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  1. jesper_h

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I probably play around 10-12 actual tournament games in any given month, on average. With a handful of tournament-quality practice around that with friends. I had roughly 25 tournament-level reps with Fenn, Teroch, Palob (or small variations of) before Coruscant.
  2. jesper_h

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    I hate myself for giving enough of a crap to jump into this thread. But: I will say that despite the illegal game state problems should most definitely have been flagged to a judge by any reasonable spectator, it was my choice to put my ships into the position where game state errors screwed me over. I made a couple of tactical errors in that game that I didn't make in my previous match against Roger. If my positioning had been more appropriate, the game state errors would have resulted in an inconvenience rather than an effective game loss. I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with the narrative that Roger Jeske only won because he forgot to deal his damage card faceup. I also reject the suggestion that "US players weren't even trying". That's lazy and too broad of a stroke. With the exception of Chamblee, who was literally the one person in the room who had nothing to prove, each of my opponents went in hard. I will concede the point that many US players did probably feel like they had less to lose than most EU players, however. And while I'm here, if anybody thinks 6-0 (okay okay, 5-0) and 2245 MOV with Fenn, Teroch, Palob is some kind of laughable anomaly from a "meme event" with no viable spot in the metagame, then you're an actual idiot. Haha oh stop it you. No, please, keep going.
  3. jesper_h

    European Championship

    Top 4 of the European Championship was: Ben Lee: Yorr, Quickdraw, Inquisitor vs Jack Mooney: Ghost, Fenn Ashok Hemmings: Nym, Miranda vs Wouter Ouwehand: Chirenau, Quickdraw Ben (186th Squadron, UK) and Wouter (Netherlands) went on to play the final, which Ben won. Since there was no streaming, I was sitting by the table taking pictures and doing a turn-by-turn play commentary with photos on Facebook. You can find that commentary on the UK/IRL group (link) or the Mynock Squadron group (link). Lists in the final: Ben: Yorr w/ Palpatine, Collision Quickdraw w/ Expertise, FCS, LWF, Title Inquisitor w/ PTL, Autothrusters, Title Wouter: Chirenau w/ VI, Palpatine, Kylo, Engine Quickdraw w/ VI, Optics, Guidance Chips, Title, FCS, Harpoon
  4. jesper_h

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    In other news, Benjamin Lee of the 186th won the 470-player European Championship. Nobody on these forums seem to give a **** outside of a couple of mentions in this thread. Hype.
  5. jesper_h

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    You gotta remember, though. Europe is a geographical area of fifty different countries and languages, twenty-eight of which form the EU. It's not one country. It's not one people. One of the many reasons the "tiny european meta" shtick from US-based players rubbed people here the wrong way is that it presumes we're all the same. The Polish meta is very different to the British meta. The Polish community is very different to the British community. And so on, and so forth. Sometimes those distinctions are lost when discussing "europe" as a single entity.
  6. jesper_h

    World Championship Results 2018

    Thanks man, that's a really nice thing to say. I'm also really happy Simeon won. He's an excellent player and honestly, without taking anything away from him, it felt great seeing "my" list make it all the way.
  7. jesper_h

    Worlds Goldie Awards, have I missed the announcement?

    186th Squadron won our three nominations, which we're stoked about! - Best International Podcast - Best Blog (our guy Phil GC) - Non Meta Performance of the Year (Jesper) Our friend George "Rasta" Dellapina took home Best Mod but missed Best Painted. And fellow brit Simon Green ("First Earth") took Best International Stream. --- Otherwise, notably, Mynocks won Best Podcast and Barons won Best New Podcast.
  8. jesper_h

    World Championship Results 2018

    FYI it's Alex Birt, not Brit.
  9. jesper_h

    X-Wing Worlds 2018

    The entire room today (1B) was pretty much wall-to-wall Rebels. Mostly 3-ship variants (Lowhhrick, Fenn, Ezra, Miranda, or Poe) with a small handful of Ghost/Fenn.
  10. jesper_h

    The end of 3 Xs

    Dude. Get a hobby.
  11. jesper_h

    How many "fixes" is enough?

    1. "When is this ship going to be fixed?", "Please fix the X-Wing already!", "The game is called X-Wing Miniatures and that ship isn't even good." (some time later) 2. "It's annoying having to purchase the fixes I asked for!", "This is just stupid power creep!", "It can't go on like this!"
  12. jesper_h

    New Ship Mechanics, Hold the Ships

    I would like to see the ability to negate debuffs given to every ship as part of the core rules. What I mean is something like: - You may perform actions when stressed. If you do, suffer 1 damage per stress token. Then receive one additional stress token. - You may choose a maneuver when ioned. If you do, suffer 1 damage per ion token. Do not remove the ion tokens this turn. - You may attack when weapon disabled. If you do, suffer 1 damage per weapon disabled token. Then receive one additional weapon disabled token. Do not remove the weapon disabled tokens this turn. - You may remove all Jam tokens before performing an action. If you do, suffer 1 damage per Jam token removed. Stuff like that.
  13. jesper_h

    Worlds winning list confirmed, top16 is filled with Ghost+Fenn

    Jesus christ. Take a deep breath. Go outside.
  14. jesper_h

    The UK System Open Is Underway!

    @warmdown - a bunch of the 186th are going to be practicing at Dark Sphere (in South London, near Lambeth North) tonight. You're more than welcome to join.
  15. jesper_h

    The UK System Open Is Underway!

    Those stupid small European metas, man. Sheesh. I'll be in Birmingham for the Open this weekend, along with most of 186th Squadron. Come and say hello if you catch me there!