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  1. New forum things

    What, where we load up a bunch of X-Wings and then can fire them off without having to reload in between? I'm not sure why we need tha... Hold on, I've just been handed a note. *reads note* Ooohhhh.... nevermind, carry on.
  2. [new] Odanan's Custom cards

    You probably want to add "Limited" to this one, or else you're allowing a fighter to have as many missile slots as you can afford within the point limits by chaining these off of each other.
  3. There's actually a pretty simple explanation for why it worked this time, but normally wouldn't:
  4. FFG please stop the leaks

    It's not a "leak" if it is fully authorized. It's a sneak peek, or a preview. A "leak" implies that someone was not authorized to distribute that information, and did it anyway. Many game companies provide authorized preview material to sites other than their own (WotC does this with every MtG set, for example). It's something that is generally done with someone who has helped them promote their product in some form (if only via reviews) in the past. So it's a reward for the people who get to do the unboxing video, and a promotion of upcoming product for FFG. It's just another tool in the marketing toolkit.
  5. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    The only reason you can claim the Confederacy "never brutalized their own citizens" is because the resident people they did brutalize weren't allowed to become citizens. Which is why the Underground Railroad existed in the first place. Which is why, despite segregation and discrimination in the North, Southern African Americans joined up with the Union army to fight the Confederacy. As for why the Confederacy is built up as some grand thing to remember, that's a rather different topic that is much more complicated than you are making it out to be, and definitely not an appropriate topic for this forum.
  6. Resistance Bomber & Sheathipede Unboxed (Spoilers)

    From p15 of the TFA Core Set rulebook: "There are three primary factions in X-Wing: Rebel, Imperial, and Scum. The Rebel primary faction consists of the Resistance and the Rebel Alliance. The Imperial primary faction consists of the First Order and the Galactic Empire." Thus, "Rebel only" can apply to both Resistance and Rebel Alliance ships, but "Resistance only" does not apply to Rebel Alliance ships, and if they make a "Rebel Alliance only" upgrade, it would not apply to Resistance ships. Rules-as-written work fine.
  7. Rebels-based titles for A- and B-wing

    Two Seater on the TIE Phantom: run Palpatine around in a cloaked ship! Or, you know, put it on a Nym Havoc so that it can take both a salvaged astromech and a crew.
  8. STAR WARS: REBELS Discussion thread

    As I've explained to my small children on several occasions, rewards aren't given out for bad behavior. So you really shouldn't be expecting any thanks for your bad behavior, either.
  9. Another trailer for TLJ

    Personally, I think Chewie has always been the real pilot, with Han the co-pilot, but Chewie has always just let Han claim to be the pilot. As evidence: 1. When under attack, Han runs back to the gun turrets while Chewie pilots. After all, you'd want the better pilot on the controls in a stressful combat situation! 2. Despite the cockpit not being made for Wookies, Han has Chewie pilot the Tyderium when precise piloting is called for. If Han was the better pilot, why wouldn't he take the controls so Chewie could use the roomier troop transport area? More seriously, in all likelihood either seat can be used as the pilot's seat, but Chewie's modified that one to fit him better, so he always uses that one, regardless of whether he's pilot or co-pilot. Considering the point of a co-pilot is to be able to take over under any circumstance, it makes sense that all of the controls are accessible from either seat anyway.
  10. Three Scum Ships That Have Somehow Been Missed

    Eh, the second point was more to point out that even if FFG decided to make sub-factions mean anything, then making Partisans and Mining Guild into new sub-factions would allow them to not cause problems for the Rebellion, Resistance, Empire and First Order sub-factions. Basically, my point was making new sub-factions for them doesn't harm anything, allows them to be thematic, but still puts them in the lists that make the most sense. Of course, I'd also like to see Mandalorians be a sub-faction, but FFG may have already mucked up that idea by making the Scum already use the Mandalorian logo... ah, well. Not like anything I suggest here is going to end up in the game, anyway!
  11. Three Scum Ships That Have Somehow Been Missed

    It's not like the those symbols have any in-game meaning at this time - it's mostly just thematic. It's not really necessary for them to be fully-fleshed out sub-factions, and it would allow FFG to still make use of any future plans for the existing sub-factions without having to worry about how Partisans or Mining Guild might unbalance those plans. Also, the only additional effort required would be to generate the symbol, which really isn't all that much. That said, I'm not invested in the idea, just I saw a way FFG could avoid shoe-horning the Partisans or the Mining Guild into the Scum, but still stay lore-accurate to them not really fitting into the Rebellion/Empire. Seemed like a simple fix, if you're assuming those entities are going to be brought into the game in the first place.
  12. Three Scum Ships That Have Somehow Been Missed

    Seems like FFG already has a precedent for these cases: Make Saw a Rebel card, but make a new Partisan symbol that gets used with him (similar to Rebel Alliance vs Resistance symbols). Likewise, Mining Guild could be Imperial, but get a new Mining Guild symbol instead of the Galactic Empire symbol (again, similar to Empire vs First Order symbols).
  13. New article up!

    I don't actually get to play that often, and never competitively, so that isn't a rule that I've had any reason to come across. That's why I come up with "stupid combos" instead of anything competitive. Never claimed otherwise. How is it that some people can't correct others without being incredibly condescending about it?
  14. New article up!

    ... Rage + Linked Batteries on Keyan Farlander, then! Rolled blanks? Re-roll all three dice, and then you get to re-roll another die if you still have a blank! Plus now you've got a focus token to use for defense! And you could still go with the the E2 title w/ Inspiring Recruits in order to remove all the stress during the attack! (Thus proving I can make the "stupid combo" even stupider! ) Oh, wait, I can make it even more stupid, but fun! Instead of Inspiring Recruits, take Finn! Now you can re-roll all four dice!