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  1. PocketWraith

    Why is this forum so quiet?

    Yes. You are supposed to do one or other of those two things. The choice of which you do is a matter of personal preference.
  2. I think the distinction is that it says to place 1 progress *here*, as opposed to *on the current quest*. Current quest would follow normal rules, but 'here' is very specific.
  3. PocketWraith

    Win %

    I have no records, but my estimate would be somewhere around 80%, even including deck testing, weird jank, and Nightmare quests. Of course, it's possible my estimate is wrong because when I lose quickly it tends not to stick in my mind too much, but that's what I think anyway.
  4. PocketWraith

    Rhovanion Heroes

    Surely "attachements Arme" translates to "Weapon attachments"?
  5. PocketWraith

    Rhovanion Heroes

    I'm more bothered by the fact it has nothing to do with the Ranged keyword, but I suppose that oddity dates back to Hands Upon the Bow and this is just a newer example.
  6. PocketWraith

    Hope Rekindled

    I don't see why not. It still has the Valour trigger even if you're not using it.
  7. PocketWraith

    Behind Strong Walls

    Also the target of BSW is a defending Gondor character, whereas the target of the attack boost in Flame of Anor is the Istari you just readied.
  8. PocketWraith

    Topmost Chamber

    Technically (IIRC) the more recent ruling doesn't say the quest is advanced before the active location is explored. It says the quest is advanced before you trigger responses to the active location being explored. That's the only way I've been able to keep it straight in my head - by interpreting that the location does leave play immediately, but responses (and forced effects) don't trigger until you finish placing progress. Which is weird, and potentially confusing to resolve, and it'd be easier if things had been ruled to just work active location first in all cases, but I don't know that it's actually inconsistent.
  9. PocketWraith

    Lord Alcaron forced effect

    When an enemy makes an additional attack you discard the old shadow card(s) before dealing a new one.
  10. PocketWraith

    Why there are so many useless cards?

    Short answer: there aren't. Longer answer: Every card can be put to some use. Some cards only have fairly niche uses and some the use they can be put to is largely theoretical rather than something which comes up in practice (e.g. The End Comes), but every card can be used. These cards don't serve ny purpose in your opinion, but your opinion is not universal. The number of cards *I* really can't find a good use for is maybe 10. Some of those cards I know other people have used. And frankly, the designers are not infallible.
  11. PocketWraith

    Overgrovn trail and ranger character

    No. It's an action to exhaust a Ranger to place the progress, not a response to a Ranger being exhausted for a separate reason.
  12. PocketWraith

    Newbie Question

    If you're playing in campaign mode then you have the chance to earn the Army of the Dead boon, which is an obective ally you then have with you for the following quest.
  13. PocketWraith

    Time for a new forum game?

    Unless you revealed multiple copies of it, this is impossible, as there are only four different card types you can discard for a maximum of 8 threat.
  14. PocketWraith

    Newbie Question

    Huh? The quest is called Passing of the Grey Company. I've no idea where you got 'The Forbidden Door' from.
  15. PocketWraith

    Athelas & Taking On Water

    I disagree. The word 'to' is very significant here. Where an effect says "Do X *to* Y," if you cannot do Y, so also cannot do X. There is precedent in the ruling on Flame of Anor that it cannot target an Istari character who is ready because of the phrasing with the word 'to'. So applying this principle, Athelas cannot be targeted on a character which cannot be healed.