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    Heirs of Numenor: Dethroned

    So, you concede that the quests are much harder than most others you've played, but you don't think it's that hard? Yes, I think you've mis-perceived how the community looks at the expansion. Ultimately, a lot of the perception of HoN has been passed on from people who got it when it was new. Viewed in the context of all the quests that exist now its difficulty level isn't so ridiculous, but compared to the two cycles which came before it it was a significant difficulty spike which came as quite a shock. And on top of the increase in difficulty it also turned traditional questing on its head with Battle and Siege, thus invalidating a lot of tried-and-true decks. Some people may have been so put off that they never went back to those quests, in which case the first impression becomes the only impression, while others even if they have revisited the quests may not have done so enough for greater experience to overcome their initial feelings based on that first impression. Hence a lot of the reputation. It doesn't help that the need to handle Battle and Siege questing restricts deck choices or pushes you to custom-building, which further discourages revisiting the quests. Even on more careful consideration the difficulty of the HoN quests is a bit out of whack - in the first two cycles there were some truly brutal cards but the encounter decks were so bloated that a lot of the time you wouldn't see them, or would see them once in a game, and it'd probably be OK. For HoN the designers had figured out it was better for the encounter decks to be tighter and more consistent, but some of those brutal card designs still remained as vestiges of the old ways (Collateral Damage, Watcher in the Wood, Orc Assault, etc) - only with the decks being more consistent now those brutal cards were much more of a constant problem (at least in multiplayer), which contributes to the feelings of unfairness. And all this is also precisely why new players are still warned against HoN. If, at the most extreme end, they're coming straight from the Core Set, then they'll have an even worse shock at the difficulty spike (EfDG notwithstanding), and without additional experience of the game they probably won't be able to easily figure out what to do. Also a limited card pool makes all problems in this game harder to solve. While the difficulty is manageable, the skill required to manage it (in both deckbuilding and playing the game) is usually only found in people with enough experience of the game not to be considered 'new' any more.
  2. PocketWraith

    It likes Riddles? loophole

    As the rules are written, you choose whether to answer the riddle or resolve the When Revealed, so clearly that happens before any part of the When Revealed resolves. So yes, you should be able to just answer the one riddle. Unless you *want* to answer additional riddles to get through stage 2 faster.
  3. PocketWraith

    Favourite Quest as of December 2018

    Nibin-Dum is from the Limited Edition Starter box, so yeah, far less people will have played it than Ettenmoors. Also, even for people who have played it, since it's much more recent they won't have played it as much. I've played Nibin-Dum once and don't remember it very well, whereas Ettenmoors I've played a fair few times.
  4. PocketWraith

    Craft Remedy - blanking text box

    But obviously in the case of the Derndingle Warrior this means you can only use the ability once.
  5. PocketWraith

    A Couple Questions

    The way you phrase this makes me think you've gotten it slightly confused. Ungoliant's Spawn is a Spider enemy. You don't pull out US 'along with' the Spider enemy, you pull it out as the Spider enemy the quest card tells you to get (In multiplayer *each* player has to pull out a Spider so you will get additional Spiders, but if you're playing solo you just grab US so you can win and leave it at that).
  6. PocketWraith

    A Couple Questions

    Well, you were playing the Spirit deck, which is the worst deck for combat. On the other hand it's probably the best deck for questing. If, on the other hand, you'd played your first game with the Tactics deck you would've been much better equipped to handle enemies, but totally unable to actually complete the quest due to a lack of willpower. It's worth noting - none of the starter decks in the Core Set are that great. Use them to learn the basics of how to play the game, but beyond that (and especially once you move on to the second quest) you probably want to look into building your own deck or finding a good decklist online to use, mixing two (or maybe three) spheres together rather than just taking all the good and bad cards from a single sphere.
  7. PocketWraith

    The Ghost of Framsburg

    As I said when you brought this up on Discord: Why not include both? Defensive attachments have to be first drawn and then paid for. Dain's ability is available right from the start of the game without needing anything else in play. As far as the risk of losing useful cards, how often do you draw your entire deck in the course of a game? Because until you empty your deck those cards you discarded could just as easily have been the ones on the bottom of your deck which you just never drew. You don't get them either way. Except since Spirit also has cards like Dwarven Tomb and Stand and Fight, you can potentially pick the ones you want out of your discard pile, and this ends up being a lot easier than trying to actually draw all of them into your hand.
  8. I would agree with the above reasons for going by cycle. The main reasons for going by pack instead to my mind would be the more continuous feeling of reward for unlocking cards as you progress, possibly unlocking cards slower might lead to some more creative deckbuilding experimentation if that's something you enjoy, and the big one, experiencing something like what it was like for players at the time of release who would play the new quests immediately rather than wait for the whole cycle before beginning. Ultimately you weigh up which of those aspects matter to you more and decide on that basis.
  9. PocketWraith

    Not Fair

    Personally I don't, either I skip straight to the determined stage or I'm just not in the mood (which generally means I wasn't really in the mood when I started playing) and take a break instead. I know there are plenty of people who do react as you describe though.
  10. PocketWraith

    Not Fair

    I would say that as you continue through the quests in release order you should find the number of instant death cards decreases, though it takes a while. When I was newer to the game, I just built a Dwarf deck because I'd heard they were super powerful and I wanted to see for myself, and I just ran that deck through every quest. For a while it was a consistent practice - whenever a new quest was released I'd run the Dwarves at it blind, thus getting a feel for the demands of the quest which I could take into account when playing it with other decks (custom built for it or just chosen for being well suited). It's possible something like that might work for you - just get yourself a powerful deck or two that can manage some of the unfair cards and use them as your proverbial canaries to reveal what the harsh effects in each quest are. Or, as other people have said, you could just not play blind, look through the encounter decks in advance, ask people who have played the quest before what you need to be prepared for, or learn about the quests in advance by reading blogs, watching video playthroughs, etc.
  11. PocketWraith

    Bolg, and first Goblin "each round"

    Yes, Bolg's Surge will trigger during setup, but then that's his Surge for the round so you won't get another during the first staging.
  12. PocketWraith

    Noob Questions about Galadriel

    [Citation needed] Seriously though, decks can be very successful while depending on certain other cards being in play if they have good card draw to find those important cards quickly (like, say, drawing an extra card per round from Galadriel plus using the Mirror of Galadriel to search for other useful cards). Like others, I often don't bother using Nenya, but even when I do I almost always treat it as an emergency measure - I plan on not using it (except perhaps for the Lore access) but hold Galadriel back just in case I need that boost of 4 willpower. If I do, she's available and I trigger Nenya after staging (much like discarding to Spirit Eowyn); if not I use her ability. This approach handily removes the need for readying on her. Also, you don't have to take our words for it, you can go watch videos of people playing decks which use Galadriel, or you can play such a deck for yourself. Experience is the best teacher.
  13. I play blind, but hanging out in community discussions I tend to have at least a couple of vague ideas about any given quest just from people's passing comments.
  14. The fact it draws a card for free ensures that it will never be useless. Also, it's a generic action, so you don't have to play it early in the round, you can wait until you don't need Dain any more if you want more resources.
  15. PocketWraith

    Fire in the Night

    Let her hit the town a couple of times while you're getting set up seems a likely strategy.
  16. Traffic from Dale doesn't work by itself as you're implying though. Compare a Dwarf deck and a Dale deck each with 5 allies in play. The Dwarf deck just needs to draw WANI and Lure of Moria to generate 5 net resources (and draw a card). The Dale deck needs to draw and pay for 6 attachments and Traffic from Dale to do the same. The draw and resources the Dale deck goes through to get that set up the Dwarf deck will use to play more Dwarves so they still stay ahead in the resource generating stakes.
  17. PocketWraith

    Events and Limit once per round

    Usually restrictions like once per round are checked by card, this is the case for Blue Mountain Trader. For events obviously this doesn't make sense since you can't play the same event twice (well, you can, but since it leaves play in the interim the game treats it as a new copy). So I believe any events with a once per phase restriction (I don't think there are any once per round events are there?) should be treated as if they have the more accurate later phrasing " [You/The players, as a group,] can only play 1 copy of [event] each phase."
  18. PocketWraith

    Flies and Spiders help.

    You didn't *have* to do anything. You *chose* to curse out the designers because you had a bad experience with a quest. That is not to my mind an appropriate or productive response, let alone an imperative. Personally I don't really like the design of any of the Hobbit saga quests, and have complained about them at some lengths, but I never felt the need to curse out the devs. And for the record I consider Flies and Spiders to be one of the better ones of them.
  19. PocketWraith

    Hero Addiction

    Not so much now, but I definitely went through a patch where my solution to (almost) any deck not working properly was to sub in Galadriel.
  20. PocketWraith

    Single Player (Solo) Game Mode

    The only thing which changes in the basic structure of the game based on the number of players is the number of cards you reveal in staging each Quest phase. Everything else works the same.
  21. PocketWraith

    Mount Doom - did we win?

    It also fits with what happens if you play the quests separately in campaign mode - resources are added to the Black Gate at the start of the quest phase, but only removed from the Mount Doom campaign card at the end of the round, so you get until the end of the round you lost at the Black Gate to win at Mount Doom.
  22. PocketWraith

    Mount Doom - did we win?

    I think you won. The Epic Multiplayer card says: " At the end of the round, if the last player at either scenario is defeated, both teams lose the game. If the Mount Doom scenario is defeated, both teams win the game." While putting them next to each other makes it more confusing, the win condition does not specify the end of the round. Losing is checked at the end of the round, but winning is instantaneous, so if you win the quest before the end of the round in which Aragorn went down you still win.
  23. PocketWraith

    Why is this forum so quiet?

    Yes. You are supposed to do one or other of those two things. The choice of which you do is a matter of personal preference.
  24. I think the distinction is that it says to place 1 progress *here*, as opposed to *on the current quest*. Current quest would follow normal rules, but 'here' is very specific.