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  1. I think the fact that they've used characters like She-Hulk, Mockingbird, Black Cat, The Wrecking Crew, Tygra, and Ms Marvel shows that they not only probably have access to the entire Marvel IP, but they aren't just going to prop themselves up by focusing mostly on movie only characters.
  2. Considering recent movies, I wouldn't be surprised if the first story box was Thanos/Black Order with Guardians. On a related note, if/when they do put out Guardians, I hope Rocket and Groot are separate decks that synergize well together, and not a single deck. On the other hand, if they did combine them, that'd be a good way to do their hero/alter ego card
  3. I think you should be able to get the naga still if you order the 6 month subscription. They should have more details on the website. They only advertise the next mini a few months out from release, but there's no reason to believe they won't continue the line. I think their regular warmachine/horads focused mini crate is on its 3rd or 4th round. They won't spoil whoever is after Shoju (probably Kaito Kosori) until April, and we won't know the beginning of the next round plus bonus mini until May.
  4. On page 27 of the rule book makes it pretty clear. After Step 5: Choose Kept Dice, place one die of the noted type in the pool set to the specified result. It is a kept die.
  5. I would be highly surprise if they didn't do at least 1 dynasty cycle this year. The plan seem to be originally only 2 clan packs per year, but later decided to get them all out quicker. I would doubt that affected their original plans as much as some might think. It's possible that Children of the Empire is replacing one of the dynasty cycles, but I'd still expect to see at least 1 normal cycle this year as well.
  6. Since there are now 30 major families in the great clans (now that the Kaito are promoted), It'll probably be 1/family plus some minor ones.
  7. I could Imagine, if your character was a Kaiu or an Agasha, making your own daisho could be part of your gempuku
  8. Yes, as long as the cost for said action doesn't involve bowing that card. Its in the rules reference under bow, bowed.
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