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  1. I Heavily lean to "no cardboard" - soulreaper cards not using "essence" tokens but damage tokens intead is a huge giveaway to me that it will be cards only and that it will utilize existing cardboard
  2. God, **** no, not more microtransactions. Its bad enough that microtransactions reached boardgames in form of physical content (I can't call the lieutanant packs "Pay 10 bucks for a plastic sculpt with no gameplay purpose other than replacing a paper marker" anything else.. oh yeah there is the plot deck.. yey) - same for heroe's and monster packs. Where is the time of the good old D1 - buy 5 expansions, a more sturdy see board, maybe the 3 promo heroes and you had everything. 400 bucks? Now D2... 80$ Base Game 120$ big expansions 200$ small expansion 315$ of Hero and Monster miniatures 245$ of Lieutenant Pack 13$ mini expansion (Lost legends) 45$ Coop 20?$ of App content Over 1000$ for the game, more than half of it just for hero and monster / liutenant packs. Does anyone else miss the time when you bought board games and a few expansions and you were done with it? When there was a big expansion instead of 10 small ones (that each cost half of a big one?)
  3. Funny, the women I usually play with all like the more "scandalous" dressed characters and don't seem to mind them beeing half naked... But I guess people are different, its more a matter of taste then beeing a men or women Tbh I haven't heard this complaint once from a women in my life, and that was a life full of fantasy genre games, pen and paper and videogames, many of wich dressed up women rather... creativly ^^ Maybe german women have other views / are more easy towards this^^
  4. Hey, I got a Question on how the monk Card "Inner Balance" Works. (for ref: http://descent2e.wikia.com/wiki/Inner_Balance) 1) May I use this card at any time for 1 Stamina to discard a Condition AND i get to exhaust it for free when I rest? (I'm afraid this is not the case?) 2) If not, and I need to spend 1 Stamina when I perform a Rest Action - I need to pay this BEFORE I regen stamina, correct? (Since Stamina is regenerated at the end of turn? So, in Ordner to use this card, I would need to pay 1 Stamina and 1 Rest Action I'm pondering wether or not this card is worth it, since it effectifly would reducy the stamina of a hero by 1 if he wants to discard conditions. Currently, I have the Monk paired with a apothecary, and I'm not sure if http://descent2e.wikia.com/wiki/Herbal_Lore isn't just plain better - I want to give elixirs out all the time, it doesn't cost stamina, and it doesn't cost an action, also, it has unlimited range. The Statboni look nice, but they just last for 1/2 a turn (Rest Action => Exhaust => 1 Action left bevore, at the start of the next turn, this card gets turned straight again). So, is there something I'm missing, or is Inner Balance just worse than Herbal Lore? (For reference: We are exclusivly playing the road to legend app)
  5. Well... yes, please! Yes, you could use it to "cheat" - but you could cheat anways if you wanted. Don'T want to loose those hearths? Well, just don't put em away. The app doesn't track such things. We just ran into a problem in the nerekhall campaign: First level, we ran towards the exit, cause we got the "You'll loose 2 turns from now" warning. One turn later, we were all there. But instead of clicking the escape, a inexperianced player who had the app at the momend clicked "end turn" for the last hero, resulting in a loose, cause we didn't click the exit. Such a thing could be reverted with a "undo" button.
  6. 2 Things: In the App (Android, Tablet): If you turn of W-Lan and try to start a campaign, the screen stays black without feedback. Something like "Turn on your internet connection" would be nice
  7. Pretty much the topic. What houserules do you use, when you play RtL App? We have 2: If Peril is active: If a skilltest that is required to proceed in the level failed three times, for this skilltest, the hero who failed three times get -1 Shield for this skilltest (so, 6 times failed -2 shields, 9 times failed -3 shields.) "Monster does not resolve a Action that would kill them" - we ignore those rules for things monsters are "not supposed to see/know" - most prominently the traps of the trapper rogue class - this bufs the heroes, but adds storywise.
  8. It shoudn't be so hard to evaluate where the monsters go for the app... Rather than mark one space, mark: [up to 6(Largest 1-Sized Group?) 1-sized spots]] [3 4-sized spots] [2 6-sized spots] Give all of those spots a spawn-priority 1-6 (or 1-4, 1-2, 1-3) Now: New monster spawn: check monstertype | Check Monstersize | Check Groupsize | Check how many monsters spawn | If there are master monsters: Display the master monsters on the spots with the highest priority,| display all normal monsters on the other spots with the highest priotity
  9. If you want to experiance and explore the app all by yourself, stop reading now. This is a threat to collect what interesting stuff you find in the rol app. I'll start. _____________ In the first level, you got a locked door. However, a hero next to it can attempt to open it. There are some nasty traps, requiring a pass on strenght, dexterity and faith (Altho another adjecant hero can try to help him out with that). Once passed you get... fortunas dice.
  10. Disclaimer: I'm not a native english speaker, so I'll just aplologize here. If you played Descent 1st Edition - Sea of Blood | Road to Legend, just skip to the words written in bolt. Otherwise, delve into the past with me. When Descent 1st Edition came out, it had 2 types of Expansions: 3 "More of the same" Expansions, wich where good but didn't change much. And then there were Road to Legend (wich the app is names after) and Sea of Blood - Two Campain Expansions. Those featured a additional board for Terrinoth, Containing Dungeons, Towns, Secret Trainers and so on. So what is the main difference to Descent 2nd Edition Campain Mode? - Traveling the Map & Freedom: The heroes could travel the map, decide where to go by themselfes. The Dungeons were Random generated (In that you drew cards for each dungeon layer), you had some fighting travel events, and: You had no questline you had to follow. In D2, you have your obligatory main quests, with some side quests. D1 Campain, you only mainly had those side quests. - Ol - not just a bystander: What kept the heroes on track you might ask? Well, the lieutannants of the overlord weren't just (mini)bosses for the campain: They traveled the world, questing towards one of the secret goals he chose, hunting heroes, blocking off paths, laying siege to cities - Cities - different, more than one: Cities were diverse - you could learn skills just in the citiy, that tought those skills. Necromancy? Nerekhall. Need a Tatoo? Go to that city. City destroyed? Bad luck, u won't get this skill anymore. So what do I want to say with this post? My hopes are, that past the nerekhall campain, we will a campain similiar to D1. Not just the same 5 quests we will have to run, with some sidequests beside them, but a world map we can travel, questing random quests on the way (idealy, beautifully presented, as they currently are, something the app does way better than the random d1 quests), citiy actions like "Go to the tavern, pay for a round of beer, fetch a quest you may follow". While that, the Ki-Overlord lets his minions roam over the map, sieging cities, furthering his dark goals, while the heroes try to stop him during leveling up. This all then leads to a big, final showdown against the overlord. Further thoughts: (On things like: Why should FFG do this, what would they sell?) - For people whoe enjoyed the month-long campains of D1, there could be a physical upgrade pack, allowing for more skills and items, as well as one or two new monster tiers for the campain, to give heroes something to learn over the month. (Because, if you had a longer campain, heroes would be learned-out realy quick) - For the big overlord showdown, for a long campain the lietannants woudn't be enough. There could be overlord mini-Expansions, featuring some unique tiles for the boss battle, a miniature, and a special ruleset -
  11. Great job, totally going to play an angry marine at once if i don't have t master tho I'd like to see the following things added: Insignia of the Angrymarines Special Wargear of the Angrymarines
  12. ok thought so on calling^^ for the jumppilot: in the german rules its in common space marine Rank 1 - as the errata says^^ Now the question is wether to jumppack in or have a backpack fed boltpistol^^ Edit: So Asymptomatic - what you are saying is basicly have 2 gunblades linked to my backpack, while still have my hands free? xD^^
  13. So, I'm starting a Blood Angels (or perhaps Blood Drinkers) scriptor. He should be meele-combat focused, using his psypowers for chaos and show-ofs. The Idea is to make him very bloody. He has no "utility" powers, just purely offensive, with the maingoal is to get boiling blood. Since I have had no Psykers yet in my campains, some questions: On the 1000 start XP I was planning on getting him "Sanctioned" (to the psi event that lets all stones bleed blood), Pilot (Jumppack), Calling (not sure about this translation, test on willpower next psipower gains psirank +1) So, first of all: Is Calling ever beeing used? Or is the turn just not worthwhile and you better do another Psypower / Attack? Next on the Equipment: 1) Jumppacks: Is it possible for Scriptors to get Jumppacks? I found nothing against that, but I didn't know of any Scriptors using Jumppacks yet. (I'd like to have a jumppack because it adds amazing movment flexibility and helps me to get into meele - at least until he can learn the blood wings Psypower) 2) Psi Weapons: Are there any Psi Weapons other then Blade and Staff? I don't realy like any of the options, tho actually i'm sticking with staff (if there are: In what rulebook may i find them? As I have to wait for the german translations i might pick up that rulebook in english^^) - Two handed would be great, like a gleve. 3) Arm mounted Bolt Pistol: I'm thinking of giving the Psyker a arm mounted Bolt Pistol (cause of carrying a 2-handed meele weapon). Either with an Ammunition Exchanger (Most likly to get the exploding Ammunition, for moar blood!^^) or even an Ammunition Backpack (tho this is a bit unlikly Backpack attached to a bolt pistol ), so he has an arm mounted bolt pistol with 250 shots each mission. Maybe if there are enough points even a laser point scope for better bf. So what are your thoughts on the arm mounted Bolt pistol, alternative Psi Weapons (I'd love a Psi-Chainsword, but nothing like that exists as far as i know ^^ would fit the bloody theme tho ) and may Scriptors use Jumppacks / Is it possible to Mount a Jumppack on top of an Ammunition Backpack?^^
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