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  1. I like what dancemachine wrote, but i think it worths try to play first turn like this: march -1 on port march +0 on ironmans bay CP on Pyke and on Greywater watch Then firstly send a ship from port to ironmans bay and then attack the golden sound sending one ship to sunset sea eliminating lanisters oportinity to retreat with his ship after losing this fight (greyjoy wil definately win this fight using blade and balon --> 1 + 1 + 2 =4 against 1+perhaps 2 defense) Eventhoug greyjoy obtains no castle, he controls sees and can raids lannisters CP or CP* on lanisport or riverrun. Next turn i would probably send a ship from sunset see back to ironmans bay and take seaguard from Pyke and of course put raid to the Golden sound and CP on Graywater watch. If clash of kings comes, it will be great. Please appologise my bad english, I am from Czech republic:)
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