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  1. Acually the dice wasn't bad (a few minutes) and resolving the battles was enjoyable for me. What got me bogged down was book keeping since I would get confused by different formats the diffrent players were useing. Compounded by the fact that several players started drastically changing their format which lead to me making alot of errors. And every error would then take like 20 minutes to fix
  2. This was another option since jabba is practically eleminated and also has helped me set up the game to a degree.
  3. So a few options 1) we can continue although I can only promise 1 turn a week (and the cycle will probably be Monday to Friday and then give me the weekend to resolve it) 2)we can find a new GM and I can pass the buck 3) we can call it good (I forsee a rather inevitable snowball happening anyway) Again sorry guys, I underestimated how long it would take to process everything properly and didn't anticipate several IRL hindrances for me.
  4. Argg sorry guys I thought I finished everything... Hectic weekend... Oof this is Turing out it be more of a time investment then I Anticipated.
  5. Hyperpings: Bespin, corusaunt, fondor, Hadoral Prime,kashyyk,kuat, ryloth,sullust At bespin an imperial force approaches the planet and quickly Dispatches a rebel Cr90 which was in the area. At Fondor an imperial fleet engages the local garrison fleet, the garrison fleet takes heavy damage losing a nebulon-b and forced to retreat. The imperial forces suffer some damage and lose a Gozanti cruiser with the ground forces on board. At Ryloth a large Rebel Fleet intercepts an Imperial force attempting to Secure the area. The Imperial Force is almost annihilated by overwhelming firepower and is forced to retreat, losing an VSD and an GSD and 2 tie bombers. the last GSD is left with 1 hp retreats. The rebels suffer some significant damage but dont lose any ships. a couple other results may be pending @LTD, @Npmartian, @GhostofNobodyInParticular, @The Jabbawookie, @CaribbeanNinja, @Ling27
  6. good news! processing is finally done! bad news i just found a rather large error...so i may need to trouble suit that a little....
  7. Yea sorry I wasn't able to finish processing today but I should be able to during the day tomorrow
  8. Update: mostly processed I need to resolve battles and I am awaiting a clarification from a couple players
  9. all orders have been received, im going to process them ASAP
  10. Sorry for the delay guys, hopefully we can get everything done soon (this game is going great logistically)
  11. OK ruling, we are going to let the event slide this turn (also the Rebel player at Batoon may move his fleet to any adjacent for this turn only) after this all retreats will be inforced to move to deep space or a Friendly territory
  12. I might also simply say that it doesn't apply to neutral planets.
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