can get them making up their story and pushing the narrative start showing them the way out.
  9. In The One Ring, there is a mechanic called "Hope". All other races especially hobbit's use it to do extraordinary things. It is hard to heal or get back unless they witness positive hopeful events. Elves particularly suffer and once their hope reaches low levels they head West. If any other race reaches 0 then they die forlorn and distraught. This would be a great mechanic for having Elves be more powerful. If they sacrifice themselves and catch Despair or Shadow they cannot heal it as easily and thus cannot last in a campaign as long. The Dunedain suffer this as well, just not as hard as the Elves.
  10. I am thinking the boat is trudging up the Mississippi since FFG is located in Roseville, MN. That would make it a barge and they are notoriously slow.
  11. Thule is a fun setting that is pretty grim and very challenging. Thanks for putting this together.
  12. We had our first Talislanta game today, super fun. Some unique races came out to play since no one except me were familiar with the setting. It is all free at www.talislanta.com and easy to convert, plus loads of detail. The party was a Maruk Diplomat, Chana Witchman, Cymrillian Warrior Mage, Jaka Beastmaster and a Dhuna Witch.
  13. Another idea is to check out The One Ring and their Journey rules. I think this melds nicely into the narrative dice.
  14. GM Hooly Can you post an outline somewhere for your Session 0. I am going to use it after listening and thought it would be fabulous for the community.
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