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  1. MegaSilver

    Gold Squadron Live Feed from Pax

    All extended. No hyperspace format for pax unplugged because it was the details were announced day of.
  2. MegaSilver

    Rebel Points Scare? (AKA the 3 Nautolan Thread)

    Z95s going to be outclassed by the Mining Guild Tie.
  3. MegaSilver

    Where can I find ship dials?

    Launch Bay Next app and/or YASB 2.0 They are both better than the official app anyways.
  4. MegaSilver

    Feeling happy about the Modified TIE/Lns

    The ability to fly over rocks with no repercussions outweighs that though. It sucks as a Z95 fan. Z95s can't even get as many pilots. FFG just sees them as missile carriers.
  5. MegaSilver

    Feeling happy about the Modified TIE/Lns

    Sucks that the generics are 24 pts. Outclass scum Zs.
  6. MegaSilver

    Any Idea When Resistance/First Order comes out?

    December 13th is what I've heard for the US.
  7. MegaSilver

    Vander with R3 or R4?

    Furthermore, and I think the best reason, if the other ship kills the ship that Dutch had locked, Dutch can switch targets (like the proton torps he should have) unto the second ship.
  8. MegaSilver

    Which preview will be out today?

    Already translated in another thread and on reddit. Somewheres.
  9. MegaSilver

    $30 for an Arc-170 seem crazy to anyone else?

    People don't see the price an issue for the Firespray because 1. most people have it and 2. it was originally released in a large box. ARC-170 is being released in effectively a larger box than it was in 1.0
  10. MegaSilver

    ARC 170

    Magva Yarro on ARC-170s is great.
  11. At least Cyrodex got mentioned this time right @Killerardvark?
  12. MegaSilver

    Serious question

    1. FFG has the point totals on their website that can be downloaded/printed. 2. FFG will make an announcement when points/FAQ/errata go into effect, and usually go into effect 1-2 weeks after they are posted. 3. Download LaunchBayNext which is offline capable, and use YASB 2.0 when you have mobile access. They simply have better features overall right now.
  13. MegaSilver

    No play down range because of online requirement

    Also check out LaunchBayNext.
  14. MegaSilver

    FFG DMCAed KeyForges TTS module, implications for X-Wing?

    it's a Unique game. May have something do to with that.
  15. MegaSilver

    1.0. How many asteroids?

    Not for tournament play, but sure.