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  1. Wanna know what your character really looks like? You can! I commissioned a very affordable artist who, in days, had my entire group's party in front of our eyes. http://www.d20radio.com/main/the-gm-awakens-see-your-character-come-to-life-literally/ Example:
  2. scotter23

    Starship size vs. Weapon type

    That's it!!!!! That was it. All hail the internet!!!
  3. scotter23

    Starship size vs. Weapon type

    I'm familiar with the narrative flair text of the book but I know I've read in some sidebar somewhere about a penalty when using Heavy Turbolasers against snub fighters and smaller weapons getting a boost. Maybe it's in an adventure book I've run through. Like I ran through friends like these for example.
  4. scotter23

    Starship size vs. Weapon type

    Nope I know those. I've played the system for years. It's a sidebar or something. I know I've read it.
  5. OK I know I'm not crazy. Somewhere in the core books it talks about if you try to use turbo lasers or big weapons against small ships there is additional difficulty or penalty of some sort. There is a small sentence hidden that says point defense lasers and such if used to target silhouette four or smaller craft, are easier to shoot. I have read the sentence and for the life of me can't find it. I even put it in my notes of one of my adventures. I know I'm not nuts. What was this rule and where is it? I can't find it for the life of me. It's not where you'd think it'd be.
  6. Like I said... if it's something that happens outside their knowledge, I don't make it something I need to ROLL for. I just do it or I don't. I narrate it when it's time. Or I don't. I don't say to myself, "Let's see if a patrol spots them..." I simply decide if a patrol spots them or not based on how the game is going. If the players roll 4 threat so they trip a silent alarm... I don't roll to see if they do... I just do it.
  7. I never roll secretly. If there's a chance they see things I openly ask them to roll. Threat/Advantage will dictate what and how much they learn. If I need to "roll in secret" I simply tell them something happens and narrate things. I never leave it to chance. Rolls belong to the players. Nothing should be in secret IMHO.
  8. scotter23

    PC character questions

    The Order 66 podcast turned me on to what they call, The Questions 3... three questions that if you answer them is all the GM needs to run things for your character... no background synopsis needed. They are: 1) What does your character unconditionally love? (What would your character risk their lives to save or protect?) 2) What does your character unconditionally hate? (What would your character attack or fight or resist every time?) 3) Why is your character in the party? I have used these three questions and they work fantastic... as a GM I don't need more.
  9. scotter23

    Ace Gunner - brawl/melee?

    Your GM should allow any spec from any book. But... just buy ranks in Melee or Brawl. Nothing says you can't. Yes... it's 5XP more than if it's a career skill but that's a small price to pay. Just... be good at it. I have a pilot that wanted to be good with a sword... so he is. Just do it
  10. scotter23

    "I am ready to face The Trials"

    They have a very recent episode on this too... same podcast... done just a few months ago.
  11. scotter23

    Upgrading Dice question

    This. Because you can be either naturally good at something (your characteristics) or trained in something (skill ranks) to get good at it.
  12. scotter23

    Old RPer, New GM

    I have a guy with a 7 soak and 3 defense. So, I do a few things: 1) Use snipers. Sniper rifles do a LOT of damage. 2) Give NPC's Anatomy Lessons or talents that boost damage. 3) Lightsabers go right through it! 4) Turrets hurt. 5) Auto-fire weapons... even if you do only say 3 damage from uncanceled successes, if you hit 2 or 3 times, you can really hurt the player. 6) His armor is most likely CRAZY military and pimped out like Mando armor. That type of armor isn't allowed in all places in Star Wars. If you saw a marine in FULL TACTICAL BODY ARMOR walk into a bar, he would be asked to leave. Force him to change clothes and/or only wear those things in real battles where anything goes. Those are just a few ideas...
  13. scotter23


    Assuming it will hit the next Consular book or one of the other FaD books upcoming. It's too high profile to not be included.
  14. scotter23

    The Battle of Hoth

    I hope you did Mass Combat rules with it. I'm building something similar and those rules just SING for things like this.
  15. scotter23

    Sundering/breaking/destroying a Lightsaber

    Aww educational for me... where does it say they can't be sundered? Page? In the 1000 rules I missed that and have played it wrong.