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  1. Yes I have a Royal Vader deck that has been doing very well. It has 8 upgrade cards (vibro knife, Kylo's saber, makashi training and force speed) and 20 event cards. So far I have lost 1 tournament game out of 7 so it is standing up well.
  2. My second box had different legendaries to my first box but the rest was exactly the same as the first.
  3. Okay. So you guys have magic powers that always gets you the double disrupt and therefore never wastes your turn.It's unrealistic you'll even get the disrupt side, it's even more unlikely that your other dice will do anything worthwhile. This opening is offering very little other than stalling for a turn. It's not impressive and it's certainly not consistant. And if he has a sith holocron, you've accomplished nothing. But yeah, I'm the troll. I'm dogwank at maths, but isn't it just under 1/3 a chance of rolling Hans disrupt side on at least one of your two dice? (I feel like someone once told me that it doesn't become an even 1/3 chance of getting at least 1 result when you roll 2 dice... But I forget why). That's not unrealistic. You have a 13/36 or 36% chance of getting at least 1 disrupt side, 1/36 or 3% chance of 2 disrupt sidesMath: (1/6 +1/6+1/36) Incorrect it is 11/36 chance or 30.5% chance and that means you have a 69.5% chance of NOT rolling the result you want.
  4. I have thought about this and it all depends on the decks, but the typical eHan/eRey deck that is talked out online gets smashed by the eJango/eVeers deck I have. And I have done a lot of test games around this against a great opponent.
  5. A friend of mine and I have tested most of the combos mentioned here. Vader/raider being the exception and veers/Jango is the strongest deck so far. Grevous/Dooku, Han/Rey etc decks get smashed most of the time. I have a 3 storm trooper + raider control deck that does ok but the rest just lose most of the time. I have a Leia/Ackbar deck that I still need to test against it. I was shocked at how badly most supposedly top tier decks get wrecked....
  6. If I had to design Chewie, I would make his die 2 Melee, 2 x 1 Ranged, 1 Shield and 1 Resource and a Dash. 13 Health Yellow Character Ability: Wookie Rage, if Chewie has 5 or more damage tokens his character and upgrade melee damage sides increase by 1
  7. If that were the case, they may as well have just had you start with your choice of 5 cards in hand and then shuffle your remaining 25 cards. On a related topic: what is the overall accepted etiquette for post-mulligan shuffle? Should you allow your opponent to cut your deck again before you draw back up to 5? Just like with any other kind of "people touching each other's stuff", I wouldn't necessarily want my opponent to cut or otherwise manipulate my deck. They can certainly have me reshuffle if they think the initial shuffle was off or something. You may not want it or like it, but in a competitive card game, it's standard practice that any time you shuffle your deck you should present it to your opponent to at least cut it, and they'd have the option to shuffle it. Cut sure no problem, shuffle not going to happen. I will not allow others to shuffle because not everyone treats cards the same as I do and I am not going to give them the opportunity to damage them. And when I was playing MTG back in the day, allowing your opponent to shuffle was a courtesy not a requirement.
  8. zazoo


    I think you're gonna have a hard time trying to run two of these Lancers. As mentioned, it's a tricky support ship in which your probably better off finding a combination with a different ship or two that compliments what you're trying to accomplish with your squad. Besides the TLT Y-Wings and JM5Ks, most scum lists aren't best when spamming the same ship, which is why I enjoy finding cool combinations in the scum faction. So far I have to agree but I have changed the configuration to the below and give it a few tries before I throw in the towel. Asajj 37 + PTL (3) + BMST (1) + K4 (3) + Glitterstim (2) + EU (4) = 50 Ketsu 38 + VI (1) + Inertial Dampeners (1) + Dengar (3) + Glitterstim (2) + Shadow Caster (3) + Gyroscopic Targeting (2) = 50
  9. zazoo


    The list I played was Assaj - PTL, Slicer Tools, Glitterstim, Gyroscopic Targeting, Tactician + Ketsu - VI, Inertial Dampeners, Glitterstim, Gyroscopic Targeting and Gunner. It did ok, but it needs some fine tuning. Since I played against 3 large ships, 2 u-boats and a shadowport hunter the tractor beam effects were not as good as they could be. Also I need practice playing them since I ended up with Assaj in the position Ketsu should have been and vice versa and that meant that Ketsu's ability did not come into effect until later in the game.
  10. 2 of each wave IX release. Now to get the time to play.
  11. I find the best way to do this is to wait for them to come to a decision then put in your 2 cents worth.
  12. Again really loving the card evaluation videos, it is great to see what your opinions are of cards. Your comment about a new Bilbo... He really does deserve a new hero card that is costed appropriately.
  13. I have to agree with you. I don't like the Gimli art the Legolas and Long Knife art are ok and the Shield art is great. But at least we don't get another tactics Theoden, Great art but a sub standard hero.
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