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  1. The list is decently efficient and plays better than you think. Andreas also played it really well. And sure, had some luck, because what winner of a tournament didn't? Couple of his games from Nordics are on youtube.
  2. I have a lot of views about a lot of things. Many of them are hypocritical, at best. But thanks.
  3. Making conversation, for the most part. But I think my actual point would be that evaluating something in isolation (ie. "is Wedge good?" or "is Redline overcosted?") based on tournament results can be misleading. It removes the player from the equation. That's not to say doing analysis is bad, but I feel assigning it too much weight (or in the Mathwing sense, inexplicable logical superiority) is a bit much. [Again, in my personal opinion, yadda yadda] I just don't think this is that helpful. It's a helpful shortcut to a baseline analysis, but it removes all context from the equation if you just stamp "A Tier" onto Whisper and call it a day. Do what you want man
  4. To expand on that: we're seeing even here, right now, in this discussion. Nordic Nationals just happened. Without any semblance of ownership (who was flying these lists), history (what matchups those players had), or context (how and why they won those matchups), conclusions are already being drawn as to why we're seeing more of X pilot or Y faction based on Z trend. I'm not sure how helpful that is. Or, on the reverse, how harmful that is. Doesn't it just feed back into the echo chamber? And isn't propagating that echo chamber through the popular mediums (ie. podcasts) part of what got us into such a mess during first edition meta(s) in the first place?
  5. It's what people are inferring. When somebody with a platform says "Wedge isn't good", and then somebody wins a premier event with Wedge, the response from a portion of the community isn't "Oh, cool, well done to that guy for doing well with a list he made." instead it's "See! Wedge is good! You're bad!" There's been a trend in certain sections of this community (and other miniature/card gaming communities like it since the dawn of time) to take result trends and call it data. It's anecdotal evidence at best, and boy, I'm using the word evidence loosely here.
  6. Let's be real, using anything close to what can be called "data" in X-Wing results to calculate, hypothesise, or otherwise conclude what the "good ships" or "bad ships" are to any accurate definition is ridiculous. Mathwing was ridiculous. Doubly so if you start throwing causation into the blender. Sometimes, people use ships because they like them. Sometimes, people don't use ships because they don't like them. Sometimes, neither of these things matter. People sometimes win tournaments because they're good, because they got lucky, or because their list had good matchups, or any combination of these three. Not everything can be neatly boiled down to "X is the correct choice" or "Y was the wrong choice because of X", and reducing a game with this many iterative decisions and points of variance to a conclusive statistical analysis is quite frankly stupid.
  7. Hi Ben. Thoroughly enjoyed meeting you. Apologies for getting your birthday wrong!
  8. There were 112 players registered and 99 who played Swiss. For the Nordic countries that pool their resources for a "joint" Nationals, that's an excellent turnout. Winner was a local Swede (Andreas Karlsson with Rebels) and runner-up was British (Simon Tournay of 186th Squadron with Imperials). The final was a great watch, if you have an hour to spare. Event was run (and streamed) by the Stockholm Wampas: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkTcACtE90Sr7urV6dj15BQ
  9. Yep, pretty much. There came a point where adding more upgrades resulted in very negligible gains (for me, as a player). It's just more crap to keep track of, and more points given away. There's the obvious meme value in going with the disrespectful massive bid for a laugh, of course, but moving last and triggering token-stealing abilities last are clear advantages. They just aren't necessary for the list to function.
  10. I probably play around 10-12 actual tournament games in any given month, on average. With a handful of tournament-quality practice around that with friends. I had roughly 25 tournament-level reps with Fenn, Teroch, Palob (or small variations of) before Coruscant.
  11. I hate myself for giving enough of a crap to jump into this thread. But: I will say that despite the illegal game state problems should most definitely have been flagged to a judge by any reasonable spectator, it was my choice to put my ships into the position where game state errors screwed me over. I made a couple of tactical errors in that game that I didn't make in my previous match against Roger. If my positioning had been more appropriate, the game state errors would have resulted in an inconvenience rather than an effective game loss. I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with the narrative that Roger Jeske only won because he forgot to deal his damage card faceup. I also reject the suggestion that "US players weren't even trying". That's lazy and too broad of a stroke. With the exception of Chamblee, who was literally the one person in the room who had nothing to prove, each of my opponents went in hard. I will concede the point that many US players did probably feel like they had less to lose than most EU players, however. And while I'm here, if anybody thinks 6-0 (okay okay, 5-0) and 2245 MOV with Fenn, Teroch, Palob is some kind of laughable anomaly from a "meme event" with no viable spot in the metagame, then you're an actual idiot. Haha oh stop it you. No, please, keep going.
  12. Top 4 of the European Championship was: Ben Lee: Yorr, Quickdraw, Inquisitor vs Jack Mooney: Ghost, Fenn Ashok Hemmings: Nym, Miranda vs Wouter Ouwehand: Chirenau, Quickdraw Ben (186th Squadron, UK) and Wouter (Netherlands) went on to play the final, which Ben won. Since there was no streaming, I was sitting by the table taking pictures and doing a turn-by-turn play commentary with photos on Facebook. You can find that commentary on the UK/IRL group (link) or the Mynock Squadron group (link). Lists in the final: Ben: Yorr w/ Palpatine, Collision Quickdraw w/ Expertise, FCS, LWF, Title Inquisitor w/ PTL, Autothrusters, Title Wouter: Chirenau w/ VI, Palpatine, Kylo, Engine Quickdraw w/ VI, Optics, Guidance Chips, Title, FCS, Harpoon
  13. In other news, Benjamin Lee of the 186th won the 470-player European Championship. Nobody on these forums seem to give a **** outside of a couple of mentions in this thread. Hype.
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