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  1. The game has been out out about 2-3 years now, there are various known printing/textual errors on cards (that have been stated by individuals asking FFG then posting the answer) and there are load of ambiguous cards resulting in lots and lots of questions to all the forums. So submitting a question doesn't really help anyone other than the person asking. FFG have so far not produced any FAQ or errata, unlike all their other games. I have no idea why. I have no idea why they are refusing to help out the community.
  2. Just got this, I'm sure it's going to be great, but I'm really disappointed by the packaging. You can see from the minute of opening it, for what is a premium priced product they've scrimped on every detail and it's quite a poor show in comparison to Arkham Horror. You look at the ancient one cards and think, hmm, these are quite small compared to Arkham and the writing is tiny. But regardless, that may have been a design decision, my main gripe is you see the crappy folded cardboard inset and wonder, where do I put my stuff? In Arkham and most other good games you get a plastic insert to at least put some of your parts in, like clues, health, sanity, cards. Here you get literally nothing. You can't even take apart the parts until you have prepared bags and boxes for everything before you even start. Why? it costs pennies for an insert and half the games I buy now come with empty plastic resealable bags... We pay a fortune for your games, the least you could do is make an effort with the packaging.
  3. If you need tablet, count me out. 1. 10 years time, can you see the app being updated? Board games are for long term. 2. App means dlc,which means the gameplay will be limited unless you keep buying new misions 3. This is a worrying trend I hope stops.
  4. Never spotted that. Still doesn't say what level of difficulty is. I worry when you can't play a board game without a tablet. Next you'll be saying they've invented a game that only requires a tablet
  5. From a visual point of view, it's clearly taking ideas from Pandemic, which isn't a bad thing because that's a great game. Then add the XCOM factor What I really enjoy about Pandemic is it can be learnt in 10 minutes and taught to children in minutes too, yet is none the worse for it. What I worry is XCOM will turn into yet another game requiring a 60 page tomb, the memory and intellectual capacity of a scientist comprising difficult rules, loads of look up tables and complex gameplay requiring constant reference to the manual. Which way will this be going? I do hope it's one I can play casually with friends and family and not have to either go to a board game club or play by myself (with Arkham, I have to play 3 characters myself )
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