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  1. I feel like there are more prequel capital ships than in the rest of the movies
  2. I think you will constantly see a new stream of ships from new movies and shows. Clone wars is a natural fit for armada. I expect it announced at GenCon along with content for Legion. Starting X-wing, I have no idea where 75% of the ships come from. All these shows I havent watched
  3. I just started to get back into Armada so I came here for some discussion. Is it not a given that the clone wars will come to Armada? It would make sense to me to launch a new two player starter I have locals that want to get into it but they’re scared that it’s dead. And of course many places you go on the Internet people preach the doom of Legion. I don’t know anyone playing it but it sure does get a ton of releases
  4. Like if a ship accidentally (or on purpose) hits another ship in movement. How is the damage dealt? Does it continue when it moves again? What about fighters?
  5. They are great on Amazon, but dont have what I need...
  6. I wonder if I could start out with Half the starter, then goto 200 and then on
  7. Yeah its $47 to ship that bag
  8. Well this does bring up a dumb question I have. What is the average size game of Armada? Also for tournaments?
  9. Do you have a link for that?
  10. I've seen it done with GW games before. Its a great way of getting people into games
  11. Who do you recommend, in the US (or ships free)
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