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  1. I KNOW! I was so excited to see some cool changes!
  2. For anyone who hasn't looked at the x wing page, the new points have been listed today, but I haven't found any major changes. Granted, I probably haven't spent enough time looking over it and don't remember a lot of the old point values. Anyone see any exciting changes or tweaks? Any new builds open up?
  3. joshthesheep


    I disagree with your agreement.
  4. Yeah, I was agreeing with you. They really snubbed us on the tokens...
  5. ummm... the wikis for the rebel and scum conversion kits? and I was reading the cards at home? http://xwing-miniatures-second-edition.wikia.com/wiki/Rebel_Alliance_Conversion_Kit http://xwing-miniatures-second-edition.wikia.com/wiki/Scum_and_Villainy_Conversion_Kit it's under the illicit upgrades section...
  6. Hmm... I forgot about that in the rebel kit, I knew they had the rigged cargo chute card. They kinda snubbed us with the tokens in the conversion kits didn't they.
  7. It's quite simple. You just run away and drop cargo as you go. Got some cheeky interceptor on your tail? Just drop a bunch of cargo in front of his face and throw 4 red die at em!
  8. I personally find this extremely ironic and hilarious that Han is flying around with Jabba the Hutt, literally dumping his cargo all over the map.
  9. So, I was looking at Scum Han and thinking "How can I increase the consistency of Han's ability to fire obstructed shots?" An thus, I came up with this monstrosity: Han Solo (The Corellian Kid) -Trick Shot -Rigged Cargo Chute -Jabba The Hutt That's right, you can litter the map with 5 debris clouds. You should be able to get an obstructed shot with 11 obstacles on the field. You can even add in Ablative Plating and Lando's Falcon Title with an Outer Rim Pioneer for more obstacle shenanigans. Fill in the rest of the list for taste. What do you think? Cheeky Jank? or Viable Scum tactic? Is littering the new scum Meta?
  10. Endor all the way. Such a beauty. It has all the right proportions too.
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