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  1. Since getting good at the game, I've never spent more than one quest phase on stage 3 which makes it irrelevant.
  2. No. Objective allies are technically part of the encounter deck, so they only appear in a quest if they're in one of the encounter sets used to build the encounter deck for that quest. In the case of Wilyador, he's part of the Journey to Rhosgobel encounter set so he appears nowhere else.
  3. I'm against Blood of Gondor because the Hidden cards mechanic can be too randomly swingy. If different questing modes are an issue though, in addition to stage 2 being Battle, it starts as a Siege quest until you explore the Crossroads, so I'd view that as another pretty solid reason to avoid it.
  4. I'd be astonished if it doesn't - so far this cycle we have a Tactics Warrior attachment, a Lore Ranger attachment, and a Spirit Scout attachment; all we need is a Leadership Noble attachment to correspond exactly to the four trait-specific attachments from the Ring-maker cycle.
  5. Nope, but I've made some good use of Na'asiyah. http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/5964/the-path-to-redemption-1.0 https://wardenofarnor.wordpress.com/2017/08/06/deck-the-path-to-redemption/
  6. This seems weird to me. Why do you feel the need to delete a deck just because it never reached the front page?
  7. Hmm. I was sure there was a ruling saying that when the last card of the encounter deck was revealed, you finished resolving its effects before reshuffling (unless a reshuffle would required in order to resolve the card's effects). However I can't find this ruling. I don't think I imagined it...
  8. While I totally respect the decision not to netdeck (I pretty much never do), I will say that it shouldn't be anything like as much of a problem in this game. Since LotR is co-operative rather than competitive, there's no pressure to always be playing the best, most optimal deck. You only need to be playing a deck good enough to beat the quest you're playing, which will always be one of many possibilities. So if you get stuck on a quest, you could consider netdecking what someone else used, and once you've taken it through the quest and seen how it works you could take inspiration from that to find a different route to the same result. So yeah, not netdecking is cool, but I wouldn't be afraid of ruining the game by doing it if you hit a block on a quest.
  9. As one exception, in the event that an effect tells me to dicard from the encounter deck until a certain type of card is discarded and no such card exists in the encounter deck any more, I always figure the fairest thing to do is to discard the whole deck, then reshuffle it and stop there rather than be stuck in an infinite loop of discarding and reshuffling.
  10. Yeah, that works since you're not actually paying resources from her pool, which is the stipulation.
  11. Totally fair. Make sure you have enough money for yourself before giving any to me.
  12. I mean, Land of Shadow it was ages between GenCon and the wider release. But then as I recall Flame of the West actually turned up in UK stores the day before GenCon, so really, who knows?
  13. Warden of Arnor is looking for Patreon support! While I write the blog for my love of the game, the more I put into it the more it starts feeling like a (highly enjoyable) part-time job; and man cannot live (or afford better video editing software) by cards alone! As such, any contributions from members of the community who enjoy what I do would be greatly appreciated. I'm also still trying to think of more patron rewards I could offer, so I'd welcome any suggestions on that front! https://www.patreon.com/wardenofarnor
  14. Ah, well, we've all been approaching this from the perspective of ensuring you have enough resources to play them. If drawing them is the difficulty, then there are other posibilities. Erestor probably isn't such a great idea since it's hard to be sure you'll have the 4 resources whenever you draw a Tracker. Elven-light and Mirror of Galadriel (plus Galadriel's own draw) are the two things which really come to mind. Stargazer/Miner also helps since you'll be discarding cards which aren't Trackers and thus getting through your deck towards the Trackers that much faster.
  15. Imladris Stargazer/Zigil Miner is a good way to get extra resources in Spirit. Or Arwen of course, in a mono-Spirit deck you can guaranteeably get out a Northern Tracker any round you draw one so long as you have something to discard.