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  1. That is my fleet moving to a ready position (unless someone else came to dsD as well)
  2. So @BiggsIRL, I would like to broker a peace deal between you and @GhostofNobodyInParticular, would this be possible?
  3. clontroper5

    Vassal Unique League(s) - Signups

    So postponed? Do you need recruiters? I can conduct a hype train....
  4. Hey, all I'm saying is I would perfer to gain territory without haveing a war! That's 100% my honest position
  5. That is true, I would perfer a more diplomatic resolution
  6. Perhaps, I currently only have the one ship over D (which I intended to move this turn) do you feel you still require assistance defending D?
  7. clontroper5

    Vassal Unique League(s) - Signups

    At some point I'm just gonna say, "screw it! I'm bringing an SSD" and biggs won't stop me!
  8. @GhostofNobodyInParticular, I believe that I will be able to come to a beneficial diplomatic resolution with the Tron'di in the coming turns, I ask you to hold off your attack for now. Now it is your decision but if you do hold off attacking I will make sure your poeple benefit from any agreement I am able to make
  9. Good, we will continue our discussion into the next turn then
  10. Well @BiggsIRL I appreciate your confidence in me. Unfortunately it appears we will be unable to reconcile your desires with that of my Allies right now. Given one more turn I feel like we would be in a place to better accommodate your demands and desires... What say you?
  11. clontroper5

    Custom Card Generator

    *Comes back to post about how unceremonious it was*
  12. My expectations are simple, you surround my core systems and I appreciate the Defense this provides me. I would only ask that this protection continues in the future
  13. Also yes I just realized I was offered Z and P instead O. So edit my previous statements with that assumption (although I would perfer Z and O because of logistical purposes)
  14. So basically my conditions right now is that I receive ownership of O and Z, and I am open to any proposal involving trading credits or IC etc. That would result in that.