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  1. Question, does The Improved Shipyards discount apply to Repairs as well?
  2. If it was me, I would give the Lucerhulks Warship 2 and reduce their cost to 200
  3. The Senate wishes to Commamorate the acheivments of the brave soldiers that won this great Victory over the Separatists! They will commence discussion on the subject of how to properly reward this behavior....
  4. Just to clarify, does a ship need to suffer Damage greater then half of its Point cost to be scarred? Or is it just if it takes damage? For example the recent encounter between a pelta and a RcB, 64 vs 110 Final roll was 20% lost vs 30% lost, wouldn't that Mean the Pelta takes 12 points of damage and remains unscarred, and then the RcB takes 19 points of damage and also remains unscarred? basacially both ships suffer minor damage that is easily repaired without the need for special equipment and repair docks etc.
  5. Haha Yea I know, and that's fine. And if the Entire CIS wants to be Separatists just because! So be it... But I will be protesting 😜
  6. So... Did any of us sign up to watch the GA play? I know I didn't... I don't see this as being a problem...
  7. @Bertie Wooster Admiral! My Spy has Returned with valuable Information, use Encryption code: [©gtyw$#%gut5] Soon we will have those Clankers on the Run!
  8. That's fair, I vote to change it! But if we decide not to I will rest my case...
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