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  1. Yes, mine also arrived by USPS Priority mail, even though I had specifically chosen to have a UPS worldwide delivery (as I live in France). I find it a bit unacceptable on the part of FFG to sell the shipping as "UPS Worldwide" and claim the delivery takes 2-4 business days only to find out that the parcel took 2 weeks to arrive (as opposed to the traditional USPS First Class International which only takes one week, weekend included!)
  2. I played my first game today and got to pick up Cover Up. However it got me wondering: can you use the clues from any location (acquired through the Investigate action) in order to advance the Plot deck? Or do you have to discard that same number of clues from the Cover up card instead? I mean, do you have the choice between the 2 actions or do you necessarily have to "give up" the clues?
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