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  1. If you wait for sale days you can get maps for $40.
  2. We only saw one, and Vonreg flying it.
  3. If you're flying Blackout to try to trigger his ability you're flying him wrong.
  4. MegaSilver

    Fireball Is Fun

    2 dice, 5 hull effectively.
  5. MegaSilver

    Fireball Is Fun

    I'm going to assume this ship chassis is going to be the Z95 for the faction.
  6. Maybe? Ask your TO. Local event should be no issue. Larger events maybe. But, I mean, it's pretty easy to tell what ship it is.
  7. I'll be getting into the game once Clone Wars comes out. That's where most of the Armada-style battles happened anyways.
  8. I hope it comes with cards to help them out, so I can play more than just him.
  9. I guess I'm in the minority here, I don't want objectives in X-wing. Environmental effects? Maybe? I just want to kill stuff. Having other ways to score points aside from that, I can play other games that do that. Though those objectives are part of the reason I fell out of favor of Imperial Assault. Not sure if that'll happen once I try out Armada when it introduces Clone Wars.
  10. Makes them more predictable though.
  11. He's closer to a Tie V1 and Tie Interceptor. He's also forced to roll before he boosts unless you give him afterburners.
  12. The Tie Silencer is the superiority fighter of the faction, much like the Tie Defender for Imperials.
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