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  1. I meant that they kept trying to dip their toes into the water of things that aren't just 1v1 death matches: 1. v1.0 Missions 1. v1.0 Mission Control 3. v1.0 Epic 4. v2.0 Epic 5. Now the Solo rules The most work and resources were put into the two versions of Epic (with v2.0 Epic getting the most resources devoted out of all the above). But there is always a push for more ships to be released, because that's what gets the most money. Putting resources into supporting anything else means pulling resources away from releasing more ships. They attempted to buy themselves some time to do so by filling out 2.0 waves with re-releases. That gave them the ability to shift resources over to develop Epic Battles and the new Huge Ship rules. Then it turned out that the re-releases weren't selling very well, because most of their customer base already had the ships from v1.0 and conversion kits. Then the pandemic hit, and upended every single priority they would have had. I mean, if you want to know how many people FFG has working on X-Wing, it's pretty simple. Go to the 2.0 edition rulebook and look at the credits. There are three names listed for "Second Edition Game Design & Development". Frank Brooks, Max Brooke, and Alex Davy. That's it. Those are the people who have to figure out all the rules, all the ships, all the pilots, all the upgrades, all the points - everything. Oh, and Alex Davy is also a developer for both Armada and Legion, so he's not even full-time on X-Wing these days. So, less than 3 people to do everything. What's more likely: 1. They hate the very idea of doing Solo rules, but they're reluctantly doing so now 2. They've never had enough people to devote to doing Solo rules before now, but with all production down to zero, and financial incentive to encourage people to continue doing something with the miniatures they sell, they were able to redirect some of the time of their not-quite 3 developers to work on solo rules. I mean, I know which option Occam's Razor says is more likely, but, hey, I'm certainly not privy to FFG's internal discussions.
  2. Alternately, FFG only has a few developers that work on X-Wing, who also work on other games as well. This means that their ability to work on several things at once is... limited, at best. There are only so many things people can develop at once, so the company has prioritized. Did they prioritize solo or campaign play? No. For a long time, competitive 1v1 play and tournaments drove sales, so that space was logically the top priority. Does this mean they didn't want to do solo or campaign play? Not necessarily. They keep trying to dip their toes into that water, so they certainly seem to want to, but for a long time, they simply couldn't prioritize it over the stuff that was most obviously making them money. Planning for this sort of thing usually requires well more than a year of advance planning to make it happen. Covid-19 didn't exist in July 2019, ergo, they couldn't have planned for it. On top of that, consider that for a period of time, there was simply no such thing as getting product out of China (which is where their products are manufactured). There were easily a couple of months there were FFG was simply trying to figure out what their lifelines were in case that never came back, since that was an existential threat to their entire business. If you don't think that sort of thing affects all levels of a business, you've never worked somewhere that was worried about whether their doors would be open in a few months. (I have, on more than one occasion. It's not fun. I've been fortunate that the places that happened did pull through in the end, but it took a lot of work from all levels of the companies to make it happen). Note that FFG basically didn't post anything at all on their website for about a month once the shutdown orders starting going into effect back in the March/April timeframe. Finally, FFG usually gets quiet in the lead-up to Gencon, so that they can make big announcements there. There may not be a Gencon, but they've announced the In-Flight report for the end of the month. So, it shouldn't be surprising that they're mostly quiet right now.
  3. One thing I appreciate about FFG's solo rules is that they are rather simple. There are only a few tables, and the rules lay them out in the chronological order you need to use them. I've looked at other solo play rules before, and each time, I've bounced off the giant walls of texts, and endless cross-referenced tables that inevitably require a whole lot more book-keeping. That's not to say they're bad, because, well, they aren't. In my younger days when I had more time for such things, I would have been all over them. But these days, I'm getting older, and have less patience for such things. That's not to say the FFG system is perfect. It isn't, and even after going through the Open Alpha, it won't be. But I appreciate that it's simple, and useable solely with materials from the regular game. It's definitely better than trying to pretend I don't know what I set the dials on both sides to. Can I guess what the Solo ships are likely to do? Sure, but I can do that against computer-players as well. That doesn't mean it doesn't still help refine my own ability to make sure I know where I'm sending my own ships. Mostly, I think this is a tool oriented at people who aren't high-level competitive players. You know, the majority of their customer base. I realize that might be annoying to those who are high-level competitive players, but as has been pointed out a few times, there are already options out there for those who do want more complexity and performance for their solo play. There's really no reason these things can't exist in parallel. Think of them as different difficulty levels. Me, I'm old enough and just plain don't care what others think about my gaming abilities these days, that I'm perfectly happy to play in easy mode.
  4. They said it would act as a way to start in a faction, so I'd love to see the Resistance pack include a T-70 alongside both a Resistance Y-Wing and B-Wing - that would make for a solid set of ships to start in a new faction. Alternately, they could go the route of the Republic and Separatist Squadron packs, and go 1+2 for ship models to represent a lead ship with two wingmates. If we're having Poe's X-Wing as the lead, I could see a pair of A-Wings as the wingmates, though I'd prefer a pair of Y-Wings, if they're going that route. That said, I'm pretty much expecting it to be a re-hash of Heroes of the Resistance, except with new pilot and crew cards, though that would be a bit of a disappointment. I just don't need that many Falcons. Just give me pilot cards and I can re-use the Rebel Falcon as Lando's Resistance Falcon, after all.
  5. Emerald City Comic Con announced today that they're postponing until the Summer (no dates set yet). While it isn't a gaming/comic/anime/etc convention, SXSW announced today that they've canceled for this year. GDC (Game Developers Conference) was also cancelled this year. Bear in mind that just because you, personally, aren't necessarily a high-risk person for death, a) it's still like a nasty flu, and b) you could transmit it to people who are at high-risk.
  6. I've stated it before, but I'll say it again: I'm a software engineer with over 20 years of experience. I'm not involved in developing Fly Casual, but a while back, I did review the dice rolling code, including asking a few questions of Sandrem to get clarification on certain points. It works exactly as Azrapse is saying here. In fact, it randomly rotates the dice on three separate axes before it drops them and lets a physics engine roll the dice, so they're already random even before they roll. It's as random as any algorithmic random number generator can be. The same dice rolling code is used for both the player and the AI, so even if there was a bias, it would benefit the player just as much as the AI. Any perception that the behavior of the dice changes over time is entirely due to confirmation bias, and not due to the software. Yes, the dice can go completely against you in a game. That can happen in real-life, too. It's just that the times the rolls don't go your way tend to stick in your memory more than the times that they do. To be fair to everyone who brings this up periodically - I'm not immune that effect, either. I mean, there was a reason I was reviewing the code in the first place! 😅
  7. I realize I'm really late replying to this, but I just felt the need to point out that on-screen in A New Hope, only one Rebel is shot down by a regular Tie Fighter. Porkins gets shot down by the surface guns before the Ties are deployed, one is shot down by a TIE/ln, and all the rest of the Rebels shot down on-screen are at Vader's hands.
  8. Do the combos have to actually be good? Because I think I could still come up with some crazy combos in 2e, so long as we don't expect them to be good! 😁
  9. I'll take my lumps on this one. I think I read an attitude into your original posts that wasn't there, and reacted poorly. I really should have followed my "write the post, then just delete it without posting it" rule. Sorry for getting argumentative with you. Not enough sleep lately, I think!
  10. It would be "player-friendly" for the group of customers who: 1. Need just one more tile for a generic pilot 2. Don't feel the need to have an accompanying pilot card 3. Wouldn't be irritated to get the tile without the pilot card Alternately, they need to accommodate enough space in the pack for generic pilot cards for all the ships they gave a new pilot to, thus doubling (at least!) the number of pilot cards they include, increasing the size of the packaging they use, all to give most players another copy of a pilot they already have, and don't need.
  11. I just want to make sure I've got this right: 1. You're playing a variant of the game that requires you to have purchased a larger number of ships than normal. 2. You're not willing to purchase a larger number of conversion kits than normal to accommodate that. 3. You're already fine with playing without a full complement of pilot cards and dials. 4. But the ship tile is apparently a step too far? You're playing casual, so official tournament rules don't matter here, and you're asking for a generic, so pilot abilities don't matter either, so why should it matter if the base says "Red Squadron Veteran" instead of "Blade Squadron Veteran"? (There is no Dagger Squadron pilot in 2.0, so I'm assuming you meant the IN 3 Blade Squadron). The IN and arc would match, and it should be obvious what type of ship it is from the model used. Presto - you don't need to spend any more money at all! For that matter, wouldn't FFG have been more likely to have made the reverse side the IN 2 "Blue Squadron Pilot" if they were going to choose a generic pilot for the reverse side anyway? Wouldn't that have still left you without the right tile for what you wanted? The "reinforcements" pack wasn't meant to be a conversion kit, so there never should have been an expectation of getting tiles or cards for existing pilots in the first place.
  12. Stream exclusive to Twitch. Full recording will be posted to YT shortly after stream is over.
  13. End of ESB, Leia's piloting the Falcon, and realizes where to find Luke, thanks to the combination of Luke reaching out to her, and her own Force sensitivity. So it makes perfect sense to me!
  14. While you're correct, having the new linked action be Barrel Roll -> Lock (red) does help HLC a bit, since it makes it easier to line up the shot for the cannon, at least. It's also interesting that the S-Foils can trigger off of any attack. That means a B-Wing could fire Torpedoes, then spend the lock to get a bonus cannon attack. Which could make for an interesting option in a battle against Huge ships: equip a B-Wing with an Ion Cannon and Ion Torpedoes... fire the torpedoes, then spend the lock to fire the Ion Cannon. Probably not worth the cost, but it's quite amusing to think about!
  15. Ten likes the Red Lock in order to double-up the mods on one attack, but Braylen likes it to be able to get the re-rolls on the first attack, then spend the lock to get the bonus attack. It really works with both pilots quite nicely. It makes me think that Gina Moonsong is likely to have some sort of stress-related mechanic as well... (which just means that she'll have something completely different, just to make me look stupid ).
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