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  1. Why can't you sword-thain Gandalf? Just play Narya first. Or am I missing something?
  2. Which discard pile does Ranger of the North from Lost Realm goes, encounter or player's? Cos player, from what I understand, can't play him if somehow returned back to hand or deck because of his cost of "-" (unless when he revealed from the player's deck he does not go to hand and instantly gets put into play like he does with encounter one). Or does he gets put of of the game? (I see no rules indicating this) Or does he get's set set aside again so he can be summoned with Ranger Summons again?
  3. Cos putting Elvenking on him does not give much, defending more than 1 enemy is not that often needed, and with his 1 attack and 1 willpower he not gonna do much other than defending - which makes other heroes better targets for Elvenking and that is not very lore-friendly. But that is just my quirk.
  4. I used custom tactics Thranduil before the official one, and frankly I like it better, but I am more bummed about his stats than his ability.
  5. Ah, that seems far more balanced. Would work great with Greenwood Archer - plop the archer, hero readies, archer shoots someone, then Elvenking him back - hero readies again. And since its play from hand stuff like Rumil works too.
  6. Wait, so his action is just plop ally into play? Paying no resources and all? In the middle of combat? For 9 threat??
  7. Thats nice. Thanks! P.S.: Realised I made the thread in general forum and not in rules questions...
  8. Rules say that if encounter deck is ever empty in the questing phase, one should reshuffle it. What if a character attacks/get attacked by a tentacle (their effects ask to discard a card from the encounter deck and trigger if the card is another tentacle or have shadow effect) and the deck is empty? Do I get a free pass, because its a combat phase (like with shadow cards)?
  9. If Orc Raiders (Road to Rivendell) engages Beravor with Steed of the North, forced triggers before the response and forces her to discard the steed, so it cant be used now? Or she can trigger the steed before discarding it? At no point after the Orc Raiders revealed from the deck player can use events like Hand Upon the Bow or Galadhrim's Greeting to avoid this?
  10. Cold day in **** will be when i disgrace my game with those horrible erratas. I guess it was good choice to stop applying them after Will of the West atrocity. What card says is what i do, no more, no less.
  11. You are 100% correct and this really is clear open and shut. Azain's ability requires that he attacks and destroys an enemy (with or without other characters participating). Firefoot in no way initiates or starts another attack so even if you destroy an enemy with the "spill over" damage from firefoot Azain definitely did not attack and destroy that enemy so you will not be able to trigger his ability a second time. This is very straight forward. Nice, i knew it will trigger the effect cos its still the same attack and same damage, just "spills" to another crature, 100% giving another legit response (as its Azains attack that killed it) Azain can trigger if player have tactics (or Elrond) resource! Cool combo! Jokes aside, my premise was that its 1 attack killing 2 creatures, but it triggers not "when destroys an enemy" as i thought, but when he participates in attack. And damage assigned is probably not considered part of that attack anyway.
  12. What if Azain have Sword-Thain and Firefoot, would spill damage trigger the effect again? Is "excess damage" still counts as part of the attack?
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