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  1. Looks good! I will definitely be using this in my games for random mooks and non-story encounters. Only suggestion as of now would be to change the spelling of "week" to "weak".
  2. The amount of XP it will take for a game to start getting "silly" or start breaking really just depends on the group. I have been in games with 1500+ xp characters that are just beginning to flesh out in terms of abilities and gear while others are just ridiculous with 6 specializations. If the group is heavily involved in roleplaying and make decisions based on in-game character decisions/background/goals than the XP ceiling is really quite high 2000+. But if the group is only focused on gaining every mechanical bonus/advantage possible than some characters will reach that ceiling very quickly in specific areas with as little as 300-400xp. So if your group likes to build stories, relationships, characters you do not have to worry about xp. On the other hand if your group instead only focuses on beating "levels" and building mechanical power you will probably have game breaking characters very quickly.
  3. Since we are on the Range topic could someone explain why Protect/Unleash has ANY range upgrades. From my limited memory of the movies and TCW idt that anyone shoots lightning farther than short range. Yoda is the only one who uses protect and that appeared to only work at engaged range. Not that it really means anything since they have used quite abit of EU stuff. So they take out one of the upgrades it still has a range of extreme which means lightning sniping people a mile away (which would make an interesting bounty hunter character haha) or force rebounding on behalf of someone you probably can't see without a scope. Seems like short range would work just fine, maybe medium tops. That could make room in the tree for other upgrades though I am not really sure what theyd be. I doubt they would do that anyways since it would mean a major rework of the power. Just curious what others think about this.
  4. Meh, was hoping that it would be the technician. Really want more droid options for PCs.
  5. Pretty sure that was the intent when designing Force and Destiny. Having played every prior Star Wars RPG (and a couple of fan-hacks), one of the biggest problems has been keeping Force users from utterly dominating the game. Saga Edition suffered from this pretty badly (to the point that some GMs outright banned the Jedi class and related prestige classes from their games, particularly if the game was set in the Dark Times or Rebellion Era) as did WEG once the Force user PCs got their Force skills up to a certain point (about 5D in each). Thus far, Force and Destiny seems to have avoided that particularly pothole by making a Force user PC either have to spread their XP around a whole lot to "cover all the bases" or have to focus their XP into specific areas of expertise, and that by the time they've got enough XP to be really good at using a lightsaber and using the Force, it's taken them a few hundred XP to accomplish, which is XP the muggles in the group have spent to boost up their own skills and collect a number of talents. Yep that is one of my favorite things about it so far, the xp cost combined with the opposed check for PC/Nemesis (pg.195) is incredibly effective at keeping power levels equal and really extends the lifetime of games.
  6. I dont think the Jedi in F&D are anything close to uber characters. It takes at least 300xp to have one power partially filled out and FR3 in order to activate it somewhat consistently, and thats all at the expense of developing any skills. IME from the the high level games I've run the uber characters tend to be the min-maxers that focus on stealth, ranged heavy/autofire, or soak. I feel that characters that go the force are "forced" to spread their xp out and even if they focus on only one power and picking up FR instead of dedications it takes quite a bit xp and leaves them pretty weak in anything non force.
  7. @awayputurpwn yes you are correct there are only two. I was thinking affecting 3 people since the basic power starts at 1, but said three magnitude. @Revanchist7/Lathrop thanks for explaining it, I knew I should have refrained from mentioning that given my english/grammer struggles haha.
  8. Also a bit nitpicky but for Force Power: Battle Meditation (page 198): “If any black were used to generate on this check, each target affected must make an Easy Discipline check if he wishes to resist obeying any orders given by the user as part of this power.” Shouldn't "must" be changed to "may" or "can" since it is now the characters choice to resist.
  9. I like the changes made to protect/unleash the double willpower got pretty out of control with the magnitude upgrades especially on the protect side since it adds to the soak of the characters making them nigh-invulnerable. The way attacks outscale defense/soak in this game I think the unleash side should stay double willpower and protect just willpower. That would fit more inline with the way combat is currently balanced. Also IMO the magnitude upgrade should stay and the instead take out one of the range upgrades. The power starts out at short range and with 4 upgrades will be extreme range+1 so close on the planetary scale? Seems like a bit of overkill/unnecessary. Though on other hand the third 2nd magnitude may make the power too strong.
  10. Excellent looks like we got 5 people! fatedtodie I will comment on your blog post and see if we can setup a test run with this group (if thats okay with you ofcourse, may be overreaching a bit on my part, my apologies in advance) also thank you for offering to GM. Everyone else contact fatedtodie as I believe he will be taking charge. If anybody falls through the cracks or it doesn't work out send me a pm.
  11. Been running into problems with the games I am currently apart of (lack of participation, meta-gaming, infighting) so would like to branch out and find some new people to play with. Looking to find a game to join or start one online using Google+ Hangouts, or roll20, etc. (just not Play by Post). I own and have read pretty much all the core and splat books from EOTE, AOR, and F&D. I am extremely flexible as to game style (strict vs. loose, using only one core book or all, evil murdering hobos or straight arrow monk pacifists, house rules or no house rules, published adventures/custom/adapted, basic starting characters or advanced level play etc.) Really am open to any and all styles of play. The only stipulation would be to keep group size down to say 5 people max (1 GM and 4 PCs), bigger groups tend to have roleplaying, time, and scaling issues IMO. So if anybody is looking to start a game or want an additional player leave a comment and we can figure something out. TLDR; Online Game Have all books Willing to rotate GMs role Play once a week or every other week (flexible with time) Smaller group size preferred
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