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  1. If you're playing in campaign mode then you have the chance to earn the Army of the Dead boon, which is an obective ally you then have with you for the following quest.
  2. Unless you revealed multiple copies of it, this is impossible, as there are only four different card types you can discard for a maximum of 8 threat.
  3. Huh? The quest is called Passing of the Grey Company. I've no idea where you got 'The Forbidden Door' from.
  4. I disagree. The word 'to' is very significant here. Where an effect says "Do X *to* Y," if you cannot do Y, so also cannot do X. There is precedent in the ruling on Flame of Anor that it cannot target an Istari character who is ready because of the phrasing with the word 'to'. So applying this principle, Athelas cannot be targeted on a character which cannot be healed.
  5. Necklace of Girion looks amazing. The other player cards definitely look like there's going to be a lot of interesting possibilities. I also like that apparently the first quest is Journey *Up* the Anduin.
  6. Why would you do that though?
  7. lulwut 4 willpower is mediocre?
  8. That would still kill her original archetype to my mind.
  9. My immediate impulse answer would be to just swap them. Put Angmar Orcs into Passage and Dol Guldur Orcs into Carn Dum.
  10. Post-errata Horn of Gondor is not a coaster. This isn't particularly relevant to the subject at hand but it always bugs me when people say it.
  11. If they thought that they just weren't playing it right. I find it harder to believe it would have been worth it on release to do it as a 1-time effect.
  12. They're limit 1 per character...
  13. https://wardenofarnor.wordpress.com/2017/11/18/faq-1-9-was-released-and-i-have-opinions/
  14. I have no idea if Caleb or anyone else from FFG will read this thread, but on the off-chance they do I just want to say that Aorakis is definitely not representative of the community in general. Personally, I disagree with two of the errata, and I do find them disappointing in that respect, but I still think in general that Caleb and FFG are doing a fantastic job with this game. I wouldn't normally feel the need to make a point of this, but I wanted to present a very definite counterpoint to this unwarranted and over the top vitriol, so again, if Caleb or anyone else at FFG reads this: Ignore the haters, you're doing fine.