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  1. Thank you. So if I have a houndred cultists back at the HQ they will all move with the warlord? fair enuff-
  2. Something that would be awesome would be the ability to have like necrons with stats of 1/2 or 1/3, and they will almost always be able to stand back up after u hit em down! And maybe the Necron Lord can use Orb of Resc and mass resc all Necron Units that has been destroyed at that planet.
  3. If I have unit/s at my HQ and I want to deploy them to a planet, can I do that freely or do I have to pay the deploy cost, if token cards such as Cultists are at HQ can I put them at any planet for free?
  4. Oh and one more thing what is meant with ''Ranged Skirmish''?
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