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  1. One of my first take aways from the data was that there are 4 Drall. Which, with their high intellect stat, kinda made sense. But three of them are from one players series of 3 campaigns. Which makes me wonder if theres just one guy/gal out there who really really loves Drall. And thatd be neat.
  2. I tried to add everything up so far. Some comments were left off because they details were unclear. Possible I've messed up some spelling here and there. Am not sure if every listed species is actually published, because theres so many and I certainly dont have them memorized. Aleena 2 Arkanian 3 Besalisk 2 Bothan 6 Cerean 1 Chadra Fan 2 Chevin 1 Chiss 8 Clawdite 4 Clone 8 Corellian Human 6 Devaronian 4 Drall 5 Droid 20 Dug 1 Duros 3 Falleen 5 Fargul 1 Gamorrean 1 Gand 2 Gank 3 Gigoran 1 Givin 1 Gotal 1 Gran 1 Human 57 Ithorian 1 Jawa 2 Kaminoan 1 Kel Dor 1 Klatoonian 1 Mandalorian 5 Melitto 1 Mirialan 5 Mon Calamari 3 Mustifarian 1 Nagai 1 Nautolan 2 Pantoran 2 Rodian 3 Ryn 1 Sathari 1 Selonian 1 Shistavanen 3 Sith 1 Sluissi 1 Squib 1 Sullustan 3 Togruta 3 Trandoshan 5 Twilek 16 Verpine 1 Vurk 1 Weequay 2 Whiphid 3 Wookiee 12 Yuzzem 1 Zabrak 9 Zeltron 2 Zygerrian 1
  3. Current game Human Chevin Chiss Melitto (Me) I decided to make most of my character just using Cyphers and Masks. Melitto are interestingly alien, both in appearance and society. I actually chunked Balosar because "human with fuzzy antennas" was too close to just being human.
  4. RAC took second in Munich. Didn't look for others RAC had Palp there if I remember correctly. What else is there? Bombers?? I mean swarms are waaay better with crackshot. The imperials have the best aces in the meta right now and Palpatine is great for I points. The only archetype left side bombers/ordnance and firesprays lolPerhaps. I guess my point was more on how dominant Palp and Crack shot are with Imperials. Even with the ships that do fall in those lists, they aren't seen in any other form other than Triple aces. Triple aces is a list I really like that falls outside of the use of Palp and Crack because it takes an expert level of flying to take it to the top. No surprise that The 3x world Champ (which, now that I think about it, he ran 4 ships and no Palp, so he doesn't fall under the criteria I was looking for. Figures.) and world's runner up, were the 2 I can think of to find good success with it. Just makes me worry about Imperials is all. Palp Aces is on top of the totem right now, so competitively they are fine, but list diversity for the Imps is not great and I'm not sure we would see them much at all without those upgrades. But, I guess that's always been the case with Imps. The thing about the crack swarm, palp aces, and triple aces is that there can be a decent amount of diversity among lists that all fall under the same description. Agreed. Reducing Imps to three broad list seems unnecessarily reductive.
  5. This is just nuts. I hope there was food close by. I would be really interested to hear what the players thought. It's one thing if the FINAL is ending at say, 1:30 AM. But I think their cut to top 16 happened after midnight. They even had a game on stream after the cut where it was Whisper+swarm against Whisper+Doom Shuttle+Palp Shuttle, and after the Whisper+swarm player lost his Whisper, he just shook the guys hand and left. Ya, he was pretty far behind, but a couple good blocks on the other Whisper and he has a good shot to win. But I think he had to have been at the point where he wanted rest more than to keep playing. The other Whisper would have had to really messed up to allow himself to get blocked in any meaningful way. There was almost half a board between him and TIEs, who were all facing away from him. Opponent still had a full health Palpmobile backing him up and a full health Vadermobile that would have been throwing out crushes on low HP TIEs. It was over. Better to save the half hour and call it a night.
  6. player1580670

    Ciena Ree

    Really doesn't match the "style" of the crew cards at all, IMHO. Looks the most like the art used on the RPG character cards, for my money...wonder if she's one of the characters in the upcoming 'Force Awakens' RPG? Doesn't really fit her timeline. Lost Stars takes place mostly in the original trilogy period.
  7. player1580670

    Ciena Ree

    Whoa, I am like 95% through the book and must agree with you. Very enjoyable read. Well written story, likeable characters. Lots of info about Imperial Navy (dem protein drinks ) Unless you are reading and posting right now, I don't know how you put it down at 95%! I was GLUED those last few chapters,
  8. The timing. The little tips up to see the dial. This is all pretty blatant. Take to break out the SHAME bells,
  9. It just occurred to be that Vader shot his BFF R2. With a starship laser. Thats one evil dude.
  10. I fought a Wampa/Palp/Vader/Omega leader list. I left Wampa and Palp for last because the only ships with less than 4 hull I brought were Zs. Thats not really a knock on Wampa. No ship is good at every match up. But for 14 points he puts some fear in alot of common ships, and against everything else he's still a super cheap TIE Fighter.
  11. but switching Turr for Soontir or Jax doesn't really change anything it's just one ace for another, when was the last time you saw 3 or more Interceptors on a table, i haven't seen it since the SC season of 2014 and they where my Interceptors "Can you spam it" is a poor measure of a list being good. The goal should be to build a list thats flexible in its strengths and weaknesses. Not have one super ship that covers all possible situations. And putting two on the table wouldnt be crazy. Thats good for a ship at its cost.
  12. The HWKs most glaring weakness dont seem easily fixed in the typical manner. It has a very limited dial, which is intended and not easy to reverse now. And it has 1 red attack die. But turrets cover that. Which, was probably always the intent. The best way to make the HWK better is for FFG is keep adding good crew and turrets. Stuff like some of the Rebels even open back up the dial. And as a final consideration, there is the marketing aspect. The HWK just isnt sexy in a box.
  13. I haven't had a chance to play with them, but I've had a chance to play against them. Its a solid upgrade. I had one game where my opponent deflected 2 direct hits in exchange for relatively cheap targeting astros. I know thats probably the extreme edge of how good it can be, but it was frustrating and effective.
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