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  1. So what do you use for the roll then?
  2. Thanks so much for your help, although expect me to be back in a day or two. I'm just starting the section on magic.
  3. Ok thanks. I didn't use the down load you put up (It wanted me to download some stuff I wasn't sure about) but I still found the Lost Lore Errata, thanks though. however I came across another problem between today and yesterday that the errata isn't clearing up. It didn't mention how weapons work, not that I could find anyway. If I understand it, weapons have a weight which determines the number of ready actions are needed to use it again as well as draw them. Yet it also states that the weight is the base requirement but also briefly mention a weapons ready requirement, (All this on page 140 of the hand book) how does that work? Also it doesn't explain modern weapon reloading. The closes thing I could find was in the Errata when it explained ranged mythic reloading which doesn't look anything like the modern one. How does it all work?
  4. So I'm just starting to learn the game and I'm trying to figure out the way the health chart works. The book says Earth=the number you put in the wounds box. But in the example they give on diagram 6-2 the box has a 4+ when it explains that the Earth score is 5 and the Water score is 4. Later in diagram 6-4 the minor wound is 3+ while it is explained that Earth is 4 and Water is 3. Is there something I'm missing here because that doesn't make sense.
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