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  1. While that's a problem too, that's not it. The E-Wing was moved backwards after the initial 3 bank was completed.
  2. Now see Jeff, your first statement is fine. People have flak with you (and Vince) because instances of your second statement keep happening.
  3. Welcome to other Star Wars games that get little updates (looking at Armada).
  4. Caneyvile KY, which is right between Etown and Bowling Green. I have to drive over an hour to find anywhere to play.
  5. Ah, I must have missed that. It's been a bit hectic on the farm the last couple weeks with everything breaking down. Luckily they're all fixed now or just about to be.
  6. Well, I wished you had told me you had dropped from the event instead of just disappearing. But maybe you'll join again next season.
  7. That someone was me via Facebook. I too am glad it has been fixed.
  8. @Mu0n729 posted a response to your questions in my Discord server, not sure if he wants to share them here or not.
  9. IMO it should be either 12 rounds or 60+2. Players choice if possible too.
  10. Yeah, I have the most consistent online events. That may be the closest to what you're looking for. You can look for pickup matches on my server as well even if you're not in a tourney.
  11. Episode is buggy on Podbean. The audio is out of sync.
  12. *Asmodee site is offering Free Shipping until March 31st. And yeah site's down. Who's surprised?
  13. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeIxCHTbtHWRRmhAgxp3LFSNHdHjut3IMWjd5BwmrSRcALDvQ/viewform Fill it out quickly please. I'm only going to add you both. Tag me when you're done. I'll handle the TTT end.
  14. Just share the link to imgur. I was thinking the same. lol
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