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  1. I would argue that there is no point in playing anything other then the class you want in Anima. The GM's job isn't to go to war with his players and thus it really shouldn't matter all that much what class you take or if it is really the most powerful. He should instead ensure that no matter what class or level the players are that things will be a fair but difficult challenge. That being said I have built absolutely terrifying characters with each class. I have demi-god mages capable of wiping out entire cities with ease, I have psychics who are capable of turning anybody in their path into a mindless puppet, and I have Ki users who could march right through anything thrown at them and ruthlessly slaughter their enemies. I've also seen a Taoist (With minimum skill in Ki) single handedly defeat an undead construct that the rest of their party seemed unable to scratch. And considering this party had a mage with almost complete mastery of necromancy, creation and essence magic; a Selene agent trained in psychokinesis and 3 other highly trained combat characters armed with artifact weapons... it sure as heck wasn't because the creature was weak.
  2. Yes, Black-Fox's post right above you has the answer to your question.
  3. No I believe you are correct, as far as I can tell the difficulty is static. Think about it this way: the book explains that tapping into nodes is highly dangerous, now if the difficulty was 1d10 + 1 that would mean the difficulty could be anywhere from 2-11. Now every single exxet book uses a roll up system NOT a roll under system. So if that was the case you add your 10 POW to whatever roll you get, which means you will get a score of 11 minimum... which means you have a 10% chance to not beat it... none of that sounds dangerous at all. Now granted even with a static number you aren't really risking much in that example. However if for example you needed to cast a divine magic spell with half zeon cost in order to afford it, now it sounds very dangerous... where as if it was a D10 + modifiers you would still stand a good chance of beating it.
  4. I agree with Latoshi. While I am all for expecting player's to sacrifice something for their goodies, my sacrifices are usually in the form of: (1) giving up on some other opportunity. (2) Spending large amounts of material wealth. (3) sacrificing unusual valuables such as gems, artifacts, rare creature components, etc. (4) Making decisions that will cost them something later such as owing somebody powerful a favor. The only instance I have found where the books require any sort of permanent sacrifice in order to create any kind of being is with the creation of a Sheele. And even when creating a Sheele the player is not required to spend his own DP, he merely sacrifices a single point from their Power characteristic.
  5. Actually the Arcana doesn't really give any in depth explanation as to why those three paths cannot spawn sheeles other then the fact that they aren't elemental. "In fact, except for Necromancy, Creation, and Destruction, which by their nature do not support the creation of Sheele, all the Paths of magic can give birth to their own kinds of elemental." I guess it all depends on whether or not you consider destruction and creation elements of magic. As for the Sheelitch, I actually find their creation easier to swallow then the other two. I don't exactly see myself using the summoned sheelitch since the undead have no soul to begin with, though I suppose through certain dark rituals they could in fact cheat by ripping a chunk of someone else's soul out for the ritual. Though I would imagine that not only would this be complicated but that it would be a very weak bond. And as far as the orphan sheelitch, it does say that it is rare so I would assume that in those cases the master happens to die in the presence of necrotic energy which has a tendency to corrupt and taint all that it touches. And since a sheele does have a piece of its master's soul it only makes sense to me that necromancy - an art that corrupts the soul's natural cycle - would be able to influence this.
  6. (1) I cannot think of any reason you shouldn't be able to use defined projection with innate magic. (2) The zeon cost for defined projection is completely separate from the cost of the spell. So yes the spell is free but the projection is not, you still have to pay the cost for it.
  7. Agreed, if FFG decides they are well and truly done with Anima then that just means anyone with a decent offer (such as the dev team) could claim it and give it new life. You really can't kill something like Anima that easily.
  8. One of the biggest reasons my group ruled that See Supernatural shouldn't trump all methods of hiding the supernatural is due to the fact that it only costs 1 CP. Take Danger Sense for example, it grants players a sixth sense that makes it impossible to be caught off guard by danger and impossible to be surprised by anything other than being beaten by 150 points in initiative. Even though Danger Sense doesn't tell you the source of the danger and thus is no more than a really reliable though vague warning system, it is still a 2 CP advantage. Therefor it made no sense to give a 1 CP advantage that kind of all seeing power.
  9. Good to hear, though for the benefit of anyone else who might need the answer at some point could you please post the answer or where you found it. As for how my group decided to handle see supernatural (until we find a better way) is that see supernatural simply makes it possible to see these things and thus it becomes a contested check between the players notice/search against whatever skill is being used to hide the power. This of course takes into accounts for any appropriate penalties, for instance accumulating large small amounts of zeon gives a small penalty to hiding it, while large amounts of zeon brings larger penalties.
  10. Personally I don't think you really said too much. More or less what I got out of it is that someone involved with Anima still very much remembers us and that there is just some unknown obstacle in the way and that as soon as it is cleared they will move forward. In all honesty the obstacle could be literally anything; I mean yeah theoretically it could be plans to leave FFG but I highly doubt that, there could be any number of administrative or economic obstacles holding them back most of which wouldn't be their fault or FFG's fault. I mean heck for all we know they could be on the verge of completing a whole new book for the game, creating a sports team or even founding their own nation so they can fund the project on tax payer's dollars. Also if you are still worried about having said too much just remember that he most likely is smart enough not to tell you anything that absolutely could never get out or disaster would strike. I mean if he came out and said something like "Well the CEO is standing in our way... so I hired an assassin to eliminate him so we can move forward." and it ever got out..... everything would be over. So in the end even if some of what he said was private, I doubt there is anything he said so private that something would be ruined if exposed.
  11. Thanks good to know im still golden with just the base book. Its how i usually roll in rpgs seems like you could run everything from classic swords and sorcery to scifi with this system My group has actually run sci-fi campaigns with this system, it takes a bit of creativity but it can be done. I also went and looked through my archives and found the core exxet's athletics chart in case you wanted to see the official rulings. In the core exxet the athletics skill affects not only your movement value but also how long you can run or move at full movement value before having to burn a fatigue point. Result | Movement Bonus | Running Duration | Max Movement Duration <40 | None | 1 min. | 1 turn 40 | None | 5 min. | 2 turns 80 | None | 5 min. | 5 turns 120 | None |10 min. | 10 turns 140 | None | 40 min. | 15 turns 180 | +1 | 1 hour | 1 minute 240 | +1 | 2 hours | 2 minutes 280 | +2 | 5 hours | 3 minutes 320 | +2 | 1 day | 5 minutes With the Core Exxet's rules for athletics the greatest advantage of investing in the skill isn't increased movement value, it is actually reduced fatigue loss. As you can see with the chart above simply going from easy to difficult levels of athletics doubles the amount of time you can run before having to burn a fatigue point. I personally think giving a player +1 movement value per 40 points would be quite unbalanced. I personally have an acrobatic warrior who would be able to reach movement value 14-15 easily with such a ruling which would enable her to move 166-266 feet per second as long as she had learned zen.
  12. Fantasy Flight Games released an updated core book called "core exxet" and it is like 90% the same as the original core book. So to help us out one of the guys here on the forum created a file that just had all the things that were new to the core exxet and put it up for download. That way we could get the few minor changes without having to buy a whole new book. I can't remember exactly where this file was but if you search for "core exxet" you should find it. Uhm. What? I thought that was a supplement. Not a second edition . . . . youd think they would make stuff like that more clear yeah its another edition but the amount of stuff that changed is very small and might as well be a supplement.
  13. Fantasy Flight Games released an updated core book called "core exxet" and it is like 90% the same as the original core book. So to help us out one of the guys here on the forum created a file that just had all the things that were new to the core exxet and put it up for download. That way we could get the few minor changes without having to buy a whole new book. I can't remember exactly where this file was but if you search for "core exxet" you should find it.
  14. You only sink after your movement value because you have burned up the ki point you put into it not because you stopped moving, if you put in more ki then you won't sink. As for running on ceilings I would disagree strongly here, yes you might weight less but you still weigh something and gravity will pull you down. Now that being said if there was some way for you to cling to the ceiling no matter how flimsy then yes you could move across it. For instance if there was an iron ceiling and you had magnetic boots or something than yes because the magnets pull would be stronger than what little gravity was effecting you. You could also climb across a ceiling covered in vines or other similar surfaces since the reduced weight would take most of the strain off of you. Other uses my group has come up with are climbing walls with string, making yourself light enough that a cloak can work as a parachute, crossing rickety bridges that normally couldn't support your weight, attaching string to arrows and then creating tightropes to various places. Pretty much anyplace weight would be the main issue weight elimination helps, the way I think figure out if something can work is I ask myself could a sheet of paper stay there. Put a sheet of paper on the ceiling and it will fall, put it on water and it will float, put it on a string and it will stay. I would disagree since your ability to run on water is because your weight has been altered and not because of how fast you are moving. That and it never places a limit on how much you can alter your weight, if you weighed as much as an ant then you simply wouldn't weigh enough to sink regardless of whether you are running, standing, sitting, or doing a handstand while spitting jelly beans.
  15. This is easily countered by a Nemesis user who has matrices cancellation, Matrices cancellation depletes the potential of any incoming psychic power and since this player tends to launch several low potential strikes they would all simply fizzle out harmlessly.
  16. Personally I would say that means you can maintain it, almost every other ki ability that has a per turn cost is capable of being maintained so I don't see any reason why this one should be any different. As for the rest the GM will have to decide what his official stance on it will be.
  17. I would say there is nothing wrong with "punishing a player as long as it is done constructively. Forcing a player to focus on his character more than his stats is constructive, killing him and everything he holds dear because "I just don't like the shirt you wore today.".....not so constructive.
  18. A less drastic approach is simply remind him in a non lethal manner that he is not a god. Put him in situations that he can't simply bash his way out of. For instance if this character is a really righteous holier than though paladin who seem to think based on his skills that he is god's personal chosen. Force him to face an evil that trumps him in some other way. For instance in the case of the paladin I would have an agent of the Selene who was hired to "break him" put him into a situation where several things important to him were in danger and raw combat power would not be able to save the day. In this case the player would only have 2 options;try to brute force his way through or turn to role play and creative thinking to save the day. If he still opted for brute force he would fail because this rival would be built to counter him and thus he would learn the hard way that you can't power game your way past the GM. If he got creative and began actually role playing he might avoid losing everything. I personally don't like to just "off" a character since my players really get invested in their characters and would honestly be very hurt and might actually drop out if they felt I just wrote them off. This is why I just get creative and FORCE them back into the right frame of mind. And if I do feel I need to off a character it won't be permanent, for instance instead of killing this power gamer perhaps he gets captured by some powerful foe and the party then has to rescue him in a manner that combat turds can't. If you want I could give you some ideas if you messaged me more details on this character such as his class, play style, character personality, etc.
  19. It would seem to me that you could, that being said I feel like it would be fair to require that the zeon already be accumulated by the time you launch the attack. And of course there would probably be penalties of some sort though I can't exactly pull out my books right now to check on that. The way I see it if I were to simply try to reach out and touch you against your will you could dodge it, and that isn't too different from a normal attack when you look at it.
  20. You are correct in stating that all items have quality, the creators probably just didn't see any need to label all normal items as 0 quality because it would get really repetitive. When you assign something a + or - quality value you are simply stating that it is better or worse quality than usual. In fact the equipment ability does not affect artifacts with a pre-existing quality bonus so the fact that shadow weapons do not possess any quality bonuses supports the use of Noah with them.
  21. Hopefully soon I can get my group's GM council to sit down and go over the list as a whole, if we do I will probably have a lot of feedback for you. One thing that I can think of right off the bat is the Asthma disadvantage. I can honestly say it pretty much represents a minor asthmatic very well, that being said you could honestly have a lvl 2 version that is much more severe. Since I know many asthmatics myself I know it can be crippling when you are exposed to the right conditions, I know when they get really bad not only can they not perform physical activities well but can also become irritable and have a hard time concentrating in short it affects all skills. Perhaps some sort of all action penalty when in environments that have a lot of mold, dust, pollen, and such. Also sleeping in such an environment doesn't do asthmatics any favors since if you are having a hard time breathing while sleeping you don't rest well and would probably get the insufficient sleep penalty. That and I'm not quite sure how I would work this in but some asthmatics find cold air helps ease their symptoms others find it makes things worse. Perhaps a player with asthma and weakness to cold would have to add cold to his list of triggers.
  22. Just to clarify I never meant that they were soulless, however in the Arcana under the section "Death of a Sheele or its master" It states that if the Sheele dies the player has lost part of his soul and thus does not regain the point of POW he spent in its creation. Thus I believe I was correct in stating that a Sheele does not have its own soul but a piece of yours. Though as far as game mechanics it really doesn't make any difference so long as it has a soul. And as far as why I put a restriction on Mass Movement it was because players were abusing it horribly to the point where they were getting incredibly arrogant and were also getting bored. Also seeing as a player can resist Ki Destruction, Combat Aura as well as any Dominion Technique that has the supernatural States ability, I figured it made sense that they could resist this as well. Also it's not as if I made it useless I just made it so that throwing a lvl 5 warrior would cost more than throwing a lvl 1 guard or lvl 0 farmer, so they can still use it almost whenever they want they just don't see it as something that makes them unstoppable.
  23. I'm not opposed to such harsh disadvantages as long as the player taking them knows exactly what he is asking for. For instance if a player takes the Selene as a powerful enemy and after I ask him if he is sure and he responds with, "yeah I understand, I'll just have to watch my back and not attract too much attention that's all." I would try to give him a proper idea of exactly how much he is trying to shoot himself in the foot, and if he still didn't get it I would probably shut it down or give him a less painful alternative. As far as the Imperium as a powerful enemy that is something I would never allow. The way I see it I would really REALLY have to dumb down the powers in the shadow in order to make it even possible to survive for more than a single session. And at that point it would make a mockery of half the lore in Anima, it would be much more appropriate to make a new organization that while dangerous and far reaching isn't capable of wiping out a nation overnight.
  24. I see Infamy as being similar to having society at large as a powerful enemy, and as such it would not just be simple villagers coming after you. Personally as a GM if I had a player choose it I would ensure some of the people who despised him were capable of taking him on. And the ones who couldn't take him on would send word to those who could.
  25. I personally wouldn't have it spend its master's MK I would be more likely to limit it to only Ki abilities that its master knows or something along those lines. Also Anima does have something for just about everything in its rules. But as they admit many times in the various books it is 100% impossible to think of every possibility which as with all role play games is why the GM needs to be able to think on his feet. Also as you get going you will find plenty of things to base your decisions off of. For instance when my mentor and I worked out how to balance mass movement incombat we loosely based the costs of boosting the PhR required off of the rules for Ki destruction being used on players.
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